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  1. Eglu Classic mark 2 in green with plastic roosting bars, 3m extended run and large panel of Omlet mesh which the Eglu sits on, to prevent animals digging underneath. In clean good condition, with some usual light fading. Complete with Grub feeder, Glug drinker, Omlet heavy duty run cover and lots of run clips. Pressure washed ready for use and dismantled for collection. £300
  2. Omlet Eglu Classic Mark 2 in green with plastic roosting bars. In clean good condition, with some usual light fading. Pressure washed and ready for use. £175 Also selling my beautiful wooden walk in run which the Eglu can be sited inside:- WOODEN WALK IN RUN is 2.3m wide, 4.1m long and 1.85m high on the lowest side and 2.0m on the highest. My lovely husband built it for me about 5 years ago and I’ve absolutely loved it but sadly I don’t have hens now. It’s made with 2x2 wood, with strong 1” weld mesh, has a twin walled polycarbonate 2 piece roof and also has 5 removable twin walled polycarbonate panels on the back and sides to give the girls some wind/rain protection. There are 2 ‘chicken sized’ doors, one of which can be moved up to allow a mark 1 cube to be attached outside. £400. A few photos are below and it is dismantled and ready for collection. I live on the Gloucestershire / Worcestershire border.  
  3. Hi WingingIt So sorry to hear about your troubles but hopefully the girls will settle and things will get better soon. I have loved having my girls but am at the end of my chicken keeping years now, and I’m selling quite a few bits and pieces including my beautiful walk in run, made by my husband a couple of years ago. If this is something you may be interested in and could help you, I will shortly be listing it on the sales forum or you can message me. Good luck with your girls, there is always an abundance of brilliant advice on this forum which I have used myself over the years and lots of friendly people who can offer support and guidance. Dolly xx
  4. Hi mama coop Ive just messaged you with details of my run that I’m selling. Dolly
  5. I’m not sure if it’s too late for you but attached is a pic of my poor girl’s droppings riddled with tapeworms. She was treated by the vet with Praziquantel dog wormer which kept them under control but never got rid of them totally. The other is a pic which the vet sent to me of a couple of tapeworm segments under the microscope, which shows the thousands of eggs inside each one! I also have a video of the tapeworm segments in action if you need it, but make sure you’ve eaten first! Hope it helps.
  6. I’m no expert but it looks like it could be lice eggs attached to the base of her feathers, if you do a search on the forum you should find more information and pictures. Check her over for tiny grey/brown lice on her skin. If you find any she will need treating with a lice treatment product. I’m sure someone with more experience will come along shortly.
  7. My hens used to love this, I’d fill it with corn or mealworms and they’d kick it about like a football! 😂 I agree with the comment about it potentially coming apart in use and although neither of mine did, I used to put some Sellotape around the join, just to be safe. I don’t have hens now, so if anyone would like one of mine for the cost of postage, just PM me if you’re interested! 😀
  8. Thank you so much for your lovely replies, it really does help. I can’t bring myself to go into the garden to put the eglu away or take down the WIR, it’s still too soon but equally it’s hard seeing it there. Maybe I’ll have some more girls in the future, I’ve loved having them for the last 10 years but I need a break for a while.
  9. Today I sadly said goodbye to my darling little Chloe. She had only been poorly since Monday after laying a shell-less egg but not really recovering from it. I took her to the vets last night for a check over as we are going away for a long weekend and she was staying with my in-laws, at this point she just looked a bit under the weather. The vet prescribed antibiotics and gave her an antibiotic injection too. However by this morning she was showing bouts of looking really quite unhappy, sitting down with her eyes closed and tentatively walking about, she also took a long time to come out of the run into the garden, she would still take food from me though. Based on this I made the decision it was time to say goodbye as I have had hens with similar signs before and they went downhill while I was away, despite my best efforts. But what I am really beating myself up about is that if we hadn’t have been going away, could I have given her those extra couple of days to see if the antibiotics worked? The vet I saw yesterday seemed to think if she hadn’t shown improvement in a couple of days then we may have to consider putting her to sleep but a different vet today initially thought time on the antibiotics might be worth a try, until I explained about us going away and I didn’t want her to be suffering in my absence. I hope I have done the right thing but I feel so guilty and heartbroken. What makes things worse is that she was my last hen and had been on her own quite happily for the last 10 months, so the garden is now empty and It’s very unlikely I will be having any more due to current health issues. Sleep tight my beautiful darling Chloe, play forever with your best friend Bella xx
  10. Excellent condition Omlet Cube Mk 1 in green for sale at £400. No fading and has been well looked after. Was only used for about a year as I downsized to an Eglu. Please PM me for any additional photos (or email tom@omlet.co.uk who can contact me if you’re not a forum member). Buyer to collect but we are happy to dismantle for you, ready for collection if required. I also have the original instruction manual to help you with reassembly. We are on the Worcester / Gloucestershire border, about 5 miles from Tewkesbury.
  11. Thank you so much for your lovely replies. I'm still stressing over all the options and am unsure if I'm going to keep hens long term, but I think I've decided I really can't give her away, to an unknown home and fate. I took her on and I should be responsible for her til the end. I feel awful thinking about her being alone for possibly the next few years, particularly as she is in a run all day, albeit a large one with all mod cons, she free ranges only when we're at home. Also we're going on holiday in February so even if I get her a friend, she will be alone at least until early March. This will be a total of 10 weeks which seems ages but I hope she can cope. So because of this I was considering getting 2 ex batts which would be about the same age as Chloe and hypothetically (wishful thinking ) may live to about the same age. Other than this I was thinking about getting one hybrid but there would then be an 18 month age gap and I could be back to square one down the line. Once these hens have gone I don't think I will have more, I'm finding the intros, noise and illness too stressful, I don't know why as I've been doing this for years Thank you for listening again, it really helps
  12. After losing one of my hens just before Christmas, I now have a lone hen Chloe and am getting myself in a state about what to do next. To give some background, I've had hens for 9 years and in this time done many intros, however one was a lone hen i took on for a friend who was giving up, she was the loudest, most noisy hen I've ever heard in the mornings, so much that she had to sleep in a separate eglu in the garage until I returned her to the run each morning, this went on for 18 months til she died. So my problem is Chloe is only a year old and needs company for a long while yet, so this weekend got 2 more girls which is where the problem started. The inevitable intros noise began once they'd all spotted each other and I just lost it, I had what I can only call a panic attack and broke down. I think it took me right back to the problem last time and I had to return the 2 hens to the breeder, who thankfully was very understanding. I'm suffering with a few health issues at the moment and was so looking forward to having more hens but I don't see any way of this happening if I can't cope with the noise and the uncontrollable stress it causes me. It would break my heart to rehome Chloe but I don't know if I can watch her live out her life alone. I've read through old rehoming posts on the forum which haven't always gone well and would only want her go to a loving safe home, if I could bear to part with her at all. I would love to hear from anyone who has gone through this or can offer any advice, I'm so confused about what to do next. Sorry about the long post and thank you.
  13. My beautiful Bella peacefully went to sleep at the vets this morning after a short illness, which she bravely fought in her usual no nonsense feisty style. She was was a joy and was never any trouble in her (almost) 5 years. It’s always sad to say goodbye but it especially hurts today on Christmas Eve. Sleep tight little one, fly high with your old friend Lily. Chloe and I will miss you xx
  14. Hope everyone and their girls are coping with this situation! I have a question about the extent of run coverings required though, is a full length eglu run cover sufficient or does it need to reach the ground on both sides? Also I have a walk in run with a covered roof, but again, do I need to add further coverings on the sides (leaving adequate ventilation of course) Thanks!
  15. As I'm now down to one hen, I'll be finding her some friends when we return from holiday in a few weeks and am considering ex-batts. Does anyone have experience with getting them in winter, as I'm worried they won't fare well going from a life indoors to outside in the cold? I've never had them before and would love rescue some now I have space in the coop but the timing isn't the best Thanks
  16. Thanks yes, I will be getting some friends for Bella when I return from holiday as there isn't time to do introductions before I go. I like to take time to do intros slowly and safely for them all.
  17. Sadly i had to have one of my hens PTS yesterday, which unfortunately leaves Bella on her own. Normally this wouldn't be an issue as I'd get her some more friends however we are going on holiday soon for 2 weeks, which means she'll be alone for at least 4 weeks In your experience, will she be okay for this period of time? She'll be staying with my family so they can keep an eye on her but I'd hate to think of her being lonely. Why does it always happen just before a holiday? Thank you
  18. Sorry to hear about your girl. I've lost girls young and old, both hybrid and pure breed to peritonitis, there really doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. I was particularly upset when I lost Grace, my beautiful Barnevelder to peritonitis at only 2 years old, I bought a pure breed thinking they would be longer lived but I guess I was just unlucky. I still miss her, she was a gentle beauty.
  19. I'm sorry to hear about poor Bella. I'm no expert but from your description we've had the same thing with a couple of our girls before and it could be peritonitis. Does her back end and under belly feel like a water balloon, sort of extended and squishy? You will need to take her to see a chicken savvy vet but if it is peritonitis it's not usually a good outcome I'm afraid. Their eggs are laid internally, hence no eggs for a few months and it can get very uncomfortable for them, if you google it or do a search on the forum you can find out more. I've heard people having the fluid drained off but it usually comes back. I hope she will be okay but let us know how you get on.
  20. So sorry to hear about Nelly but what an amazing age she was, she was obviously much loved and cared for. Sleep well little girl.
  21. I usually close the eglu door when it gets to around zero, not sure if they really need it closed but it makes me feel better
  22. I was thinking about trying Nematodes to help reduce our slug population, mainly because we've had a real problem with tapeworms in our girls, which I understand slugs can be a cause of. Has anyone used them successfully before and are they safe to use with the hens? I don't really know much about them but the details say they're okay to use with pets, however I assume they mean dogs and cats etc that don't eat slugs!
  23. We aren't members of a club but just 'pay and play' on 9 hole courses wherever we fancy locally (Glos). Its roughly £10 to £15 for 9 holes but 18 will be more like double that. These are just basic courses mind you, so bigger clubs will be more than that again. There's an app called Tee off Times which you can get offers for cheaper rounds on loads of courses around the uk.
  24. I've had a quick look at their website and the images appear to show the chicken runs with chicken wire, from what I understand and have heard on the forum, this wont keep a fox out. I think its a common misconception, but chicken wire is made to keep chickens OUT of an area, not in it, if that makes sense. I vaguely remember someone having a similar run which a fox broke into, so it may be worth doing some more investigation before you buy. Weld mesh is the best type to use in my opinion.
  25. I hate to say it but they look like tapeworm segments. I've had a nightmare trying to get rid of them in my girls and Flubenvet wont touch them. I consulted 2 different vets and was prescribed Droncit tablets which contain Praziquantel, so I strongly recommend you do the same but make sure you see a poultry expert, the first vet I saw said chickens don't get tapeworms! If you search for tapeworms on the forum you should find more details, as there were a couple of us at the time who were having this problem Good luck and let us know how you get on

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