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  1. Grace has had the runny nose on and off for weeks now but is also back to sneezing periodically, I've got her on Citricidal in the water at the moment so will see if that helps (am I right in thinking the dose is 2 drops per litre?). Other than this she seems perky and happy generally and doesn't appear to be 'ill', also she's still laying. As the antibiotics didn't do much, I assume its a virus.
  2. Glad to hear Pepper is improving. My vet always recommends Avipro (you can get this online and doesn't need a prescription) when they're ill or when on medication to help them recover ie. after the Coxoid, or you could try Lifeguard tonic or Nettex Poultry Tonic which are good for general health. I've had success encouraging poorly hens to eat with chopped tomato, cucumber, apple, sweet corn kernels, mealworms, which is worth a try. You could use something like 'Simple' shower gel or Johnsons Small Animal Shampoo to help clean her up, try gently squashing the hard dried bits with your fingernails if you can manage it without hurting her, bit yucky but it can do the trick! If your other hens are pecking her I'd keep them separate for a while until she's recovered, she won't feel like using all her energy defending herself. Keep us updated with her progress!
  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your poorly girl, we had a similar experience and tried all sorts of treatment at the vets but in the end she went downhill so much the kindest thing was to put her to sleep (originally suspected coccidiosis but turned out it was her heart failing). Unfortunately by the time hens are showing signs of being this poorly, they really are in a bad way, as a prey species its their way of preventing themselves becoming 'picked off' in the wild. It's really hard to let them go, especially when as you say, she sometimes shows signs of perking up but sometimes it's the kindest thing you can do for them. Only you will know when the time is right for her but I do hope things work out. I've had to deal with all sorts of injuries and illnesses with our girls but looking back have never regretted making the final decision each time I've had to. Good luck and let us know how you get on
  4. The vet prescribed Marfloquin for 5 days to see if that helps but said obviously if its a virus then it won't have an effect. He didn't think it was myco as there were no bubbly eyes or swollen face but said I could have a lab test done to check, however it wasn't guaranteed to show this so probably not worth it. She still alert, eating and drinking so that's a plus. My other 2 have runny noses now so they all have Avipro Plus in their water to give them a boost. Thanks for the tip about Herban Miller30, I will add it to my shopping list. If the antibiotics help Grace, I can ask the vet for some for the others. I'm still hoping its 'just a cold' and they'll be better soon Thanks for your support, it really helps in times like these!
  5. My 6 month old Barvevelder Grace has had a runny nose for 2 weeks or so now, she's seen the vet and is on her 2nd round of antibiotics (tylan soluble) with 2 days left to go but her nose is still runny. She doesn't have any myco type signs ie. swollen face, bubbles in eye or nose so could it 'just be a cold'? Other than this she's happy, eating and drinking. Has anyone had a similar problem and how long should it take before I see an improvement or she's finally better? They are such a worry when they're poorly! Thanks Edited 5 Dec - She's wheezing now and I've just spotted Bella with a runny nose too. I could cry. This is one more problem in a string of various illnesses over the past few months (tumours, peritonitis, heart condition, mareks in a hen I'd only had a month...). Off to the vets I go again. I love my girls but its its all getting on top of me
  6. I've just bought a cube but sadly am down to 3 hens from 4, having recently lost my darling Plymouth Rock Maisie to mareks. So my question is, will the remaining 3 be warm enough in the cube when it starts getting really cold as there's so much space in there and there seem to be a lot of vents/holes? I will be closing the door though. If its likely to be a problem I can always keep them in the eglu for now and sell it later. I know 'morehens' will kick in at some point but i don't feel i can get more until the spring at the earliest. Thanks!
  7. Thank you so much for your kind words, it's so nice to have people who understand to share it with xx
  8. I sadly had to say goodbye to my darling Maisie today after Mareks was confirmed at the vets. She was only 6 months old but at least I had the pleasure of her dear sweet face and endearing chattering in my life for the last 4 short weeks. I was so looking forward to watching her blossom and spend many happy years with us being spoilt rotten, but it wasn't meant to be. Sleep tight little one xxx
  9. Beautiful run and beautiful video, they are very lucky girls to have found you
  10. My beautiful little Tilly had to be put to sleep on Wednesday, after a spate of illness which she finally succumbed to, despite treatment by our wonderful vet and lots of TLC and love from me. She was the boss right to the end and always made sure the new girls knew it! I will miss her chattering and the way she always stood with her toes slightly crossed over - she looked so sweet. She went very peacefully and is reunited with her old friends Poppy, Roxy and Lola. Sweet dreams my little girl xxx
  11. Thanks so much for your replies and Im sorry to hear about your girl Princess Leia. Well Tilly is still here after her trip to the vets this morning. He prescribed a course of different antibiotics but said it was likely to be a heart or 'organ' related issue due to her comb getting blue. He said she wasn't in pain but I should make sure her bouts of looking poorly don't increase which could mean its time to review things again. So it's lots more TLC for little Tilly, I'm just happy she's not suffering and there's still hope for her. Our vet is brilliant and an avian expert so I'm satisfied she's ok for the moment.
  12. My 2.5 year old hybrid Tilly has had a run of bad luck over the last couple of months. First she had coccidiosis (diagnosed by the vet) and was treated with Baycox, 2 weeks later she was on the mend but then started a heavy moult which knocked her back and her comb shrunk right down (and still is now). Two weeks after that I saw she had worms in her droppings which I treated with Flubenvet. However, she still has bouts of looking poorly and sits head hunched and quiet, but then is back bossing the others around half an hour later. When she's like this I think it's time to say goodbye as I can't bear to see her suffering but then when's she's ok I wonder if Im making a fuss about nothing and she just needs time to recover from all of this. I should mention she hasnt laid for months and is still thin from her illness, at 1.3 kg, but is eating and drinking and has been on a course of antibiotics prescribed a week ago when I took her for a follow up appointment, however this didn't improve things much. I would really appreciate any thoughts as I know a lot of you have been through similar situations Thanks
  13. I use Zolcal D in their water when soft eggs are a problem, its a liquid calcium supplement you can get online but you shouldn't use it too often as too much calcium is as bad as too little I understand
  14. Don't want to worry you but that's what I thought when one of my girls had northern fowl mites. It just looked like a dirty greasy patch but when you parted the feathers and looked very closely, there were tiny brown mites on her, the patch also had an 'off' smell about it. Might be worth checking... Was treated with Eprinex from the vet as its not meant for poultry but did the job well. Hope she's ok.
  15. O. M. G. If I bought one of these, my hubby would take that as confirmation that I'd finally lost the plot
  16. Our girls have recently been treated within Baycox for coccidiosis so I know we can't eat their eggs but is it ok to boil the eggs and feed back to the girls? It's a shame to waste them if they can benefit from the goodness. Does anyone know how long it will be before we can eat the eggs again, our vet just said "we couldn't eat them" but I assume that's not forever Thanks!
  17. One of my hens has what feels like a couple of stones stuck in her crop for about 5 days now. After trying massage and all the usual things I took her to the vet on Friday (typically the day we were off on holiday!) who gave her an injection of metaclorpromide and syringed fluid into her crop to see if this would shift them. So we came back from holiday today to find her well, but still with the stones in her crop, also it felt a bit more 'squishy' than usual which the vet said could happen if food didn't pass through properly. She's going back to see the vet tomorrow, however he said if the stone's hadn't passed, she'd need to have a local anaesthetic and a small incision in her crop to remove them. While this seems a bit drastic to me, I don't know what else to do - does anyone have experience of this problem you could share with me? Thanks!
  18. We lost our dear little Poppy last week to peritonitis. She was gently put to sleep at the vets when he confirmed we could do no more for her and said she'd obviously been loved and cared for but this would be the kindest thing for her now. She was such a sweet thing and would chatter away in her quiet way, being the bottom of the pecking order she couldn't usually get a word in edgeways. I will miss her beautifully soft feathers and watching her enjoy the sunshine which she loved, but now she's back running around with her old friends Roxy and Lola, I miss them all. Goodnight Pops, sweet dreams.
  19. On Tuesday, I had to say goodbye to my beautiful, brave, beloved Roxy. In her 4 & 3/4 years, she went through most illnesses and mishaps in the 'chicken book' as my lovely vet will testify but always bounced back and led a full, happy and charmed life, there was nothing she wanted for. A few weeks before our holiday she became ill and after our wonderful vet worked his magic, she was making a good recovery but sadly when we returned on Monday, she'd gone downhill again a few days before and was poorly again. When the vet felt a tumour in her abdomen, it broke my heart but I knew the kindest thing would be to let her go. I cuddled her on my lap (she always loved a cuddle), told her I loved her and not to be afraid as she'd be seeing her old friends again soon and kissed her goodbye. She went very peacefully and is back home in the garden, buried alongside her friend Lola. She was such a special little bundle of feathers who stole my heart and I miss her terribly. Sweet dreams my little girl.
  20. I think the powder is a preventative not a 'treatment' to kill the mites but I'm not an expert. We have used Xeno 200, which contains Ivermectin, to good effect which is available online and kills the mites, it's not licensed for poultry but is often used for hens on here. It's also worth using every 3 months as a preventative.
  21. I am so sorry for what you've had to go through due to that uncaring idiot. You thought you had found a loving home for your girls, this was not your fault and you could not have foreseen this. I also echo the comment above that at least they don't have to live with this poor excuse for a human being now. I am a great believer in fate, karma, call it what you will, and what goes around comes around... Sending hugs Xx
  22. I finally plucked up courage to broach the subject of rescuing some battery hens with my husband (bearing in mind that he's fully aware of how much our 3 cost to keep in the manner to which they've become accustomed! ) and...... he said YES! So after our summer holiday in July, we'll hopefully be taking the plunge, however I have a couple of questions if anyone can help... 1. I will be doing my research fully beforehand so are there any recommended books or websites on the subject? 2. They will be in a separate Eglu and run from my other girls - will they manage in this ie. getting in and out, negotiating roosting bars / nest box etc? 3. Will they eventually be okay to integrate with our existing 3? After the appropriate segregation time and then slow introductions Being a total softy and this being our first time, it's highly likely I will make a show of myself when collecting them by balling my eyes out - having seen the pictures, they look so forlorn and unloved. I don't know how this is allowed to continue, even with the so-called 'enriched' cages, but that's for another day Any advice gratefully received!
  23. I'm no expert but standing with closed eyes does mean they're under the weather but could be for so many things. Have you checked if is there something in her eye? It could also be a soft egg on the way but if in doubt get her to a vet to be on the safe side. The Ivermectin is applied to their skin usually on the back of the neck, it's not given by mouth and I understand it treats lice not worms. Worms are prevented or treated with the Flubenvet that you have. I hope she gets better soon and someone with more advice and experience comes along for you
  24. Try looking at Newland Poultry website, they have a section on managing mud in chicken runs, there's a link to it from their homepage. See www.newlandgrange.com. It's a lovely place, our girls go there for their holidays too!
  25. Hi Lewis, just wondered how your girl was now as I appear to have a similar thing on one of my girls, any advice you can give would be appreciated. She looks very sweet, I hope it's improved for her Thanks

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