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  1. Thank you for your kind words, they really help. I'm starting to think about getting some more hens but am having some trouble with a noisy hen, see my post 'noisy hen teaching others', there's always something! I would love to rescue some ex batts, particularly as I often see lorry loads of the poor little things in their crates on my drive to work , but is the problem of illness and peritonitis even more likely with ex batts, given the lives they've lead? I try to do my bit for them anyway by buying everything online via the Give As You Live website, which donates a percentage of your purchase cost to charity (my choice is BHWT of course!) and costs you nothing Well worth a look if you don't already use it.
  2. I took in a friend's last hen a few months ago, as she didn't want to get any more and I didn't want to see the poor thing left on her own. Well they do say "no good deed goes unpunished" and boy are they right ! I think the problem is my friend left her hens to free range day and night without being shut in at all, but when she came to me, she lives in a 14x7ft run. The problem starts at dawn, when she lets rip with the SCREAMING at full volume, I've never known anything like it . I assume its because shes confined and isn't used to it. We've tried literally everything including shutting the cube door, blackout covers etc etc and now Ive resorted to her sleeping in the garage in her own eglu each night. Shes put back outside at 7am, which has helped the early wake up call but means we can't go away for a weekend and leave them to it as we normally do She still makes the noise for a while when back in the run but at least it's not early. I'm now down to 2 hens but OH is concerned if I get more while I still have the noisy one, will she 'teach' the newbies to do the same? I don't think he or the neighbours could cope with any more racket!
  3. My dear little Lily was put to sleep this evening after succumbing to peritonitis. I'm so upset at losing her and especially as less than 3 months ago I also lost Grace to the same thing. They were both about 2.5 years old, one a hybrid and the other a pure breed. I honestly feel like giving up keeping hens at the moment, they seem to have such short lives and I never get used to it, even after 7 years. I love having them and they bring me such joy which makes the 'regular' heartbreak so hard. Just feeling so sad and had to get it off my chest, I know you all understand.
  4. I'm afraid to say it sounds very much like peritonitis but even if not, she is in a bad way and needs so see a vet urgently. I would prepare yourself for them saying she needs to be put to sleep, which is the kindest thing you can do for her in this case. Ring round vets in your local area and ask if they have someone with poultry experience, let us know how you get on.
  5. But I bet you didn't do what my mother in law did, she was getting her buffet breakfast in a hotel and had to go back to retrieve hers off the floor!!
  6. Not sure if I've got the link right but saw this on EBay and wondered if its genuine Omlet, looks strange to me, particularly the two feeders which appear a bit roughly moulded.... Or is it an early, older version? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Omlet-Eglu-chicken-house-2-feeders-1-water-2-dirt-trays-with-wire-run-/251840163493?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item3aa2d7eea5
  7. I'm so very sorry to hear about this. After reading similar stories on the forum, I've now got a flexible chopping board cut to cover the length and width of the hole in the nest box, secured with 2 long bolts through it and washers and wing nuts underneath. I know this can potentially harbour mites as its another place for them to hide but I regularly remove and clean it.
  8. Grace, my Barnevelder, finished her moult a while ago but still has a lot of short, spiky unopened quills on her back end, which are showing no signs of developing into feathers. I think they are causing her some discomfort as one or two have been bleeding, possibly as a result of 'interest' from one of my other hens, however the quills aren't really noticeable as they're obscured by surrounding feathers. I've puffed some wound powder on the area which has helped but should it take this long for the feathers to develop? Is there anything I can do to help her?
  9. So sorry to hear about Mary B, she is lucky to have someone like you who obviously cares about her very much. I know this probably isn't what you want to hear, but she sounds like a very poorly little thing to me, i see she's been I'll for a couple of weeks now and unfortunately by the time they actually look ill, they are usually quite far along. In my experience, if none of the meds are working and she's still losing weight, you may find the kindest thing you can do now is let her go. Let us know how she gets on, keeping fingers crossed for her and you.
  10. After a few days it was apparent she was getting worse and wasn't being treated, so I plucked up courage and went round with some Flubenvet (by now I was sure she had gapeworm). I wasnt sure how this would be received but couldnt watch her suffer any more, luckily they were grateful I did, as they didn't know what was wrong. I suggested mixing a tiny bit in water and giving her by mouth to start with as she probably wasnt eating and a few days later I could see her definitely improving. I know this isnt the recommended method but it was the only way to get something inside her quickly. Hopefully she'll continue to make a full recovery and alls well that ends well!
  11. I noticed yesterday when looking out of my bedroom window, that one of my neighbour's hens is constantly gaping with her beak open and head tilting upwards. She's still doing it today but is still pottering about . While I'm not the sort to poke my nose in other people's business, I wonder if they've noticed, I can't bear to think she's suffering. I hate any sort of 'confrontation', even if its to offer help which could easily be taken the wrong way, particularly with someone I only occasionally say hello to and don't really know. I'm trying to put myself in their shoes if it was the other way round but can't decide what to do for the best. For all I know they might be treating her and feel I'm calling their animal care into question. My OH said if I did decide to say something, I could use the excuse of offering them some of my Flubenvet to try, what do you think? Help!
  12. Did the vet say anything about mycoplasma, which can cause facial swelling but usually is accompanied by bubbles in the eye? One of my girls had a swollen face but just the occasional bubble in her eye and was treated with Tylan antibiotic powder which is added to their water, she recovered and lived for many years.
  13. I too have had to return an Exchequer Leghorn, not because of aggressiveness but because she wailed and screeched almost constantly at everything! Whilst she may have eventually settled down, I couldn't take the risk and the supplier agreed to take her back. They did say the breed can be quite flighty, active and are better suited to larger spaces. I agree that it sounds like peace and happiness for all concerned will be restored when she's returned.
  14. Sounds like a good plan and you've got it covered, my vet also gave me an extra amount of Tylan for the same reason. Hope she gets better soon
  15. Just noticed after posting a few minutes ago that the time appears to still be an hour ahead, unless I've missed something... So, this is my test post at 7.03pm....
  16. Could be mycoplasma from what you describe, I would definitely take her to the vets as they will need to prescribe antibiotics, I think it's Tylan she needs from my own experience. Also I would keep her away from the others if you can as these things tend to be contagious. Let us know how you get on.
  17. They could be laying soft eggs which are finally expelled and end up in the poo trays overnight, are the shells actually smashed, ie are they hard shells or soft and squidgy? This is what sometimes happens with my girls if they've been trying to lay a soft egg during the daytime.
  18. Sorry to hear about your troubles but you're not alone! In the 5 years I've kept hens we've gone through most of the chicken illnesses in the book I agree with ANH, the vet probably wasn't an avian expert so did their best but you could do with a more precise diagnosis. Have a look at the recommended vets section, hopefully there will be one near you if you need a second opinion. Also chickens temperatures are normally higher than humans or other animals so this could have been a red herring. I couldn't be without my girls, the good always outweighs the bad in the end
  19. I was so sorry to hear about Merryweather, she looked such a sweet little thing but at least she drifted off in a lovely place knowing someone loved her.
  20. Oh bless them, they are very lucky little girls please keep us updated with their progress!
  21. Just wanted to add that when i take my girls to the vets to be put to sleep, my vet always gives them some anaesthetic gas first so they drift off to sleep and know nothing about the final injection part of the process, so I would definitely recommend that anyone asks their vet to do the same. I agree with what others have said in that its better to end a poorly hens life quickly, painlessly and correctly however it's done, rather than see them suffer for weeks which is inhumane.
  22. What a lucky girl to have had 12 months of love and care that many can only dream of, sleep tight little one
  23. So sorry to hear about your troubles, they can be a worry sometimes! Just wanted to say I have a girl with tapeworms which has been going on for ages, they are a nightmare to get rid of and I haven't managed it yet. However my avian expert vet advised that Flubenvet will not touch tapeworms, you have to use something called Praziquantel which is specifically for tapeworms in cats and dogs and is not licenced for poultry, hence you MUST see a vet for the correct medication, doseage and repeat frequencies. If you search 'tapeworms' on the forum you'll find more details on mine and Claireabella's posts a few months ago, as we both had problems with this. Let us know how you get on and good luck.
  24. Glad to hear your girl is better, nice to have good news! As you say, keep an eye on her and treat them all with Flubenvet for worms if you haven't done so for a while. Maybe it was a soft egg brewing, although this usually only takes a day or two to become apparent
  25. How is your poorly girl today? Unfortunately it sounds exactly the same as my Plymouth Rock Maisie had only a few weeks after I got her, sadly she was put to sleep at the vets as he confirmed Mareks disease.

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