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  1. I use Tesco. Have never had a missing item and the very few substitutions have always been price matched for something more expensive.Hope you manage to sort things out.
  2. Thanks for the help. At this stage I intend just basic 4 generations then kids can continue if they wish but I am getting more and more interested so who knows.Still on the free trial but I think the subscription will be my Christmas present from me to me.
  3. Brilliant thanks. I am with Ancestry and have found the forms. Just need to wait till husband gets home as I need to download the reader. Last time I did something new I got a virus so I'm taking no chances. Thanks for your help. Can always rely on chicken folk.
  4. Yes, I have found a few strange things. Census information has been really helpful. I was slowed down a bit as my husband forgot to mention that his greatgrand parents left their son when they moved to Australia in 1800 something. Another member of the family has traced my side back to 1780.I'm going to cheat and see if I can share his info. Facinating, wish I'd started earlier.
  5. Hi. I have just begun a family tree search. Another sign of advancing years. I have signed up to an excellant site but really need to print off a chart to fill in manually as I discover information. I know it can be done on line but I,m afraid I find pen and paper easier. Any ideas. I would also like to be able to type in all info eventually to print. I am finding it really interesting. Fortunately we have some unusaul family names but unfortunately like me some of my ancestors were not great at spelling! Thanks for any suggestions.
  6. Bit stuttery on my broadband, another joy of country living, but thanks for posting.
  7. I only suffered once with my little toe. It was agony. On the advice of a friend I went to a foot woman, can't spell the proper name sorry and for quite a small sum she cut it off and told me to use a pumice stone once a week. This was about 10 years ago, I think it was £17 and i have not had a problem since.
  8. I agree. There are some awful people about but thankfully most of us must be honest. I volunteer one day a week in our local Hospice Shop and we have a lot of theft and have to keep DVDs near the till, more expensive items in a closed display case and generally watch what customers are doing. The number of empty boxes, packets and coat hangers is shocking despite the sign. I just hope these thieves feel remorse if they ever have to use the Hospice services. It is also unfair to the kind people who donate the goods for sale. The majority of customers are lovely and often pay more than the price of an item. Someone said to me once that petty thieving has just replaced the poaching of the old days. Unfortunately my response is not suitable for this forum!
  9. I bought a treadle feeder to try and stop feeding rats. The girls got used to it after a couple of days and I rather like the chink sound it makes when they use it. However they do fling beak fulls of food around so I am still feeding a large population of sparrows. Rat problem improved though.
  10. Hi. Hope someone can help. I was really enjoying a repeat of a 2003 Judge John Deed last night about an MP Alan Roxborough on trial for attacking his gay ex-lover. Fell asleep before the end. Does anyone know what happened? Thought of trying to find and watch on computer but broadband a bit too slow here. It was season 3 episode 3. Thanks for any help. Oh, I got to the bit where he had just told Jo he had slept with his therapist.
  11. Yes to the seal sanctuary, tickets often on special offer if purchased in advance. Also a lot of the gardens are dog friendly. Had a great time with our deerhound and lurcher at Trebar. It even has it's own beach. We love Cornwall. Very dog friendly pubs, cafes and attractions. Also took ours to St michaels Mount on a smallish boat but not much to do there as gardens are not dog friendly. Hope you enjoy your holiday.
  12. Yes, ringing some bells. I'll have to watch it to be sure. many thanks and any other suggestions welcome.
  13. Sorry I don't have any idea who was in it. I can never remember who's in what on a good day. Definately colour though. Thanks for trying to help. Has a similar problem some time ago but managed to identify Dragonfly and have bought it to watch in the hope that it is a good as my memory of it. Apparently it was a box office flop.
  14. Bit of a long shot this but if anyone can help you can. Watched part of a film recently, last couple of months, channel unknown but not Sky box office. Started with an old woman in bed and story seemed to be told through flashbacks. Would love to see it all. Any ideas please.
  15. We bought a treadle feeder to to the number of sparrows and other birds pinching the food. Cost about £35 and has helped. Unfortunately my 4 girls tend to throw the food out to eat so not foolproof but much better than the grub. You also don't need to remove it at night to stop rats and obviously you could leave enough food for a few days if you were away. Never tried this as lovely neighbours chicken sit. They have 13 themselves and also changed to a treadle feeder.

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