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  1. I think it's because the eglu/cube are so unusual/innovative and are the first type of chicken coop which totally moved away from the traditional. When my DH tells people about our eglu who haven't seen them before, he always says to 'imagine if Dyson made a chicken house', again, you either love or hate Dysons!
  2. Hi Sal119, sorry to hear about your poor girl too. When you mentioned 'flare ups', what symptoms did she show exactly, just so I know what to look for. Many thanks.
  3. Thank you Claret, I think that's what I'll do, I'll set a deadline and if she's not herself by then, we'll do what's best for her. So sorry to hear about your hen too, Roxy is my favourite so I can sympathise totally. She's always by my side and is like a little dog, even the vet said she's quite a character.
  4. Oh dear, I don't want her to be in pain or suffering but I value your opinion and I'm sad to say I think you may be right. Its so hard to stop 'waiting until tomorrow as she could be better', I love her to bits and it will break my heart but I'm not someone who will do whatever it takes to keep a pet alive if that's not the best thing for them. This little bundle of feathers has brought so much joy and pleasure to me over the last 2.5 years and I'll try to do the best for her now, she deserves no less
  5. There does certainly seems to be a difference on opinion on this one as you say Claret, it depends on who you ask and where you read about it! When I took Roxy to the vet and mentioned the implant to help the continual soft / shell-less eggs, I was expecting him to disagree or say it wouldn't work, but he immediately said "oh yes, I fitted one to a bird a few weeks ago!". Just been to check on her and she's still standing there with her eyes closed, it breaks my heart to see them poorly. Other than it being a response to the implant and now the moulting, I don't know what else it could be.
  6. Thanks Claret, I'll keep on making sure she's okay and eating/drinking and hopefully she'll improve. I would hate to think I'd missed anything which might help her. I guess helping her with one problem has caused another
  7. I'm no expert by any means, but that sounds like the noise of a broody hen who doesn't want to be taken off her nest! We've only had one hen do this and she sounded pretty much like this.
  8. Hi Lovebugette Just wondered how Henrietta was doing with her implant, I hope she's feeling better now. We have a hen with an implant now (fitted 3 weeks ago) and she seems to be going through a heavy moult which is making her a bit under the weather (at least I think that's what it is), did your girl go through anything similar or have any other poorly after effects? They are a worry aren't they!
  9. The vet gave Roxy a thorough once over and couldn't find anything wrong with her respiratory system and no signs of the myco returning. Back home afterwards, she was fine and wondering what all the fuss was about.... that was Tuesday. Today she's looking a bit sorry for herself again, I've just treated her with Eprinex as the vet thought the face scratching may be due to mites (but neither of us could see any at the time). I'm running out of ideas now, but she is going through a heavy moult, which I believe is due to the Suprelorin implant she had a few weeks ago - I do remember someone else who had a hen with an implant saying a moult followed - do you think this is why she's not feeling very perky? Other than that, she's been wormed a month ago, I can't see any mites, the implant seems to be working as we've not had any eggs since so it can't be that one is stuck. Any suggestions gratefully received, she is a worry to me!
  10. Hi CM, the vet is suggesting 'shaving' off a sliver of the surface in the problem area to allow it to re-heal and hopefully fix itself - sounds awful to me! If she eventually goes blind in the eye, will the process of this happening be painful for her do you think?
  11. One of our girls has an eye problem which the vet suspects was caused by an injury, probably at some point before she came to us a month or so ago. Basically she has an ulcer inside her eye, which causes her to keep it closed a lot (but not all) of the time. Other than this, she seems quite happy and does all the normal chickeny things. She's been on 2 different antibiotic eye treatments but nothing has improved it, so the vet says the next step is surgery. So my question is.... would you:- a) leave her as she is (and hope shes not in pain and won't lose her eye in the long term by not treating it) b) have the surgery (with risks and cost involved) I'm all in a dither about this - I don't want her to suffer either way! Thanks
  12. Well I got back from work this afternoon (having made an appointment with the vet for 5.30pm today), to find Roxy right as rain, looking perky as ever! I swear she's trying to scare me on purpose! She's still scratching her face frequently though, so I think there's something irritating her that's not quite right so we'll keep the appointment just in case. Also, knowing my luck if I cancel it and she'll be off colour again tomorrow Will report back later!
  13. One of my girls had something recently which sounds very similar to your description so my guess would be she's laid the inside of an egg but not the shell, which in our case, was stuck inside her. The vet managed to remove it and she perked up and was back to normal the next day. If this is the case for you, it might be worth upping her calcium to help with the soft shells (limestone flour and cod liver oil mixed into a wet mash or try one of the liquid calcium supplements which go into their drinking water ie. Zolcal D). Hope she's ok and the vet manages to sort her out for you.
  14. This morning I noticed that Roxy didn't seem herself (bit quiet and slightly fluffed up) and after each mouthful of pellets, she made a noise like she was trying to get her breath back as if her nose was blocked (like we do when we have a really bad cold and are trying to eat with a bunged up nose). She didn't appear to make this noise the rest of the time. I'm particularly worried as she had a bout of myco a few weeks ago (which cleared up with a course of Tylan) but the only symptom back then was her face was swollen on one side, no bubbly eyes or nasal discharge. I've listened to her chest by putting my ear on her back and I can't hear any rattling (but blimey, don't they have a fast heart beat! ) So do you think it's "just a cold" or should I book a trip to the vet? Is there anything I can get to help her? She's been through so much recently (myco, stuck soft eggs and a subsequent suprelorin implant a week ago), I thought she'd had her fair share of illness by now
  15. Hi SteveC Its a place in Malvern called Newland Grange Poultry, they have a website if you Google it. The hen boarding is under the 'Services' tab. Lovely people and location.
  16. I'm sure I heard / read somewhere on the forum that normal run-of-the-mill ant powder (with permethrin??) could be used to dust inside the eglu to keep mites at bay (or kill them if already present) - is this right or am I going mad?!
  17. So sorry to hear about Honey, it's sad to lose a special girl but it sounds like she had a wonderful life with you.
  18. Hi Jenny I got mine from the vets due to one of my girls having northern fowl mite a while ago - he dispensed a small amount for me and said I could get a 'repeat prescription' in future if needed (as it's usually sold in large quantities being for cattle.) Obviously it's more expensive as there's a consultation cost involved if you see the vet but others may be able to advise if they've managed to get some by other means. Good luck!
  19. Mainly I had absolutely no idea how besotted I'd become with my girls and also how much money I'd end up spending on them (mind you I have never dared add it up)! Even after a couple of years, I expect our eggs are costing about £5 each!!
  20. ...... will I keep a new hen that's 'not quite right' a few days after getting her! We thought after a week or 2 we'd take her back if she didn't improve but guess what, I'm attached now and don't want to part with her, so more vets bills for me - oh well, it's only money....
  21. Roxy has spent half the day looking almost back to her usual self and the other half looking under the weather. At the vets this afternoon, they could feel something in her cloaca but it was just out of reach, so we have to wait until it's further down and either Roxy can expel the shell herself , or the vet will remove it at our follow up appointment on Wednesday. I must qualify for discount at the vets by now, or at least my own parking space
  22. After a sleepless night, I was overjoyed to find Roxy still with us this morning But.... Plum, you were right, she had laid another egg overnight and was covered in yolk and egg white when I found her. Unfortunately all the signs are there again that the broken shell is still inside her ie. fluffed up, subdued with intermittent scratching about, so we're off to the vets later to have it removed - I really hope this is the last one now and the implant does it's thing
  23. Thanks so much for your replies. The implant was put into the base of Roxy's neck without anaesthetic (however I've read that others had theirs in the breast muscle?) - the vet said anaesthetic wasn't needed which I have to say I was a bit worried about. She didn't have peritonitis and apart from feeling poorly from the stuck shell, wasn't ill but was at the end of a course of antibiotics for a suspected case of myco a week ago, which she had completely recovered from. I'm just praying she'll get through the night now, my poor little girl.
  24. Since my earlier post "So upset, need to see vets..", Roxy has had her stuck egg shell removed at the vets and the implant put in to stop her laying eggs, as her shell gland was giving up. But... an hour after returning home, she's gone from pecking around with her friends looking happy again, to almost being on death's door - I really thought she was dying She's currently standing in the garden, all hunched up and not interested in anything. I did bring her indoors for a cuddle but after a while she obviously wanted to go outside again, despite being so poorly Is this normal following insertion of the implant and will she perk up again? If anyone have any experience of this I'd be so grateful to hear from you. Thanks

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