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  1. Welcome to the friendliest forum on the planet I would worry thpugh if you are only slightly mad
  2. This afternoon we were out in the sun, there was lots of chatter and then Flo settled down for about 3-4 minutes. I wondered if she was trying to lay her first eg There was no fluttering about as when they dust bath, she just lay there doing this:
  3. I have a friend who lives near there and has hens, not sure whre she got hers. I'll email and ask. Don't worry about the weather, you'll soon "harden off"
  4. If you're in North Derbyshire near Sheffield Storrs Poultry usually have them, and were really nice when we went there for our girls. Isn't Derbyshire the most beautiful place
  5. That is so sad. It is hard not to despair of the human race sometimes. But for every one like that there are all the folk on here, and the kids I see playing in school concerts, sports etc. It is hard remember that these are the aweful few. I hope the Police catch them and deal with them, but more than that I hope that they can be made to see how wrong what they have done is, and be shown the right way. Take care.
  6. I wish I lived in the country and could have a cockerel I hope he finds a lovely home where you can visit him
  7. What great chooks My best man keeps some hens and refers to his Silkies as the comedy chickens, but these girls are the queens
  8. Of course once you have done that she won't go broody
  9. My SIL lives on a farm and the Sheepdog lives outside with beside the hen run. They never have a fox problem. Not sure I could have a dog and have it live outside though, I'm too soft
  10. Go and meet them and then decide, You won't be able to leave any behind
  11. They look great, and I love the border crazy
  12. HAs she carried on using the box? Or gone back to her habits?
  13. I think they do get bigger over time. So far we have had 8 eggs from Gertie, starting at 25g and now up to a steady 50 . From reading though I undersatnd that they do continue to get bigger as the hen gets older.
  14. Bet that was your best birthday present AJuff Happy Birthday
  15. I think Egluntine has some, so she may be along later. I have to confess I looked at the price and thought I might just get some chicken wire and bamboos.
  16. Or else you could get some fertilised eggs..................
  17. I love pheasant, but there isn't much on a bird. I wonder if they taste like pheasant with more meat, or taste like chicken with less meat?
  18. I have no experience of the introductions, but the way our two snuggle up at night there would be room for plenty more in the eglu at night! Shame we don't have more room in the garden
  19. I see your Vorverk isn't named yet. Can I suggest Amelia
  20. Just let them out and the bulge has gone down . Definitely the crop. Thanks for the reassurance folks
  21. Thanks ANH, I'll have to be quick thought, she comes out like a greyhound out of a trap heading straight for the Grub
  22. I picked Gertie up yesterday and she had a massive swelling on the right side of her neck. She had been scoffing steadily all day and seems entirely well, so I am guessing it is her crop. I was just surprised that it was definitely over to one side and possibly a bot larger than a tennis ball! Is this normal for the crop of a greedy hen?

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