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  1. I've made jelly tonight. With Bicardi and mandarin oranges. Two little ones of those and your head is blown..... they dont taste strong !
  2. oh - mine was HEAVING week before last. Bluergh. Blooming things were crawling ALL over me. I've never felt so gross... Clothes were covered too from contact with the cube before realising. I binned everything I was wearing. Thankfully just old clothes ! I treated with a red mite aerosol spray from the pet store which did the job nicely.... as mite powder hadn't touched it after 3 days. Chooks have all been treated with eprinex from the vets. Mites seem to be gone now thankfully
  3. I've got a 15 x 9 from Bay Animal Housing Seems a nice guy- but I'm waiting on him coming back to me. We are in the middle of putting it up and I've got some problems with the roof (which we can modify) but a load of roof sheets, fittings etc missing... I thought I'd hear back today as promised since it's been going on a few days - but nothing as yet, THe phone number on their website is now u"Ooops, word censored!"tainable for some reason, but the ones on the ebay listings do work...
  4. sorry - I've posted and removed as I'm trying to solve a problem and think I've found a way around it....will update again later !
  5. chocolate and beetroot cake is lush. Very very moist. The courgette cake is on my list for tomorrow
  6. I made some really nice lemon curd cupcakes and am especially pleased with the white chocolate toppers Loving the idea of the reduced fruit juices added to buttercream. Awesome !
  7. did you chill them in the fridge / freezer before dipping them ? When you dip them, you need to put them in vertically and take them out the same way. Move them about in the chocolate or candy melt and they do fall off. Bakerella did a good Youtube video. HTH
  8. we went and got 40 off 600 x 600 slabs today. Good grief - they are heavy... Run comes next week. My oh is intending laying the base whilst I'm away and hopefully putting up the run before I get back that would be a nice surprise
  9. nice one. Thanks for posting. I've booked in 3 old handsets that are prehistoric and they're going off tomorrow in return for £24.00. That'll feed the chickens for a little while.
  10. Oh ! Is that all there is to pickled eggs ? Never thought of making any. Pickled eggs here we come...
  11. must admit - the title put me off.... but it looks scrumdiddlyumtious. I may need to give this one a try !
  12. they look really cool in tulip papers. Thanks for the comment on my royal wedding cupcakes. I think my little boy ate 50% of them over about 3 or 4 days. He loved the flags. I didn't tell them they came with his sandcastle bucket we got at the beach (sneaky mummy pinched the flags) Hey - he got them eventually and loved them in cakes. I've been making toppers tonight. I feel cupcakes coming on soon.
  13. my 9 monsters have been totally destroying the garden. There are holes and dust baths everywhere in what used to be a lawn. I've just ordered a 15 x 9ft WIR from Bay. Their 24/7 free ranging needs a serious curb. I'm hoping that's enough space !
  14. I'm intending having a go this year. By the time I'd got my act in gear last year - it was too late !

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