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  1. I approached my 16 week old marans yesterday and it crouched which i was so excited about as we have been in worry and debate whether they are both girls or not, other one not crouching yet but i was told marans dont lay til about 24 weeks so dont think crouching theory works with mine i keep approaching them every so often to see if other will do it i see it as a certainty of girlyness *claps*
  2. oh my goodness that is disgusting poor wee fledging i am thinking chickens are savage beasts and not as docile as first advertised
  3. Awwwwwwww they are sooo kyoooot They look like a cuckoo marans and a white star i am knew to this too but i have had both and the dark one looks like a younger version of my little ones (cuckoo marans) x sooo beautiful though
  4. I am sure you all know the story i sent my crowing cockerel back to farm and as he was leaving my girl started crowing and on closer inspection and researching turns out girls can crow! I have been listening to a few on youtube which are already laying eggs so definitely girls. K Point is i got some pics from the farm from the lady who owns it and i noticed my so called other cockerel still looks like a girl holding out to see if she lays any eggs only problem is if she crowed then will she keep it up apparently in abscence of cockerel dominant hens can and will crow apparently. She still has her leg ring on so she can find her amongst the others x Does anyone else have or had this problem with a crowing hen or in particular a white star and if so has it stopped in time? Also if anyone else has a white star do you know how many weeks approx they start laying? I hope i can pick her back up just worried my neighbours on one side would complain out of spite.............even though their son and several car loads of friends party in street with music booming from their boot which they vamped up with giant speakers. anyway picture 1 is leeloo (blue leg ring) whom i am still sure is a girl even though i heard that enormous crow and second is the known boy Mr.Turtle
  5. Both my white stars turned out to be cockerels and I got cuckoo marans in their place i have been reading all sorts on how to sex them does anyone know anything about them? I have heard boys are grey/silver have light spot on their head as a chick and combs grow further back and girls are black or dark and their combs grow more forward than boys. My chicks where both born with yellow spot on their head and their dad was very dark apparently unsure about the mothers. Any way some help, hints, tips any kind of information on sexing them would be greatly appreciated. After the heartbreak of losing my first bird the the sudden shock of him being walked out the door and my other baby starting to cokadoodledoo as he was leaving hence lost the two would really appreciate a heads up on these ones worried about getting attached then having to take them back AGAIN! pictures of the babies [Mademoiselle] FABERGE & FRECKLES hatched march 1st so about 10 weeks old or coming up for that x
  6. I am already on the water bottle spray my older ones wont shut up they are making the weirdest noises ever they got out this morning and first thing they did was to throw nasty looks over to faberges cage poor little peeper think i am gonna go get anopther same age from breeeder if she has one we didnt anticipate having lost 2 and now baby is on its own it isn't fair think it might be in there a while gonna free range them separately for a while til the others stop screaming at them at least and the wee one is bigger otherwise the big ones Would kill her x sin bin great idea x
  7. They are Heinz 57 I bought half a dozen pot luck eggs off Ebay for 99p and five hatched, I was surprised to say the least. They are the mongrel children of pure bred parents, although I suspect the little grey one is pure Araucana, the two black/white ones definately have some Marans in them, goodness knows what the biggest two are, they could have a bit of Welsummer and Marans I suppose. The darkest one has very feathery legs, and the softest feathers heinz 57 they look luvvly whatever they are x i thought two of the grey ones looked like marans mine has that black bit on the tip of the beak just like they have x
  8. Whilst we were eating some lovely fried eggs on toast courtesy of our lovely girls, my OH said to me "So how are you enjoying your re-constituted slug?" Did it put me off........... NAH it was the best fried egg on toast I'd ever had (but then we have only had 10 eggs so far!) Well!! most people won't know this but when it says contains flavourings in food it can consist of any number of about 99 different flavourings one of which is snails passed by the food standards which i think they should have to put in print i read it while back on some expose page it ickies you out to know yer cola might have essence of snail or slug so eggs is nothing really lol x
  9. ooh ye should make a tiny fried egg and take a great photo how kewl would that look
  10. ooh ye should make a tiny fried egg and take a great photo how kewl would that look
  11. I broke mine by accident but ours was that size or there about for my Hy-lines first egg it must of fell out
  12. I am practically vegetarian if it wasn't for chicken i figured i would have difficulty disconnecting from the difference between pets and food but so far i just close the curtains and eat it. surprised myself i cannot eaet meat i have voices screaming in my head its a baby cow or something but funnily enough chicken not so much maybe if they didnt peck me so much i would feel a bit more empathetic
  13. Spot on!!!!!!!! I havent eaten one of their 4 laid so far i thought it was just me after seeing them eating slugs spiders etc.... i find it hard not to think about it. Planning on making a cake with first four less noticeable than egg sandwich but hope it passes
  14. oh no! this really worries me i just got a youngster probably about 8 weeks or so not exact on age she is gonna email the hatch date but i have it separate separate run and separate coop but one of the older ones pecking through the mesh and already pecked her on the beak i am really worried i might not be able to integrate these ones the last ones they where in with where going on 14 weeks but they had been together since the white stars where 9 weeks and the others where 18 weeks. Not gonna rush them but seems a shame this baby in on it's own if it is gonna be for 3 weeks to a month x

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