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  1. hiya, they have japanese quail at Bell Plantation garden centre in Towcester (just off the A43) at the moment, £18 for a pair if you have no luck anywhere else...
  2. thanks for that, i've been giving them mixed pellets and mash the last few days and they seem to prefer the pellets - and smash them up themselves if they feel the need! makes me feel a bit more confident though! we're definitely not complacent about escapees - they're fairly friendly and very curious but certainly not tame so no chances taken and so far so good!
  3. My mum got me some japanese quail for my birthday and the chap she got them from was quite particular about what they should eat - he said chicken layers pellets were too big for them so they should have quail layers pellets or mash - I can't find any quail pellets near me so they're on mash at the moment but i thought i remembered seeing on a post somewhere that most people just give them chicken pellets with no problems. Is that right and do you just give them as they come or do you grind them up a bit? it would be a lot more convenient if i can just give everyone the same food! i'm loving having them - they're nowhere near as flighty as i expected (almost more tame than the chickens!) and we love the noises they make - a bit like giant grasshoppers - my boy has crowed a few times and sounds like a very small turkey!
  4. thanks for the replies. we've given it a gentle poke and it's definitely air or fluid and it's not rock hard like i'd expect an ingrown feather to be - it's also rather large, at least the size of a 10p.
  5. I have a 6 week old pekin chick, appears fine but we found what looks like a strange air bubble under the skin in the right shoulder area - is this something we should be worried about and can we do anything about it? The chick seems fine in terms of behaviour and development - there are feathers growing over the bubble it just seems a bit weird! thanks,
  6. I keep bert in a box in the shed - he has plenty of room and it doesn't stop him crowing, it just muffles the sound enough so that it isn't loud enough to wake people up - you have to really strain to hear him in the house even with the window open. The shed isn't insulated and isn't that far from the house. He's not particularly loud anyway and not as shrill as you'd expect for a pekin so I guess that how effective your shed is would depend on how loud the crow of your cockerel is!
  7. do you let them free range? My neighbour had one that laid in the middle of a bush but they didn't realise until they came to cut the bush down and found a small egg mountain!
  8. I think you can get some pellets that kill slugs because they have a trace amount of copper or something similar in them - harmless to other animals etc but not to slugs, can't remember the brand though so might be worth shopping around - it's definitely different to the old fashioned chemical type so you don't need to exclude children/pets.
  9. we did ours last night but without the run - took about an hour with a bit of wiggling getting the roof slider things at the right angle and then another hour faffing with attaching it to the WIR. OH did most of it with me mainly holding bits in the right place, was very straightforward.
  10. hi Pikey, I've only had my latest bunch for a couple of weeks so not quite there yet with the intros yet. Bert sleeps in a box in the shed to prevent early morning crowing - the earliest he is let out is 7:45 when i leave for work. I find he crows for the first hour, frequently to start with then tailing off, sometimes he goes off again a few times mid afternoon but generally i just get the first hour. I think i'm lucky as he has a fairly deep crow for his size so not too piercing, and it's also fairly quiet - at the moment his run is about 5m from the house, I struggle to hear him from inside especially with the radio etc on and I doubt it would be enough to wake anyone up but would rather not take the risk - my immediate neighbour who also has chickens thinks he's wonderful but possibly not at 3 in the morning! I'm taking the intros slowly as Pig is not quite full grown yet, but they are all behaving with supervised free ranging - I had a couple of times when bert squared up to gladys (and ended up in the pond once when he ran away!) but nothing serious yet - we're going to work up to being in the run together - mostly they are studiously ignoring each other but the pekins are getting braver. I got my original pekins at about the same time as the bigguns so they are used to having smaller chooks about although they have had a bit of a break. best of luck whatever you decide, but i have to say i'm a bit biased towards the pekins - bags more character and intelligence than the bigguns - and then there's the cute factor, plus less intimidating for small children etc etc... sorry to waffle, jen
  11. you could try Westaway Poultry near Rutland - I got my newbies from there a couple of weeks ago, they've got a good website but you'd need to ring to check what they have in stock, jen
  12. is there a type of bantam that keeps laying over winter? I'm thinking about going over to bantams completely but reluctant to lose the eggs over the winter - don't want to go back to shop bought now! ta, jen
  13. I've been having this too - initially it was my bantams and I put it down to them being broody as apparently they pluck themselves to line the nest and give closer contact to the eggs. Now they're gone and the big chooks have the same thing - and they are showing no other signs of being broody so will be interested to see if there are any suggestions. I did hear that sometimes the hot weather can result in plucking too but don't think it's been hot enough for that! I think one of them is sleeping in the nest box now but otherwise it's just the standard eglu bars - I'm not convinced rubbing against something would produce baldness to this extent! jen
  14. I've done this on my eglu run and it works great, I use it more than the end door, if you're careful when you cut you can twist bits of the wire to form the loops to put the door peg thing through. Might be issues given the size difference of the doors but if the proper doors aren't reinforced I don't see why the cut one would need to be - depends how much of the panel is left to border the hole I suppose! jen
  15. hiya, have you considered a cockerel box? they had some good examples on the old pekin bantams forum of individual boxes that were sound proofed, although if i bite the bullet and get one (as oh is constantly tempting me to do!) I will be trying a mobile box that I can put in the shed over night to muffle the noise - apparently they get quite attached to their boxes and become quite keen to get in them! I don't see how people can object to the odd crow during the day when you weigh it up against dogs barking, kids playing, etc but then I live in the country so I guess it's not such an out of the ordinary sound out here. jen
  16. Hi Owen, I usually get at least one egg a day from my two pekins so maybe when yours start laying your production will pick up! Mini is broody now though so we've gone down a bit but we also have two pepperpots for eggs so the bantam eggs are bonuses that we pickle for Christmas. Incidentally, my two are quite happy sharing the eglu/run with my two pepperpots, sharing dustbaths and preening, and are usually first to bag the treats - I know this isn't always the case but might be worth considering. jen
  17. mine love spinach or that mixed seed wild bird food my husband gets - he's resigned to it all going to the chickens now!
  18. hi everyone, As I can only find bokashi online and the postage seems to double the cost I'm just wondering if it's worth continuing with it when I can get garlic powder from the local horse shops. From what I've read they both seem to do the same thing smell-wise, the only difference is that bokashi makes the poo firmer - but does that make that much difference? I've been using the wiggly wigglers readymixed mash with bokashi which is good value etc but it seems to make Daffy sneeze (almost constantly!) so I'm going to go back to pellets and add stuff myself again, which is a pain but better than constant sneezes - it's just deciding what to add! that's a bit waffly but basically do garlic and bokashi do the same job and is either better than the other? ta, jen
  19. thanks for that, bit far for me but she has some lovely looking chickens! would love some orps one day...
  20. hi eggquisite, out of interest, where are you getting your pekins from? I'm after some more but I can't find many breeders with the colours I want. ta, jen
  21. hiya, in terms of capacity I've got two pekins and two pepperpots in my eglu with no problems and plenty of room to spare. I've got a convertor and extension on my run so have plenty of space but if you're just getting 3 pekins you'd probably be ok with the standard run - some of the breeders I visited had runs that were much smaller than the eglu run. It just comes down to what you think is appropriate at the end of the day and how well you can control the chicken cravings! My buff and black pekins are gorgeous - my buff is quite pale but I've seen much darker ones that are lovely, and the black has a lovely green sheen. I'm hankering after a lavender and a partridge as well though - there are so many lovely colours to choose and they really are puffballs - I search the image bit on google when I feel like a drool! jen
  22. Hi Tara, I've got two pekins, part of my run is on slabs and part on soil and then covered with woodchip and they are fine with that. I was told you can wash their feet by standing them in a bucket of warm water, although you need a deep bucket as when I tried it with mine they managed to escape quite easily! They do dig a bit more than advertised but definitely not as much as my hybrids! You'll love them, they're adorable, Mini was really timid at first and, although she's still not keen on being held, she'll jump on my knee now in case I've got birdseed for her The eggs are good too! jen
  23. thanks guys, they are fantastic eggs (I can't get over the colour!), looking forward to them getting a bit bigger! jen
  24. Hiya, I may be being impatient but I'm wondering if the eggs gradually get bigger as the chooks get older/more used to laying. They're both getting in the swing of it now but the eggs are still on the small side (apart from Galdys's double yolker the other day!). I'm also a bit paranoid that they're eating so much of the sand from the dustbath that there's no room for proper food for them to make eggs from! ta, jen
  25. Hi Mazzyc, one of mine did this last week and then produced her first egg so that could be it? Just laid her second today but her poo has been looking normal ever since apart from a few eggy ones - sorry that's gross! jen

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