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  1. Well, she is home now We popped round this evening and took her back. The gentleman was there waiting, he had checked on both girls Sunday evening and made sure they had food and water. When he went back round on Tuesday (!) they had both gone. He checked the coop and run and a little door round the back had been open, he is not sure if it had been left slightly ajar by the children of the household before they went on hols and he thinks the strong winds on Sunday may have blown it open so the girls decided to go exploring. He is quite upset, the chicken that didnt make it had been reared by the family from an egg hatched at the children's school. The Grandad has four chickens of his own and seemed quite knowledgeable. He is now debating whether to pop to the chicken shop and get another girl before the family come home or to tell the mum on the phone and see what she wants to do. (It may be that the children will want to choose another, or maybe 2, themselves) He did say he is looking after two other pets and they are both surviving so far! I will keep an eye out whenever we pass the back of the garden just in case. The couple of nights she had been with us she had decided to roost on the top of our 6ft fence right by the dining room window and each night i had had to get her down and put her in the eglu. Tomorrow evening i might just check the fence in case she pops back.... So we are back to 4 chooks. Thanks for all of your lovely comments
  2. I don't have a pic, but i will try to get one this evening before we take her back across to the other side of the road (and round the corner and up a little hill). I think i may have to be a little assertive and if the enclosure doesnt look secure enough i will insist on keeping her until all is rectified. I am going to worry about her all on her own
  3. Owner found! Had a call from an elderly chap who says he is looking after his daughter's chickens while she is in the USA. He has popped round to the house today and discovered that both chickens have gone! Unfortunately while on the phone he found the other missing chicken, it looks like a fox has been visting I have offered to keep the girl we have until his daughter comes back from hols but he says he wants to put her back where she belongs so i will take her round this evening and hopefully all will be secure. Pleased that we know where she came from but sad to hear the other girl didn't make it. I will mention to him that the remaining girl may not be very happy on her own
  4. Hi, We are near a fairly main road, i mentioned that possibility to someone in the office this morning.....i suspect we will never know. (i want to keep her......)
  5. Hi everyone, Thanks for your interest in our little foundling. We do still have "her". It hadn't occurred to me she might be a he. She looks very much like a Coral Nick to me and i don't think she is POL yet. She is not squatting at all as far as i can see. Our four girls are not exactly embracing her arrival, each evening she has put herself to bed on top of the garden fence and i have had to coax her down and put in the eglu with the others. In the morning as they all burst free she stays indoors and then slowly comes out but as she does the others all have a peck at her. This morning she had a bit of breakfast and then when i checked in the garden again she had gone!! I threw out some corn for the girls and she appeared back on the fence, she had decided that the calm and quiet of next door's garden was preferable. I have put notes through the doors of about 30 houses nearby (need to print more!) but so far nothing. I know of 3 others in our little area who have chickens and none of those have lost a girl. There is a chicken seller/small farm about 2-3 miles away cross country and i wonder if she could have travelled that far....(to be honest if she is from there i'm not sending her back, i haven't been there but i don't like the look of their runs/enclosures on their website!). I don't think we can keep her unfortunately, much as i would like to. The eglu and run (extended by 1metre) are just not big enough for 5. They are out most of the time but on bad weather days or if we are away for a few days they are stuck in the run together and it just wouldn't be fair to keep 5 in there.......would it? One of the chaps round the corner who has some chooks already has said that if we don't find her original home she can go and live with his girls so she does have a home waiting. We are in Welwyn Garden City if anyone does hear of a missing chicken.
  6. Unfortunately no dog crate. She seems to be doing ok with the other girls, they are giving her the odd peck to remind her of her status but don't seem to be being particularly nasty. She is certainly not used to being outside...doesn't like the wind and is glow white compared to my white girl who, next to her, looks very muddy snow coloured
  7. Hello, Has anyone lost a girl in Hertfordshire this afternoon/evening? A nice lady knocked on our door earlier this evening to say they had found a chicken out on the road and had been told we had chickens. She described the girl and it could have been one of ours so off we went to collect her (without double checking that our girls were all accounted for) only to discover she is not one of our girls after all. The nice finders had nowhere to put her so she is now in with our girls and due to the bad weather expected i have had to put her in the eglu with 4 others...5 is going to be too many in our run tomorrow and i am at work all day, i was planning on our girls being in the run tomorrow because of the bad weather but now i'm unsure what to do......leave them all together? put the new girl in the shed but not be able to clear it for her (no chemicals in there but bikes, washing machine, spiders, gardening bits, tent, spiders, toys, more spiders)...where would be best for her? i will drop notes to as many houses as i can in the area tomorrow evening but can't do anything until then (child in bed and no-one to babysit so can't get out this eve). Am worried she will be bullied by our girls if in the run with them all day tomorrow....
  8. Hello, Whilst browsing Omlet this evening I came across this old post. A little update....the bees lived out the summer in the bird box. When autumn arrived and they had clearly moved on, I moved the bird box to a far corner of the garden away from child and chooks. It is still there and the bees are welcome to return this summer, or the blue tits could give it a try. Thanks for all your comments, and Olly thanks for your message. K
  9. Morning, I am wondering if any bee keepers can help, I have a bird box full of s. Unfortunately the bird box is very close to the and the needs a good cleaning out! I also have a 7 year old who wants to go out in the garden in this lovely weather but the bees seem to be everywhere at the moment. It is only a small bird box but there are about 20 bees flying around outside it with more sitting on the front of it and in the evening i can hear the box buzzing. I certainly don't want the bees killed and i suspect a honey bee keeper won't want them - does anyone have any ideas of who to contact to move the box (i am too scared!) many thanks,
  10. Hi, I have just invested (£3!) in one of the old fashioned door curtains - ribbons hanging down. I like to think of it as a "vintage/retro" addition to the kitchen . It has been up a week and we haven't had any of the girls popping through it yet, they don't seem to like the movement and rustling so stand a couple of feet back from it. Definitely worth a try for £3 and i should think cats will still go through it?
  11. Your girls are beautiful, and such a lovely selection. Can I ask what the small girls with the yellow chest are? I don't think i have seen them before?
  12. Morning, I have 3 girls - who each lay very different eggs - I have always baked and crushed their shells to add to their grit but as the Skyline has only recently started laying (after a years break) I now have green shells to add to the mix - as the other girls will be absorbing these too, will the colour effect the colour of the other girls eggs, particular the Coral (Flo) who lays pinky white eggs? Many thanks
  13. ...horses lying down. Not so much scared of them, but i really don't like to see horses lying down. I will purposely not look in fields as a drive past in the morning in case there are horses lying down.
  14. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/848621.stm (back to the cupboard i go.....!)
  15. Am sure my midwife told me to avoid raw eggs, prawns, blue cheese etc only for the first 6 weeks of pregnancy and then to enjoy being pregnant, eat healthy but enjoy eating. She was a good old fashioned midwife! (It was only 6 years ago). I am sure some of the food allergies in children today are because pregnant mums avoid too much - peanuts etc. Give me a slice of peanut butter on toast any day. We didn't have any food allergies in my day (oh dear i am sounding like my mum more and more. ).....I am not 40....yet.
  16. ....of their nesting box?! In the last couple of weeks the girls have taken to clearing out all of the straw from their nesting box. It either gets thrown in between the roosting bars or out of the door. I put fresh in each morning (can't bear to think of them laying their eggs on a hard plastic surface ) but each day when i get home from work the nest box is empty again. Any ideas? Could it be a change of straw? I had to buy a couple of smaller bags last time instead of the huge bale i had been working through for 2 years! Many thanks
  17. Hi, We currently have three ladies in our with a 3m run. Flo is now 3 years old and Lightning McQueen 2 and The King are both approx 18 months......I really would like another girl, one reason is that The King (Skyline) doesn't lay at all, she has laid about 6 eggs in total and I have given up expecting any more from her. So, apart from the difficulty of intros, would a fourth be too many in the space we have? They are generally in the run all week in the winter and FR at weekends plus light evenings in the Summer. Many thanks
  18. Hello I realised this evening it has been over a year since i last posted on this topic and in that time we have had.....6 eggs from The King, our skyline. She seems happy, is eating well, had a very small moult and is now a big girl with lots of lovely feathers. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions how i can encourage her to lay, if she is ever going to lay again? The two girls she shares with are both laying regularly (more than i expected in this weather) but they don't seem to be inspiring her. Thank you,
  19. Hello, We have a lovely skyline (The King, named after the car The King in Cars cartoon who, you guessed it, is blue!), we got her at the end of October, she laid a soft on Boxing Day but nothing since....is that normal, will she start laying soon? I am getting inpatient to see a in the box! Thanks K
  20. Hi, ooh no, i wouldn't eat it, it went into the bin after the photo was taken, i am worried about The King, hoping it is just because it is a first egg that it went a bit wrong.....does anyone know if the blue/green colouring is the pigment gone a bit wrong on the first attempt? Many thanks, K
  21. Hi, Merry Christmas! Our new girls both decided to lay their first eggs today - a lovely Christmas present but i, although I appreciate first eggs can be a bit different, this if The King's first - is it because it is her first egg that is a bit odd......it was very soft and it looks like all the pigment that colours the egg hasn't been absorbed (she is a Skyline)....is she ok, or should i be worried? Many thanks K
  22. Hi Saronne, Yep she is growling when I left her off.....maybe a dunk in a cold bowl of water this evening will do the trick (sounds like a good idea for me too in this heat!! ) K
  23. Hello Flo, my coral nick, seems to lay a double yolker at least once a week - does this mean that she will stop laying sooner than if she were to lay single yolks all the time? Are chickens born with their total amount of eggs the same as humanfolk? Thanks
  24. Hello Lightning, our pepperpot, has a bit of a bald tummy, she is also spending more time than usual in the next box but she is laying every day.......is she broody? i have beamed a torch into the eglu at night to see if i can spot any red mite but not seen anything although we do have a not sure if that makes it harder to spot the blighters? The bald tummy is worrying me a little but she does seem to be eating and moseying around the garden when i take her out of the nest box.........
  25. Hi The chap you were speaking to is quite well known for his strong views, on all things Omlet it would seem! He is a very nice chap and has a wealth of knowledge and is always happy to answer any questions. Must admit i have stopped using organic feed for the time being......

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