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  1. Hi don't know if this will help. I have made the underneath of my cube as a nursery/hospital area. Have a cat carrier for them to sleep in.. Have introduced three babies this way with no problem .. They were separate for about two months At the moment am using the area for my little polish who is a being bullied by the newest girls. Feed corn next to the wire so they get used to eating together.
  2. I bought a covered cat litter tray from the range about a year ago. Only cost nine pounds mine use that when the nest box in cube is busy. It's green so match my cube . Have taken the door off though as one of the girls could not work out how to get out once she had got in..
  3. Last night Molly frizzled feathered Poland who is quite mad chose to sleep in the cat box that I use as an extra nest box in my walk in run. She was fine this morning. She has gone back in the cube tonight though. Cat box is one of those covered cat litter things no door though.
  4. got three new girls about three months ago they have all settled in well but will not roost in the cube with the others. some one posted that they put a torch in the cube and that had worked for them. tried that to find three more sat outside on the branch with the new ones. they have been in the cube during the day and at least one is using the nest box to lay in. even the attack of a fox on the run has not made them go for cover. i have started putting them in myself when its dark but one still came back out my son saw it at ten last night did not realise they could see in the dark.
  5. I have a frizzled feathered poland called molly. had her about two years now lays wonderful white eggs. she is the smallest of my bunch but makes the most noise just before and after laying. I have a cube but had to fit a longer ladder for her as she had a bit of trouble getting up the plastic one that come with cube. she lives quite happliy with my girls. 1 pekin, 1 batam frizzle, 1 bantam silkie, 1hybrid light sussex, 1 hybrid maren. and my three new girls they were supposed to be pekin cross polands due to the poland cockeral getting in with the pekin hens but they are as big as my hybrids but look cute so not too bothered about the size. only problem I have had is when my other silkie hen turned out to be a cockeral and took a real fancy to her swapped him for my three new ones about 3 months ago and her feathers are just coming back. she is a great character, loves chasing collered doves off my lawn.and laying eggs under the rhubarb.
  6. How many hens can you fit into the nest box area of an omlet cube?? I can get three hybrid hens, two bantam frizzles,two silkies, one bantam pekin and a frizzled feathered polish into one nest box. I have had to remove the partition to stop them roosting in the opening and pooing on the unfotunate sleeper below. it's too dark to take a photo they do look cosy. only the heads of some can be seen.
  7. thanks for the info. thats good to know, although bramble can climb into a spreading conifer tree. she likes to get away from the big girls and bomb them.
  8. mine sat out in the rain all one day looked very small with soggy feathers. Lily had white feathers but now is a mud coloured. they were cautious at first of the snow but their stomach won them over they have had a scratch about when it's not to thick( the snow that is, not the chooks )
  9. Can Frizzled feathered bantam fly. have one polish frizzle and two bantam frizzles. the feathers on the polish wings are quite twisted so don't look like they would be of much use in flight, she is about nine months old no eggs yet. the two frizzle bantams are about six months old. they have more curly feathers but their flight feathers are straight and they seem to have longer wings. they look more aerodynamic. due to their age and now such wet weather have not free ranged them very much. they just potter about with the hybrids. I wondered if any one knows if they can take off and fly???
  10. Buffy has laid her first egg on Tuesday second one today Its small slightly speckled and perfect. one of my little bantam frizzles. she is a week older than Bramble, her comb is more developed and nice and red, she is also crouching. so I am 90% sure its her's. the eggs look so small next to the hybrid eggs I just want to keep them and not break them they are so cute. think I better stop now starting to sound as if I'm chicken crazy. Been stuck in all week with nasty cold
  11. try this link to biolink they have a list of distributors. http://biolinklimited.co.uk i'm lucky i can buy direct and pick up from them in market weighton. they do diatom and biodri as well as poultry shield
  12. she may have a gleam in her eye but she usually digs a big hole in the sunshine and dozes with her head resting on a neraby branch
  13. how do I make picture appear here think I may have got the hang of it .this is babs whose bonkers with betty at the back
  14. not sure if this will work but here goes. pics not very good but will try harder next time.http://www.flickr.com/photos/36961791@N07/sets/72157622197759565/

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