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    I remember, that is sad news. Thanks for letting us know.
  2. That's a cheek. I too fell foul of VAT on children's shoes a long time ago, having reached size 6 at around about the age of 10! My feet didn't stop growing until I was at least 13/14 either, stopping on the tipping point of 8s or 9s. (Fun...I hate shoe shopping, although the first step is very easy, 1) walk into shop see if they stock up to your size, 2) See if there's anything actually nice, 3) Try on, I rarely reach 4) Buy!).
  3. Sadly no yaris. I daren't ever risk getting that low though!
  4. Also, another thought, have you considered some short/medium term renting, potentially through Air bnb or similar. There are many situations now whereby PhD students have to take a 3 month placement, sometimes away from where they're studying and therefore need to find accomodation for that period. I suspect where you are would be quite attractive as I suspect there are many businesses/organises which offer such opportunities and take part in the schemes. Just a thought (also means if you don't get on with them particularly they aren't there forever!).
  5. I don't dislike travelling/going away for work, at the moment it's rather a novelty, and I really enjoyed my whistlestop trip to Germany earlier in the year.
  6. I don't have anything to add, but thought I'd wish you luck. I'd love to rent out a room with you - logistics of Norwich PhD and Oxford area are a no-go! - Currently on the 4/5th house since starting, and this is undoubtedly the worst, with a landlord who says he'll do things, and simply doesn't come back to sort it. Harumph...
  7. So, how's it all going with you? I'd also recommend ParkRun, and ran my 8th last week. I really enjoy it, it's a good start to the weekend, as it means you're up and ready to go, and fully awake afterwards to get on with the rest of the day! Admittedly, I don't think I really need this thread, as try to be plenty active enough, which is what seems to come with doing a wheat PhD, with stamina being the main requirement at the moment. At the peak of it over the previous fortnight I've had 7-8 hour days multiple times a week walking plots, although fortunately I'm not cycling there this year, as doing 6 hour days in the field 5-6x a week, heat and cycling around 60 miles a week (which I was doing last year), really is exhausting. Happily I'm managing to fit in at least 3 running sessions a week at the mo, plus cycling in the region of at least 30 miles a week, and several miles walking.
  8. You poor thing, and how irritating Clare and you really do have my sympathies, I am in the process of researching cars (again...) as my first car got written off after only 6 months of owning it 3 weeks ago on the A14, where I was hit by a lorry which was coming back into the left hand lane and hadn't seen me. I simply had no where to go, half drove on the grass to try and escape it's path and realised I could neither slow down in time for it (traffic behind me) or accelerate around it (not enough space). I ended up being hit side on, whereupon I was then being pushed along (drivers side against his radiator grill) waiting for him to stop and hoping I wasn't going to end up in the middle lane. The impact speed was actually minimal as we were travelling at very similiar speeds, and the airbags didn't even go off. Fortunately it has all been sorted out fairly swiftly though, and I received a cheque in the post just under 3 weeks after the event, now I just have the hassle of replacing the car, and really don't have the time at the minute, as field season beckons again.
  9. Sorry to hear this. What may help you to understand the treatment options and the condition is listening to Radio4 PM excerpts. Steve Hewlitt the presenter of the Media Show on BBC Radio 4 was diagnosed with it late last year, and they'd do a weekly check in and interview with him on a Monday afternoon at 5:30pm. Unfortunately his condition is now terminal, as is liver is not longer functioning effectively for treatment to work, and has now moved to palliative care. However, saying this, he has been an utter inspiration about how he has publically discussed his cancer, treatments, drugs, side effects etc, and he has received so much feedback from the general public.
  10. Yep, sadly this sounds normal. We had this problem at home in Yeovil a few years ago. It's a lot of work to get an appointment. Ring up before 9:30am to get an appointment before 12:30pm, and then from 12:30 to get an afternoon appointment....waste a lot of time trying to actually get them to pick up the phone, and try not to lose you temper in the meantime. I truly understand why A&E gets so busy/why people don't bother going to see their GP. Getting a routine appointment is even more complicated, sometimes they're willin to book you in, but only if you've been referred or are on the system. (I just don't get it...) All in all I think this has led to a substantial rise in the number of people using the 'NHS Drop-In' centre in the centre of town, as they routinely offer early evening appointments, which I am not sure even exist at the Yeovil practice I would go to if I still lived that way. Admittedly the last time I did see a GP was about this time last year following a cycling accident, as I needed to register at the practice to then be referred to fracture clinic at the hospital, which should actually have happened when I was discharged from A&E...what a pallaver! On that ocassion, as it was a Monday morning, and I was at the uni GP practice, they had 2 'on-demand' GPs who deal with the people who need 'urgent' treatment following the weekend.
  11. Good News on finally moving. Good luck with the cleaning-I remember when my sister and her OH moved in to their first house the other summer and there were similar issues. She spent hours hoovering to reveal a light blue carpet which was previously grey. Her friend decided to use the en-suite shower, to then find water coming through the downstairs ceiling-not her fault at all, it turned out there was a crack in outflow pipe, and in actual fact the tray wasn't sealed in properly either (When Dad investigated it there was even a tube of silicon sealant underneath the shower tray so it was clearly a known issue, but the surveyor didn't pick it up...Hmm...
  12. Well yesterday was definitely not as grim and wet as forecast, although mostly grey and drizzly. I decided I'd feel bad being somewhere new to me without exploring, so being an NT member went on a visit to Attingham Park, walking through both the wood and deer park-wellies were definitely essential!
  13. I mostly eat as if I'm a vegetarian, eating very little meat unless it is of high welfare and quality. I eat quite a lot of lentils, particularly red lentils as these are quick to cook, usually making them into a pasta bake, shepherd's pie or bolognaise type sauce. Split pea daal is good, and you can easily make a big batch and reheat it during the week/add additional veg to it if required. Stir fry; I usually toast peanuts of in a frying pan first, then cook a hearty quantity of finely chopped veg with mixtures of spices, garlic, soy sauce and chilli sauce with noodles. Omlettes, either individual ones, or Spanish Tortilla. Risotto. Falafel Have a go at making lentil burgers too. Chickpea soup, preferably with homemade bread. I really like the recipe for this from Jamie's Italy, it's so simple, but really heartwarming and substantial.
  14. Snowed overnight on Thursday, and was all gone by around 11am, and was very, very windy. Now it's milder, but quite wet, and forecast to rain all day tomorrow-how tedious!
  15. Not here just yet (Should add that I'm currently living in Shropshire, 6 miles north of Shrewsbury...) Think it's forecast to arrive overnight, and I am not wanting it to come, as otherwise I feel the drive to my placement will be fun...erm, if not quite dangerous.

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