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  1. he didn't turn up with them oh well shopping spree to cheer myself up
  2. [/color so sorry our nu-nu is 12 and having health issues at the mo.I know what a worrying and upsetting time your having. sending ((((((((((((((((hugs and huge get well vibes from somerset))))))))))))))))))
  3. Jenny bond was in oasis in drake shopping centre plymouth two saturdays ago.she said hello when i said to my niece look thats jenny bond durrr(she had horrible bright orange lippy on yuck)
  4. nu-nu our cat brought in a crow and we had to get rspca to come get it.after chucking a laundry basket over it( it was running around the front room as nu-nu had disabled its wing)i wouldn't touch it. have you seen a crows beak up close?
  5. yey so happy i got a breeding pair coming.for those of you not familer with the breed,they are a stunning grey colour with bright green beaks.the only prob now is how to go about selling their fertile eggs or hatching chicks any help will be very gratefully recieved
  6. i have just brought my first turkey and will soon have a companion for her. no she's not for eating.!!! as eglu's are not big enough, i'm buying a plastic dog kennel and double run for them.if anyones interested in pic's when it arrives i can post some. i am looking forward to tasting turkey eggs.we have lamb or beef for christmas as we don't like turkey
  7. hi every-one i'm back reinforced eglu's an all lol. can anyone tell me where i can get a cape barren goose from i saw a pic and fell in love . hope some -one can help michelle
  8. sorry to here about lose of your girls((((((((hugs))))))))
  9. still no reply from james which is a shame as i was going to buy a cube ,but i don't like selective customer service p.s mr fox has stayed away so far
  10. have e-mailed james as suggested. and put the rabbit floor that was in the rabbit eglu .in the chicken one then there will be a layer of heavy duty weed control fabric followed by woodchip and loads of tentpegs .topped off by netting all over the outside of the eglu even the door i have four bantams and two 4 day old turkeys (pets only as we don't like cooked turkey) arriving at the end of the week and i'm not losing anymore animals too heartbreaking p.s fox hasnt been spotted again yet which is good as my kids are furious and after its blood
  11. Frequent Layer Joined: Fri Feb 24, 2006 7:24 pm Posts: 217 Location: SE Wales I lost a chicken when a fox got into my run and Omlet were very helpful, excellent customer service, they apologised and replaced the broken run parts and sent me a new chicken i've just ordered a new door ,clips bolts shotgun off omlet and the woman did'nt even say sorry.all she said was i've never heard of that happening!not much comfort/help
  12. i'm now a very sad mum my ducks were attacked two weeks ago,one came out of it with a large bite.despite myself and my kids on guard duty .the fox managed to get all three of my beautiful buff orps.then a rabbit.to top it off three nights ago the ducks woke me up and there was the fox trotting round my garden with another of my rabbits .despite it being locked up in it's eglu the fox managed to pry the wire door open. now the remaining rabbit and ducks will have to be shut in their house at night which they hate to keep them safe the fox came in over the row of garages and managed to go out over a six foot fence i hate the silence in my garden as my girls used to chatter all the time
  13. i put mine in at about 8 weeks and they are fine the weathers warmer now too

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