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  1. Hi Both my girls have got really bald breast bones with an oval patch of bald skin each side. One looks quite sore, with a pinkish bit along the bone?????Almost as if they have been rubbing their breast bone along something...???But it doesn't seem to bother them at all???? No Mites?? Even though we have had the girls for over a year this is the first time we have noticed anything like this. Apart from this they are both in very good health and condition and lying every day. They are kept on Amboise in their run and let out to free range for hours most days. I am at home with them most of the time and never see them pecking at themselves? or each other. The only time I can't see them is over night when they are in their Eglu? If anyone can throw any light on this I’d be really grateful....it’s a puzzle? Many thanks K8x Gretchen and Betty
  2. Wow Tracey! just seen this post.... that is such a beautiful quilt your working on! You are so clever and it looks so neat I've just made my first patch work cushion, i've got a very long way to go befor i reach your standard. But , i would love to make a quilt one day! i really love all the bright colours.....
  3. I love it, sooo sweet!!!! do they do it in my size
  4. You lot are mad! or maybe even morning people yourselves I love my chickens .... too much ... .always fussing about them,cleaning out the nest box, and poo tray daily- the run weekly- giving them treats- free ranging them- giving them clean water everyday. etc..... etc.... but when it comes to getting up at the crack of dawn or befor........forget it....... i always close the door of thier eglu at night and there they stay until we let them out in the morning about 8 in the week and 9 at week ends. they are fine, not a sound out of them until we open the eglu door then there off to enjoy the day. maybe we are just lucky with our two? long may it last!
  5. We are still using our old Christmas Tree trunk from last year.....they love is!
  6. Thanks so much for all your advice. I'm going to try some limestone flour and cod liver oil. She does seem much better in herself over the last few days but the egg situation is still a bit hit and miss. So fingers crossed this will help.
  7. hi , Gretchen, my gingernut ranger, is having trouble.... Saturday she was fine all day until about 6, then she just sat down and went very quiet? i was so worried about her that we brought her in over night and sat her on a hot water bottle in our dogs crate. In the morning she had produced a soft shell, accompanied by loads of clear, watery liquid, but she was back to her normal nutty self? Monday, she was ok all day , but no egg Tuesday and Wednesday, a lovely egg, but i noticed quite alot of liquid on the Auboise as well Today, the Auboise in the nest box was very , very wet and also in patch under the roosting bars. i could only find a tiny soft empty shell? She has just been out FR and she seemed fine? I have started worming today with Flubenvet, have added chicken spice and gritt to her porridge ( just made with pellets and a little corn and water) should i be worried, is there anything else i can do ? i'm still quiet new to keeping chickens Any advice greatfully received ... thanks
  8. Is it ok to give chickens watermelon? I really hope so cause i just did? and now my gingernunt is behaving a bit sleepy, ???? this gives me cause for consern as she is normally quite hypa! I don't know what made me give it to them... but too late now Any coments welcome!
  9. I know.... but she is quite scary ....i really don't think i'm brave enough... she might throw them back at me , i'm not good at confrontation
  10. What a waste of good eggs.....! i'll have to find something else?
  11. I have our 2 girls on Auboise and i empty the poo tray and nest box every day and change the whole run once a week. i have just been reported to the envioronmental health by my neighbour for smells!!!!!! i'm really glad to read some of you don't change the auboise until 6 weeks.... that makes me feel so much better......so i can do no more!!!! and there IS NO SMELL.... thanks for making me feel so much happier about my cleansing routine!!!!!
  12. hi, just a quick one....? how often should i worm my girls, i should know this , but i have forgotten any help gratefully received, many thanks
  13. thanks for all your support will phone environmental health tuesday and we'll see? i'll keep you posted

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