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  1. That's interesting that you've not heard that one, Grandmashazzie. Must be an obscure one! or maybe my MIL read something about chromosomes and got it muddled in her head. Or maybe she was just trying to tease me, bless her heart. She was very proud of her little grand-daughter anyway even if she did have doubts as to whether I was female enough!
  2. My mother in law, when I had my first baby which was a girl said that having a girl proves that the father is "a man". Having a boy proves that the mother is "a woman"! Goodness knows where that came from. She was from Northern Ireland so it may be an Irish old wives' tale.
  3. You may of course be aware of this resource, but I found this very useful in the past week or so - I was considering giving it up so that I would not be wasting my 1-1 teacher's time. https://smartringer.org/blogs/2015/09/26/why-i-nearly-sacrificed-bell-ringing-for-the-benefit-of-my-teacher/
  4. It is not as easy as it looks is it - when you see the ringers who have been ringing for some time they make it look effortless! I am not ringing with a group at this stage, although if I go along to the practice they will let me have a little go. Someone else has to put the bell up into ringing position for me though as I haven't managed it yet! I can actually get the bell to stand if all is going well but not necessarily when they want me to! It sounds as if, like me you have someone to give you one-to-one. Are you using the SmARTringer system?
  5. It sounds as if you are learning the hand bells if you are using more than one at a time! They do have hand bells where I am but the bells I am learning to ring are the ones in the church tower. Luckily there is a simulator attached to one of them, which is why I can practice without annoying the people in the village! It's taking ages to get the technique. I expect we'll get there eventually.
  6. I think this can be classed as a craft, and I have recently started learning to ring the bells at our local churches. I am finding it quite difficult - has anyone else tried it or does anyone on here do it?
  7. Just a brief update, Buffy is still doing the quivering tail thing around the house, but not spraying noticeable amounts of urine. I guess she is still leaving her scent, though. I took her to the vet who thought that she might have cystitis brought on by the stress of defending her space against what she sees as the newcomer, ie, Sylvi. The vet gave her an injection of anti inflammatory medication and some other stuff to squirt into her mouth via syringe. I have also plugged in some Feliway. Buffy seems better but Sylvi is still very wary and wanting to be out most of the time. Yesterday when it was raining I found her lying in the wet underneath the car watching the front door. I felt so sorry for her. We manage to keep Sylvi in at night but have to have all the windows closed in case she does a runner. Although I hadn't mentioned rehoming to the vet, she did bring the subject up herself and said that she knew of a lady who would find Buffy another home if I wanted. She said that there are people who will take on an elderly cat to live in a one-cat house, which might suit her better. I said that I would bear it in mind, but it is early days yet and I don't want to rush into rehoming Buffy, she is a lovely affectionate cat and I do like her.
  8. Thank you to everyone for your replies. I've made an appointment for Buffy for tomorrow at the vet to get her checked over for a UTI and trying to keep the two cats as apart as possible. We don't have a cat flap, but we can try to keep Buffy away from the front of the house as Sylvi usually uses the front door.
  9. Hello omleteers, You might remember that back in July I posted about Buffy, who is a 12 year old cat that we adopted as her owner had gone into a nursing home. For some days Buffy wasn't eating and then one of you kindly recommended Encore food which was the turning point. There is no problem about eating now, Buffy eats her Encore and also other fishy cat food and sometimes some Encore/Applaws dried food. There was another problem emerging that she and our cat Sylvi were not getting on. Buffy when she had found her confidence, obviously thought that Sylvi was the new cat and not her, and whenever she saw Sylvi she would chase her off the premises! Sylvi is a timid cat and we were/are sometimes having trouble enticing her into the house for her food. Buffy has always shown the signs of spraying, ie the raised quivering tail but we did not think she was actually spraying urine. However lately she has been actually urinating/spraying which is quite upsetting. We are doing our best to keep them separate, and when Sylvi comes in in the evening we shut Buffy into the dining room, which is where her litter tray and food currently are arranged. So that Sylvi can be inside at night and feel relaxed, Buffy has to stay there all night. It is hardly ideal as it means that poor Buffy is shut away for perhaps twelve hours. Then when Sylvi goes out in the morning, which she does whatever the weather, Buffy comes out. She will enjoy a cuddle and a bit of fuss, but when she knows that Sylvi is trying to come in, that is when the spraying starts. Also, Sylvi is scared of Buffy, although Sylvi is the bigger cat, and will not come in if she sees her there. Tomorrow I am going to take Buffy to the vet to have her checked in case she has a urinary tract infection, and also maybe get some more feliway. It is one thing trying to keep two cats separate, but when there is something unpleasant like spraying involved it is more of a problem. I was wondering if any of you had any ideas of what to do next.
  10. We're having a new kitchen in the next few weeks, it should be in this time next month, and we have decided to have an induction hob - if we had gas I would have chosen a gas hob/oven because of its responsiveness. But I was assured in the showroom that induction hobs are just as responsive, and don't burn things on the bottom of pans. We thought we might as well get one ... I have since been checking all my pans with a magnet, to see if they are likely to be OK for induction hobs. Only one or two were not. I will report back when I have tried my hob.
  11. Let us know how you got on, when you get time! We moved to Norfolk late last year and inherited an oil system. We think it has worked out fine. We did have some problems with the system generally but that was the fault of it being an old system rather than it being oil. Had to spend some money getting it working efficiently with new radiators and boiler, also it was found, when the work we had done was being checked, that the oil tank had a hole on the inside skin. Moral of that - if the tank is less than ten years see if it is still under guarantee. Ours wasn't, although it was a fairly new tank, presumably put in by cowboys and we had to have another oil tank. However, the beauty of that was that we were able to choose the location and have it put where we wanted it. Maybe if you decide to go ahead with this property, ask if you can check that the system is working well. Apart from our teething problems, we are quite happy to be using oil. Get a really good structural survey done by a trusted firm. We had a structural survey but unfortunately there were some things he did not show up. We had to have lots of other work done, some we knew about and some we didn't. But at the end of the day, even though it has cost us more than we thought, we are very happy here! I hope things will go right for you!
  12. Hi, I think it is best to get some professional advice, even if your finger pain turns out to be a transient thing, and I guess your pharmacist will advise you to see the GP.
  13. Thanks Ursula, I will check that out at Morrison's. Buffy's still enjoying the Encore. I'd like to get them eating the same thing (not from the same plate) but I guess that will take time! Also getting them to live together relatively peacefully, as Olly and Cattails have said, that may take time as well. Buffy has been quite keen to get outside and it has been quite difficult keeping her in while we have had the heatwave, trying to keep windows etc not too wide open. So as she had managed to slip out anyway, I allowed her to have some little supervised strolls in the garden today, and she was very good. I could see her turning around from time to time to see the route back into the house. She obviously sees our house as home now, even after only three weeks!
  14. Bob Martins - I didn't know he did cat food - that's another one to try. Buffy is doing a lot better with her food now. Still not eating a huge amount but more than before so I have stopped worrying about it now. She is still enjoying the Encore, and has started eating some Applaws which is going down rather well - I mix some of the Felix into it to use up what we have got. Sometimes in the morning I find she has eaten all her biscuits as well. And in two weeks she has really blossomed, has become more vocal (quite bossy really) You would not think she was 12. I am thinking of starting a new thread; for advice on how to help her and Sylvi to get on - they don't like each other at the moment.
  15. I delayed taking Buffy to the vet until today because of the stress involved. The vet could not see any problem with the teeth, and said that they were better than some younger cats! There was no obvious thing wrong and Buffy is a good weight. Said that the non-eating issue must be due to all the changes and that hopefully Buffy will pick up; she gave Buffy a worming tablet. Buffy has been doing better with her food since I last posted. She really likes the fishy variety of Encore and I bought some more today, not so keen on the chicken one - but my other cat likes that! I am also going to try some other proper food that the local cattery owner thinks is good and maybe introduce these foods including Encore into their diets. Apparently foods like Felix and Whiskas and also even Hills, that some of the vets recommend have a low protein content and are mostly water. But then, cats don't drink much, so maybe they need it? I don't know. But thanks for the tips everyone. I will have to wait and see how we get on.

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