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  1. I have posted this on another thread, but this was a clip played at our Mother's Day service this morning. Very funny, and true of us Mums. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7R9SFBLvIk I had my lunch cooked for me by my three children, very nice too. What a treat!
  2. Listen to the Mom's Song. It's great, and very true. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7R9SFBLvIk
  3. My daughter brought me some free range eggs from a lady at work who keeps hens and she had written the date on each one. I decided to boil a couple of them for my daughter's lunch. I put these eggs in the water before it boiled madly, and to my surprise after a minute one egg burst with a loud pop and then started to float! Nothing came out of it because I had put salt in the water. The date on the egg was only 16th March. Has anyone had any problems with fresh eggs bursting? The egg smelt OK and my daughter said it tasted nice when she ate it. The shell seemed to be OK as well.
  4. I have just tried to get onto the page and it wouldn't let me.
  5. Thank you very much everyone for the lovely comments and ideas. I have put the Drops website on my favourites. And, Snowy, I think I have got one of your bags. I am sure I bought it from a Recycled Bag Lady in Leicestershire. It's a lovely bag, with a blue lining and floral pattern and I use it for keeping my current crochet project in.
  6. Hi, craft lovers, Does anyone here knit something and then add a bit of crochet to it? Just after I had learnt to crochet, my daughter ripped a fluffy collar off a knitted cardigan and wanted me to make it presentable again. I did a row of trebles all around the raw area in a shell pattern, and I was really pleased with it. Luckily the cardigan was black, so it was easy to match. She was pleased with it as well. Since then I have been thinking of doing something else - combining the drape of knitted fabric with the prettiness and texture of crochet. Would be lovely I think! Has anyone on here done something similar?
  7. That is amazing. I wish more people would Freecycle because when I do go to the tip there are usually people throwing away things that look good enough to be used. I once freecycled a tree, it was once our Christmas tree but an unusual one. We only had it inside the house once, but our cats got confused and were spraying on it. So we planted it in the garden, but it got too big for the space. A lovely lady and her husband came and helped me to dig it up, they were going to give it a new home in their garden. Last weekend, I was given a pair of saucepans which will be ideal for soap making!
  8. Yes, maybe I could use them for tying things up in the garden. I also thought maybe I could cut them into strips and try crocheting them into a bag or something, like people do with the carrier bags. Does anyone on this forum not buy rubber gloves to save throwing them away? Perhaps if I made my own cleaning products I might not need them. Any ideas, anyone?
  9. This morning I found one of my rubber gloves filling up with water - does anyone have any ideas of what to do with gloves that have seen better days? I sometimes use them for decorating and other chores where you don't need them to be watertight, I also turn one inside out to make it into a pair with another odd one, (it's always the left hand that goes first!0 But when it comes to actually throwing them away, is there another, greener alternative? Thanks for reading this.
  10. How wonderful to have such clear videos on how to crochet left handed! I learnt something, and that is how to make the first slip knot - the one I have been making is not as flexible as that one, shown on the Chain video. Not that I think it makes a lot of difference at the moment, but it might be useful to close up a loop. Perhaps I am missing something, I can only see the picture as my computer does not have sound, but it would be nice to see how she is holding/tensioning the yarn in the right hand. I could not see this clearly. I have mine, from the ball, around and under my right little finger and over the ring, middle and forefinger of my right hand. I am working quite well like this but I would like to try it her way!
  11. Thank you for those great links! I live not far from Luton so I could go to the museum. The book looks interesting. When I searched for straw plaiting on Amazon nothing much came up, I would never have thought of searching for knotting! The guild of straw craftsmen! I see they have instructions for different plaits. Great!! Don't hold your breath waiting for me to post a picture of a hat though, it may never happen. Thanks again for your reply, it is very helpful. Egzandra
  12. That is a gorgeous tree. Thanks also for that link, Plum, I have just e-mailed it to my brother as his two children like crafts! Wouldn't mind trying some of those eggs myself.
  13. Me too - I love that idea for egg boxes and the vision of the W I ladies identifying the eggs with the hens. Egzandra
  14. I love Freecycle too. Have got rid of a lot of stuff on there that would have gone to the tip, and yes, we have had people not turning up, which is annoying, but on the whole it has been good. The last thing I got rid of was four tickets to see Lee Mead! I had bought them as my niece's Chrismas treat. Unfortunately my niece had the flu, and my daughter was ill as well so we couldn't go. We were gutted, they'd cost £200, there was no time to sell them on Ebay. The box office could/would not take them back. But at least a family had an evening out instead of the tickets being kept in the drawer. The only thing I have asked for was a breadmaker for a work colleague. A lovely lady gave us hers, but unfortunately when my friend plugged it in the lights all fused so she did not want to use it again.
  15. I have just shown those pictures to my husband, who was horrified at their condition at the moment. Looking forward to seeing pictures of them later on, when they are better. Good for you, for rescuing them! Were all the chickens in that sorry state, or were they the worst ones? Egzandra
  16. That's a lovely egg - they are all lovely. I'm in North Herts. Where did you get your chooks from, if you don't mind me asking? I have not got my chickens yet. Just wondering where to get them from, although Thorne's would be the nearest to us. Egzandra
  17. I read a book about keeping chickens recently, I can't remember which one it was, which had a section for crafts - doing crafty things with feathers and egg shells. Does anyone on here do this? Does anyone draw or paint pictures of their pets including the chickens? Egzandra
  18. That's going to look lovely. Be sure to post some pictures of the completed seat won't you so we can have a look. Egzandra
  19. Hi, crafty people, a query about caustic soda. I bought some from a hardware shop today, but not sure whether it is the right stuff for soapmaking. It's called Kleen Off, and on the back it says "contains Sodium Hydroxide" I am not sure if that means it contains something else as well. Also on the label it says that it's extra strong - so a bit worried, because eventually the soap will be used for the family's faces etc. I have bought a lovely book on soap making by Melinda Coss, which gives good instructions. although I see it advises you to add the water to the caustic soda, which I think is wrong, isn't it the other way round? Otherwise, the book has some lovely recipes which I can't wait to try out. Thanks, from Egzandra
  20. What about a round cake for the base, say 7 inches, then get a few swiss rolls and up-end them on the top of the cake in a wigwam shape with icing. Then cover with roll out icing, the rougher the better, with the red eruptions coming out of the top. If you need to stabilise the mountain bit, you could use a few chopsticks in between the swiss rolls ...... any good?
  21. As for me, I will probably go for the cube as I will want more than 4 chickens and the cube means less bending to clean up. Got to save up for it first though! I'm about a third of the way there. The savings are in premium bonds which might come up in the meantime!
  22. I do wish I could come to your talk, (too far away though) although I would have to dress up as a toddler and sneak in. Sounds as though it is going to be great. Will you hand round biscuits made with your eggs? That would be an extra attraction.
  23. Yes, you can get the Art Straws on Amazon as well as a lot of other places. What a good idea - they might be easier to get hold of than straw for a lot of people, to practise on. This site looks interesting re straw plaiting and corn dolly making. http://www.strawcraftsmen.co.uk/index.php
  24. I have found the opposite - I crocheted some dishcloths using the natural cotton as a couple of practice pieces, but I don't find them to be as absorbent and easy to use as the knitted one my mother's got. Perhaps I used a too small hook. I used a 4. The cloths are useful as pan holders though. At the moment, though I am doing hexagons for a throw. That is going well although I still have about 100 to do.
  25. Hi, Moggie Thank you very much for that advice, I had forgotten about ebay. Instead of making a start on the ironing I have been browsing and have found one to bid on for about a fiver. I have also been having fun browsing this site: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Auldhill-Soap-Company_W0QQcolZ4QQdirZ1QQfsubZQ2d33QQftidZ2QQtZkm I saw a nice wooden mould in there. I do like your little cat btw, so sweet. Egzandra

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