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  1. If she is eating and drinking OK I suspect that it won't be the entire wing that has been lost ( to take the whole wing from the base would sever major arteries and I woud have thought to fairly rapid death. I agree with ANH, a trip to the vet is called for I do hope she will be OK as she sounds such a lovely hen
  2. Thanks Andrew, That was the one I was looking for! Cheers Geoff
  3. Lovely Garden! And well done for pic-posting. Someone posted a link to a website that resizes etc really easily. I checked out the link and was impressed, but have now lost it. Does that ring any bells? Cheers Geoff
  4. Can I join your gang (Broomhill division) I guess we could meet at Horse and Rider!
  5. *splutters* I pay in the region of £7.50. Really?! its the same price all around here, our usual supplier is £12 a bale so this bloke is cheaper. Wow, cant believe the difference. The benefits of living Oop North
  6. My two girls always sleep in the nest box (Gertie on the right Flo on the left) facing inwards. Each morning there is a neat little line of poo on the outer edge which I just scoop out with a cat litter scoop. I put Aubiose in the nest box.
  7. Perfect subject/photographer/camera combination! What gorgeous chooks!
  8. I mentioned to my neighbours that we were getting them. They were a bit anxious until I explained there would be no cockerel, after that they gave their usual indulgent "o my goodness, there go the Good Lifers" look and were perfectly happy.
  9. Is she just a bit of a natural scruff? Of our two Gertie is always very prim and proper, whereas Flo is a bit like the old lady with her skirt caught in her bloomers
  10. Note to self: Do not go to Chelford Market Look forward to the pics, they sound lovely!
  11. Thanks Plum, I think it is probably only Gertie laying. This morning OH went to let them out and for the first time Flo was first out and Gertie lingered in the eglu. When OH opened the egg port there was a Mother's Day present for her which I think must have come from Gertie, and it was darker again. So I think we are still awaiting Flo's first egg.
  12. I came across these in my pricing survey for Bokashi: http://bokashicomposting.com/?page_id=51 On the whole though I think it may be easier just to buy it!
  13. Sitting in the sun under the pergola this morning, eating breakfast with chooks scrabbling round our feet, all idyllic. Then the most disgusting smell No poos, so OH and I wondered: Do chickens parp? If so will bokashi/garlic help?
  14. Oops, I've been puttin a dollop from the can into the glug Maybe I need to put in a bit less: thiugh they are drinking it happily, so hopefully no harm done.
  15. Love the Amber Star , she looks really dainty and lady-like!
  16. Sounds hilarious Would love to see it. Just been out in the sunshine, eating breakfast with chooks around our feet: they are such wonderfully entertaining pets
  17. Recipe and pics required please - where is the "licking lips" smilie
  18. Gertie laid the first: I know that because she laid it in the flower bed where she was scratching around, and it was still warm and wet when I found it. That was on Tuesday. Yesterday (Friday) I found one in the nest box, but both girls had been in and out. The second egg is quite a bit darker than the first. Does that mean that Flo laid it, or do the eggs from one hen vary in colour a bit?
  19. I'm very impressed you have managed to keep count
  20. My only advice would be to join the Omlet forum, but you've done that already The other thing I did was to look in the visiting section and visit one of the local people who was really supportive and lovely (You know who you are ) Enjoy your hens when they arrive, they really are such fun! Edited to add link List of Egluowners here
  21. Could someone please explain this to Flo? Then she might leave my blue pansies alone
  22. Well I haven't wasted any time with my girls, I consider it all time very well spent , I can feel my Kharma improving daily

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