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  1. Well 2 weeks on Im still checking Grace's droppings whenever I see her producing one (you can get a bit obsessed and goodness only knows what the neighbours think if they see me crouching down on the lawn with my reading glasses perched on my nose, poking piles of poo with a stick! ) and so far I've not seen any of the tapeworm segments but I guess there's still time for more to show up, I'm keeping everything crossed.... Claireabella, how are your girls doing now?
  2. Oh poor you and your poor girls, I would be upset and fuming with him too. Dont worry though, they will be okay with your TLC and back to normal soon. If it would give you peace of mind next time you go away, maybe try a good hen boarding service or check the Omlet hen sitters list to see if there's anyone near you. Keep your chin up and hope you have a good weekend.
  3. A couple of my girls appear to be eating the Aubiose in their run, as I've seen it quite clearly and regularly inside their droppings, I've even 'chopped it up' to check and its definitely in there. The droppings I've seen were on the lawn and not in the run, so its not because its got stuck on afterwards. I'm not sure if this will harm them in any way (might it block their digestive system?) or if its because of a deficiency etc. has anyone else had experience of this? Thanks,
  4. If it makes you feel any better Claireabella, my hen's tapeworms are back after treating with Droncit I spotted them again after 10 days so gave her another dose after 2 weeks was up. My vet did warn me that it might not get rid of the tapeworm head from the intestine wall . I too sent off a sample to The Chicken Vet lab (got a kit from Countrywide) which was heaving with the blighters but was surprised when the results came back negative! After calling them for an explanation, they said the test was for worm EGGS, which weren't present but if you try Retfords, you might be able to request a test for tapeworms as well as 'normal' worms, I'm not sure how these things work. They are such a worry aren't they! Keep us updated and good luck
  5. Sorry to hear about your poorly girl Goldie, sadly it sounds like peritonitis to me too, so a trip to the vets is a must in my experience of this condition. They really don't get better I've found, so the kindest thing is usually to say goodbye The hardness of her abdomen probably means its full of fluid.
  6. Update on my earlier post..... Just checked the medication packaging I had from the vet to treat my hen, the ingredient in the 'Droncit' tablet is Praziquantel, the tablet was 50mg and he said to give my 2.4kg hen about a third of the tablet, if that helps! He said as its not for poultry, it wasn't an exact science and was up to me if I wanted to go ahead, but in both our opinions she definitely needed treatment as there were loads of tapeworm cysts in the dropping sample I showed him. He even took a photo of a couple of the cysts under the microscope, which showed masses of eggs inside the cyst, totally gross! If I can work out how to, I'll post the picture if anyone's curious..... and not eating their tea!
  7. Just been through this same thing with my girls, a trip to the vet confirmed it was tapeworms which he said wasn't common in chickens. They were small white teardrop/ sesame seed shaped things which wriggled and 'reached out' of the droppings. He prescribed Droncit in a quantity measured for my particular hen based on her weight, she's fine now and has to have another dose a month later. It's not licensed for poultry so he estimated the egg withdrawal at 2 weeks. Flubenvet doesn't treat tapeworms unfortunately.
  8. Nutridrops are often recommended on here as a pick me up, which you give via a pipette directly into her beak. She sounds quite poorly to me, I had a girl with similar droppings and it turned out she had an abdominal tumour and was put to sleep. I hope this isn't the case for you but if it was me,I wouldn't leave it too long before taking her back to the vets. Good luck and keep us updated.
  9. Yes I agree that a trip to the vet is needed, we had a similar experience recently and it turned out to be Mareks Disease which causes paralysis, so sadly our girl had to be put to sleep. Let us know how you get on.
  10. I'm sorry to say that in my experience its not something that's treatable and the kindest thing is to say goodbye. They really aren't in a good way with this condition and while I've heard about people asking vets to drain the abdomen, it's not something I'd put my girls through, as it usually returns and in the meantime they are very uncomfortable and unhappy. Sorry I couldn't be more positive for you
  11. I'm so sorry to hear about Pickles but you did the kindest thing for her, I know how hard it is - I still miss my beloved Roxy 7 months on. She was obviously much loved and was a lucky girl to have such wonderful care.
  12. I'm no expert and hopefully someone more experienced will come along but it sounds like it could be Northern Fowl Mite, we had this a few years ago, can you see tiny dark things moving around? There was also an 'off' smell to the damp patch. I had to get treatment from the vet as its not easy to get rid of but it did work and she was fine afterwards. I think the medication was called Ivomec Eprinex which is a cattle treatment and is not licenced for poultry, hence you must see a vet, they also need to calculate the doseage for the particular hen. If you Google for images of NFM it might help with identification. Good luck.
  13. Hi, if you go to the Help & Advice section on their website, then click on Chicken Breeds, this will give you an indication if the hens they sell. Not sure what stock they have currently though.
  14. Sorry to hear about your troubles, they can be a worry at times and I know how you feel! Perhaps there's a soft egg on the way which can make them look and feel poorly, but if its been a few days now it might be worth getting professional advice.
  15. Can definitely recommend Newland Poultry - lovely place, people and hens. I've been going there for a few years now and they are very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.
  16. They sometimes get those symptoms if there's a soft egg on the way, having said that, it could be any number of things but I hope she's on the mend this morning. Keeping fingers crossed for you
  17. So sorry to hear about poor Margaret, I think another trip to the vets is in order ASAP in my opinion as she looks quite poorly. You've been taking good care of her but sometimes they just don't get better no matter how hard we try and the kindest thing is to PTS. I've had to go through this many times now but always have known its in their best interests, even though its hard to say goodbye. Best wishes to you both and let us know how you get on.
  18. So sorry to hear about Olive, you did all you could for her and please don't be angry at yourself, they hide their illnesses so well. I know how you feel as I lost my sweet Maisie (Plymouth Rock) at about the same age to Mareks, sometimes it's not meant to be.
  19. Sorry to hear about your problems, they certainly can be little madams sometimes can't they! Did you try bumper bits or beak rings, as the bumper bits give better protection around the end of the beak so should stop the other hen being hurt? If she's been pulling feathers out, it's been said that this can be due to protein deficiency, so you could try feeding mealworms or rinsed tuna (only give the sort in water, never brine or oil) as a supplement. To help your girl regrow her feathers, you can get additives for their water such as Lifeguard or Nettex Moulting Solution. Separating the bully for a while can help as she will go down in the pecking order when put back with the others, but you may have the usual scuffles the same as if you were introducing a new hen. It sounds like they have plenty of room but adding peck blocks or bunches of greens occasionally, or perches, dust baths etc gives them something else to do. Hope things get better for you soon, let us know how you get on.
  20. After doing some research Im in no doubt that my girl has tapeworms. There are small white sesame seed sized things moving in her droppings, almost reaching out of it, if that makes sense. Theyve all been treated with Flubenvet but I now understand that this wont work against tapeworms, hence why Im still seeing them despite the Flubenvet course. Is there an off the shelf treatment for tapeworms or will a trip to the vet be needed? I feel so awful as she's had this before and I thought the Flubenvet was helping her, not doing nothing at all
  21. I've been worming my 3 girls with Flubenvet mixed in their pellets for 6 days now, so only 1 day to go, but I saw live wriggling worms in one of the girls droppings today. The worms were teardrop shaped and white, shouldnt they be dying by now?
  22. I leave food in the run all the time too, I've never had a problem with rats or mice however have had problems with HUGE slugs helping themselves on warm, wet summer nights , then I do bring it in overnight
  23. I'm so sorry to hear about your poorly girl but sadly I agree with miller30, you've been an excellent chicken mum however it sounds like time to say goodbye in my experience
  24. I'm so sorry to hear about little Pepper, you did everything you possibly could for her but as you say, sometimes the kindest thing is to let them go, even though its hard. Sleep tight Pepper.
  25. I can thoroughly recommend them - lovely place, people and hens. It's family run so customer service is personal and friendly, our girls stay there when we go away too.

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