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  1. Thanks Chucky Mama, what quantity of gluco/chond would I need to give her, also would this be a liquid?
  2. Our 4 year old hybrid is currently taking Metacam for suspected arthritis but I was wondering if is this something that can safely be taken long term, if in fact it turns out it IS arthritis and the meds help her. Mind you, I'm not sure what my DH will say about the ongoing cost of this..... Thanks!
  3. If I'm REALLY lucky AND the weather is kind, I will be watching my lovely hubbie building our new WIR!! Whoo hoo!!!
  4. So sorry to hear about Fliss, sending hugs x
  5. Sorry to hear about your poorly girl. As your current vet can't help, I would try to find another who has more experience with poultry, even if it means travelling a bit further. Have you looked in the 'recommended vets' list on the forum? Good luck
  6. Thanks for your quick replies, I'll leave it for now and worm when they're fully restored to their former glory!
  7. Is it ok to worm hens (using Flubenvet) during the moult? Mine are due for worming but have just begun a particularly heavy moult and I don't know if it's best to wait until they've refeathered or go ahead and make sure they're worm free. Any thoughts welcomed! Thanks
  8. Having just come back from the vets with Poppy £45 lighter, I think I fall into the 'mad chicken lady' category! For this fee she had a full examination, 2 injections (antibiotics and a digestive system thing), and antibiotic tablets to give at home, I was in with the vet for about 25 mins. But my girls are my much loved pets and if I can help them I think it's my duty to do so as they rely on me to care for them, but never at the expense of prolonging their life if its going to be half lived. I can't see an animal suffer but I do understand that money is a factor and spending this amount isn't possible for everyone. It was definitely worth it as she is much better and happily playing in the garden with her friends again!
  9. Try dropping the liquid onto a few small pieces of bread, my vet suggested it to me a while ago and it's never failed. But you do have to make sure she's separated from the others first otherwise they'll all want some!
  10. Only just read about this, so sorry to hear about poor Rosie, sending my best wishes for a speedy recovery x
  11. It absolutely breaks my heart reading about this type of thing. My girls are cared for and loved so much, if I could, I would gather up all the poor mistreated creatures everywhere and do the same for them too
  12. Hi J&k Did you take Willow to the vet, how did you get on? As others have said, she sounds very poorly indeed and needs professional help.
  13. The only time my lot get bread (and then it's only a tiny quantity) is when they're being given medication - its MUCH easier dropping liquid medication onto small pieces of bread, they hoover it up thinking it's a treat and everyone's happy! It was our vet that recommended this to me.
  14. We've kept hens for 3 years now and we've suffered with feather pecking for about two thirds of that time. I realise that on forums such as these, people report problems so awareness of issues like this is raised but in reality, is this a common problem? It's been our black rock that did most of the damage, but today, after 10 feather pecking free months, I've just noticed our columbian blacktail has started doing it and my heart sank They FR when we're home and have a large WIR with things to climb on and do to keep them busy. I've used sprays with little success and bumper bits which worked well for a long time, until we had a terrible experience with one of the girls getting injured, so I won't be going down this route again. Have we just been unlucky or is this fairly common and 'to be expected'?
  15. I know who would have gone in ours too Same here too! I told the DS the other week that I'd eat him before my hens!! I can't imagine life without my beloved girls but..... having just seen Poppy plucking feathers out of Tilly's bum, who has never done this before, I'm sooooo exasperated, I thought we'd seen the back of feather plucking for a while
  16. Just wondered if anyone could shed any light on why our columbine, Tilly, has a really dark red comb at the tips (almost purple from some angles) at the moment. She's in good health otherwise and doesn't appear to be poorly in any way, it's just not a normal colour for her. I don't know, there's always something at the moment! Thanks
  17. Sorry to hear about poor Dizzy. We had a hen whose crop wasn't emptying fully by the morning and after a trip to the vets where she was given an injection to speed up her digestive system and liquid medication at home (given on small pieces of bread which worked really well), she recovered in a few days. I think the vet said she had gastric stasis. It sounds like a trip to the vet may be a good idea if she's not eating, unfortunately the symptoms could be down to a number of different things and I'm certainly no expert. Good luck
  18. Sorry to hear about all your troubles. Ivomec Eprinex worked for me, had to get it from the vets as it's a prescription medication. Good luck and I hope it all works out for you.
  19. Just want to say I'm so sorry to hear your terrible news, how awful for you all. xx
  20. Thanks everyone, I thought you might say my 5 years guess was a bit optimistic, so perhaps I just need to prepare myself and remember she's not a 'spring chicken' any more.
  21. My 3 year old hybrid Roxy is not quite herself at the moment, she's been to the vets who suspected a slightly doughy, sluggish crop and gave an injection to help speed her system up, she's also on antibiotics. However, reading about others' problems in the chicken clinic, I'd never given any thought to the fact that she may just be 'getting old' but how old is old for a hybrid? I'd always had in the back of my mind that 5 was the average age for a hybrid but perhaps that's not the case, what do you think?
  22. Our vet suggested dropping the liquid antibiotics onto a few small pieces of bread, and that's what we always do now. It works brilliantly, they hoover the lot up without any stress involved and even think they're getting a treat! You have to keep the others locked away while doing this though otherwise they'll all eat it! However it might be worth checking with your vet first that this method will be ok for your particular medication.
  23. Don't feel embarassed Loumabel, I cried at the vet's both times when 2 of my girls had to be PTS, even when I was really expecting it to happen. I've even shed a few tears in the waiting room when a couple brought their cat to be PTS and they carried her out wrapped in a blanket afterwards, I'm so soppy. My OH very rarely cries, you can count on the fingers of one hand the times I've seen him cry in the 12 years we've been together but even he cried when Roxy was seriously injured a few years ago!
  24. I'm thinking about having my teeth whitened at the dentist but am a bit of a wuss pain or discomfort wise - has anyone had this done and would you recommend it?

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