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  1. What breed is Cookie?, she's lovely. Charlie is a cross between a poodle and a bichon frise. It was the first time I've had charlie groomed and I thought they did a good job, but wasn't sure as I'm new to all this. We have only had charlie for two and a half months. Thanks for you comments.
  2. They really are a credit to you! They are Gorgeous!
  3. Thanks for the comments. He's been out a few times now, and he doesn't look quite so clean and tidy now!
  4. WoW! they are really stunning. Do they need lots of grooming to keep them looking so beautiful?
  5. Charlie has been to the groomers today, I think he looks much smarter! Before:- After:-
  6. Lovely pics! Your chickens are gorgeous and your dog looks really cute and cheeky!
  7. I've spent a lot of time in the garden over the past week because I've had an op on one of my feet, i haven't really had anything else to do. Of course I put a high factor lotion on. Anyway, went to hosptital yesterday to have stitches out and when the nurse took the bandage off it revealed a gorgeous hairy ankle and a brilliant white foot! So at least I know I did get a tan on my legs because on one it stops at my ankle! I can tan, but have to use a high factor lotion so I don't burn first.
  8. Awww! I love Pandora! Your pictures are gorgeous, especially the one where she's stretching her neck for the dandelion leaves!
  9. Fabulous pictures! Henry is so adorable!
  10. I'm so glad it went ok today, and I hope it's made you feel a little more positive about having it done in the future.
  11. What a lovely story! Your son must be a real fighter and you must be so proud of him! X

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