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  1. Thanks so much for your replies. We'll keep going and see how things are in a couple of weeks - may return to the beak ring / bumper bit if no progress... Miffy - about them being off colour, I havent noticed anything yet but will report back if I see any changes or adverse affects.
  2. We got our eglu second hand on ebay, they do hold their prices well though but we saved about £60-70 if that helps.
  3. Oh that's brilliant, had me laughing out loud! They really are hilarious runners, my DH has them chasing him round the garden when he takes them treats.
  4. Hi everyone, We've been using ukadex on our 2 girls to try and stop them being pecked and plucked and it seems to be helping a bit but I have a few questions if anyone can help... 1. How often do you have to respray them? (we sprayed on Friday but yesterday (Sunday) the perpetrator had another couple of pecks at them). 2. Does it stain the feathers long term? ie. will I need to give my light sussex a bath at some point as she looks awful! 3. How long before we should expect to see the feather plucking stop? I know it's only been a few days but it's so upsetting and frustrating! We tried a beak ring on the offender which worked but removed it to try the spray - I hope we won't have to resort to the ring permanently... Thanks!
  5. and now I feel terrible Whilst poor Holly has no knickers left and looks really sore, now Roxy looks so sad with her ring on - shes standing there all subdued and almost looks like shes going to faint. I tried anti peck spray but that made no difference at all. Have ordered Ukadex to try that but felt I had no option to fit a beak ring in the meantime. We've had our girls for 2 months with no problems at all and I just don't understand why this is happening - they have loads of space, entertainment, treats etc. - Would the 'bumper bits' everyone talks about be better - I have the ring type from the Domestic Fowl Trust which we're sure will stop her eating, despite the instructions saying it wont. Oh dear, does anyone have experience of these rings who can assure me that I'm not going to starve my girl. Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks
  6. Oh thank goodness it's not only me, I was thinking I needed to get some sort of professional help! We only got our girls 4 weeks ago (and another one last weekend) and they're all I think about - how are they, did they eat their breakfast, how early can I leave work to get back in time to give them their treats etc etc!
  7. Thank you all for your replies - I feel much better about leaving them now! Will make sure they have loads of food and water etc. before we go.
  8. I've read / heard that it's ok to leave our 2 girls over a weekend and they'll be perfectly happy as long as enough food and drink is available. But...... I've also read that leaving eggs uncollected is not a good idea because they could get damaged and then be eaten, causing problems with the hens breaking them on purpose in future. Our weekend away was booked BC (before chickens!) and in fact, I really don't like the thought of leaving them now! Does anyone have any thoughts or experience of leaving them home alone for a couple of days? We may be able to get someone to look in on them, but I'm worried in case we can't. Thanks!

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