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  1. When I ordered mine a little calender came up with available delivery dates - I'm not in the Omlet delivery zone (difficulty getting visas for South Yorkshire), so have been warned by Those Who Know that delivery date may be more of an estimate than I think !
  2. Thanks, I think that's what we'll do, unless they only have one or other breed when we get our Eglu, in which case we'll be guided by fate
  3. I think I'll definitely only let the chooks out when I'm in the garden with them. In the run the rest of the time.
  4. Definitely look similar to me: And thanks for the Picasa posting tip!
  5. They all look gorgeous , but we only really have room for two and read somewhere that it is better to have two the same as they like the company of similar hens. Would you go for two Amber, two Black Rock, or one of each?
  6. Anyone know how to reference a picture on Picasa ?
  7. Thanks, unfortunately the prints n the snow are a bit less defined, but I think it probably is fox: Cheers Aggie PS Hope the pic is OK - my first attempt and in preview just shows as "Image"!
  8. Hi Mostin, We are still trying to decide which breed to get for our arriving on Friday! We do want a fair supply of eggs, and I think the Amber Link look really pretty. Are they friendly? How well do they lay? Others in the frame are Black Rock or Sussex Star. Thanks Aggie
  9. My is due to arrive on Friday. This morning I notice some prints in the snow which I don't recognise, but I suspect may be the Urban Fox. How would I recognise fox prints? Cheers Aggie
  10. I'm sure Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has pictures of a similar (home made) arrangement in one of his books. He does say you have to teach them to climb the laddre IIRC.
  11. You could have a whole new strain named after you Aggie
  12. Is that true or are you pulling my leg . He's a gorgeous boy though isn't he. I would be interested to know. There is an interesting piece in recent New Scientist about evolution and horizontal gene transmission. Presumably this occurs through this kind of hybridisation. I wonder if such hybrids would be fertile or (like the mule) sterile .
  13. Still feeling a bit boggled, but definitely want something friendly and BH wants eggs for as much of the year as possible. Will venture out tomorrow in search of Practical Poultry! Many Thanks. Aggie
  14. Been up to Storrs today to have a look at a few, so many different types to chose from! Current thoughts are now either bantam Light Sussex or Black Rock. How did you decide which breed to go for? We have an average sized garden with a small veg patch. The chooks will spend most of their time in the run, but will get to free range when we are out with them. Cheers Aggie
  15. I've just ordered my Eglu and am wondering where to get some chooks. We don't have a big garden, so thought we would go for some bantams, probably light sussex, but we're not sure where to get them . We live in Sheffield. Any advice gratefully received! Thanks Aggie

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