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  1. Oh no, I use smallholder mentioned earlier, please can I ask if its this one, I only want the best for my girls too!
  2. I agree that if she's been poorly for a few days now, it's unlikely to resolve itself without assistance, I would take her to a vet as soon as you can.
  3. Well I won't be worrying about the block being unhealthy for them, as they won't even look at it! Looks like the wild birds will be getting an early Christmas present!
  4. Bought a Hentastic treat block today for my girls but so far they've completely ignored it. Mind you, they're free ranging at the moment so are busying themselves doing more interesting things in the garden Has anyone had success with these? Never seen one before but they sound quite good for them with herbs, vitamins, protein etc
  5. Been having a major bout of 'morehens' since my summer hols, as I promised myself a silver laced Wyandotte when I got back and could devote time to intros. So off I went to my favourite chicken supplier and waited my turn to be served, only to hear the lady next to me being told there was only 1 SL Wyandotte available as all the others were reserved. I crossed my fingers that she would choose another breed but no, she said she'd take her! If only I'd got there 5 mins earlier! I came soooo close They may have some more in a month or so but she thinks they are all boys - I'm keeping everything crossed
  6. I'd love to know why this is as my girl has the same thing, a long bald patch under her chin, I wondered if it was feather eating mites but treatment with permethrin hasn't improved things. Or is it a moult?
  7. I hope today's rehoming went well and they have all gone to lovely forever homes Unfortunately it was too far away for me and also I haven't finished working on my OH yet TBH our main concern is how robust they are and how likely it is that they will fall ill, as a result of their start in life. Not because I'm not prepared to pay for vets or medication, my girls always get any care they need, it's just that over the last couple of years, I've had SO much bad luck illness wise with my posh girls, I'd worry about the ex batts being worse! Also it's because of the heartbreak of losing them, I do get really attached, they are my feathery children, which is why my last 2 were pure breeds in the hope they'd be around for longer, which didn't work out as I lost my little Maisie after only a few weeks to mareks I'd love to hear your thoughts, am I worrying about nothing?
  8. Whereabouts in the country is the rehoming taking place? Is there a minimum number of hens you must take? I'm still working on my OH about having some ex-batts and also realistically I could only have 2
  9. O. M. G. That is incredible, your poor girl, no wonder she wasn't herself!! How is she doing now?
  10. Ooh yes, photo please! I' had a hen implanted a few years ago and she lived for a couple of happy years afterwards BUT the implant itself only lasted 5 weeks!! I wouldn't do it again though, it was a lot for her to go through and a lot of worry for me too.
  11. If she's still looking poorly and it's been a few days now, I'd take ger to the vets if she was mine, they are very good at hiding illness until its really advanced. It could be something that with the right medication, she might feel better quickly but equally she could be suffering and it might be kinder to say goodbye if that's what the vet advises. I hope she is better soon, let us know how you get on
  12. So very sorry to hear your sad news but you could never foresee this happening so please don't be hard on yourself. We always try do the best for our girls but sometimes nature gets the upper hand no matter what we do.
  13. Bless her little cotton socks! Glad to hear she's doing well and you have such an experienced vet
  14. The diatom is a preventative and won't get rid of the lice but if you search for 'lice' on the forum there should be lots of advice on the best treatment to use on them. I think Xeno 200 spray is recommended or other ivermectin based treatments (not licenced for use on poultry in the uk) but hopefully someone with more experience will come along Good luck and let us know how you get on
  15. I'm so sorry to hear about your poor girls, you could not have anticipated something like this happening, it certainly sounds like a freak occurrence so please don't be hard on yourself. I do remember someone posting ages ago about legs being injured when in the cube overnight and it was suggested that an animal could have grabbed them through the long drainage hole in the nest box, it was agreed this was unlikely but does anyone think this could be what happened? Might be worth doing a search through old posts too. I've secured a long piece of thin plastic chopping board over the hole in mine with bolts through it and nuts/washers underneath, I know there are concerns about this providing a home for red mite but I regularly remove it and give it all a good scrub. Perhaps you could try something like this just in case.
  16. It's a disease you know, more often referred to as 'more-hens',!
  17. Sorry to say this Jenny but it sounds like a case of peritonitis from your description and from what I've experienced. She needs to see a vet ASAP but I'm afraid the kindest thing for her will probably be to put her to sleep, there's usually only a small chance of improvement and then its only prolonging the inevitable. When my hen had it the vet was in no doubt saying goodbye was in her best interests and said there was nothing I couldn't have done to prevent it happening, it's just one of those things. I hope it works out for both of you, good luck and let us know how you get on.
  18. So sorry to hear about poor Hilda but please don't beat yourself up about not getting an implant, as by the time they have peritonitis it's really only a matter of time no matter what you do. I had my beloved Roxy implanted after many soft eggs causing her laying problems but it only gave her relief for 6 weeks, then she started laying again She wasn't herself after having it and moulted suddenly and quite dramatically, I'm not sure I'd do it to one of my girls again. It's hard to lose a special girl but she was obviously much loved and you gave her a wonderful life.
  19. I'm not exactly sure about how long it will take for the feathers to grow back but I would expect it will be a month or two, hopefully someone with more experience will advise. You could try adding a tonic to her water such as Lifeguard or Nettex moulting solution which helps with feather regrowth and give her some extra protein too such as scrambled egg or mealworms.
  20. My new vet gave Grace a whole 50mg droncit tablet and said to repeat it in a week and again the week after that, he also took a dropping sample to check it was definitely tapeworms, but he was almost certain it was. The next day he called to say no tapeworms were in her sample and to cancel the repeat doses That said, I won't stop checking for them wriggling in her droppings for some time yet as I'm paranoid they'll still show up, so I'm not starting the celebrations yet.... Unfortunately one of my other girls has them now, so he advised the same treatment for her ie. 1 whole droncit tablet. I've got to send samples off from all my girls in 2 weeks time so he can check for the worms again. Keeping everything crossed....
  21. I'm trying to decide whether or not to sell my spare eglu, as I've now got a cube/WIR plus my original eglu, so only need to keep 1 for intros - I can't really justify keeping 2! The spare in question has only ever been used for intros so its in good nick, apart from the usual fading.... I've thought about hiring it out so its still mine if I need it again one day, but have no idea what the going rate is. Can hirers or 'hirees' let me know what theyve paid or what would be reasonable? Failing this it will be going on eBay, bills to pay and all that!
  22. Barmy is right! it must be something in the air, my newest girl Grace has been successfully integrated since October but over the last few days the boss has been putting her in her place again, to the point where I saw feathers fly yesterday! There's been a lot of submissive poses by Grace today too, she's not trying to take over, she just wants a quiet life! They've all been acting a bit strange today actually, lots of sitting around on the lawn together then when it was time to go into their run, they wouldn't come for their treats, which has never happened before
  23. Thank you both so much for your quick replies, I've got an appointment with a different vets on Monday and feel better now that I have a plan of action! I'll report back with an update later....
  24. Thought I'd give an update on the tapeworm situation and its not good Grace had her follow up dose of Droncit tablet but just a week later I've seen the cysts wriggling in her droppings again. I've been in contact with my vet who has been doing more research, he even contacted the Ministry of Agriculture who said they'd not heard of tapeworms in chickens and couldn't suggest anything other than what we've done so far. The vet doesn't have any other suggestions as to how to get rid of them so I'm getting really down about it now, I can't bear to think of those things inside poor Grace and have no idea what to do next . She appears healthy apart from a slightly dirty bottom but she's obviously shedding cysts all the time and contaminating the ground everywhere she goes. Any suggestions gratefully received Claireabella - how are your girls doing now, I hope you have better news than me....
  25. Sadly this condition makes them very uncomfortable and miserable and in my experience doesn't end well. I've had a couple of hens with this now and the kindest thing was to have them put to sleep. I know some people try draining the fluid at the vets but I wouldn't put my girls through this. By the time they start to look poorly, they really are poorly

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