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  1. Well seen as you all liked my previous photos I thought you would all like to see some pics of our other animals and of course some of our hens Our Geese, Brucey & Lucy... Our Jersey Cows, Buttercup, Jemima (RIP) & Daisy in one of the rented winter paddocks... Our Daughter with 2 miniature shetlands, Toffee and Jet, that we had on loan a few years back in our neighbours field that they kindly let us use... Then we have the ex-batts shown here in the orchard were they stay in the summer along with all the other hens... And then our hens, the orps, wyandottes and mixed flock... Hope you enjoyed them. Why doesn't everyone post pics of all their animals as well? Paul
  2. I have a chicken of fate! We went to my old school friend's house for the weekend and he has just starting keeping hens. Sadly one of the hens was being picked on constantly and he has tried everything but with no hope. He offered her to me and I couldn't say no! So meet Hope..... She is a lovely, reasonably tame hen of an unknown breed. She lays lovely creamy white eggs and although very wary of other hens, seems to be settling in with my others. They seem to have accepted her immediatly. She lived in the 'old hen pen' for a few days until I free-ranged them alltogether in the back paddock and they all went to bed together! they have been free-ranging ever since. Oh and here are a few pics of my wife's ex-batts that she rescued back in march. They are all very happy now and living in a large shed in the top paddock with the geese and daisy and buttercup (kids chose the names) the cows! Enjoy the pictures! Paul.
  3. I agree with griffin, araucana-girl black far left - girl Rest of them boys! Lovely pics Paul
  4. oh lovely! what breed are the bantams? Paul
  5. Here are a few pics of young cockerels... Defiantly a boy sorry. Paul
  6. Check this thread out http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=41706&start=0 Hope that helps Paul
  7. As you can see I have 4 big hens and 2 pekin bantam hens, they were all raised together in a clutch so I didn't not have a problem with them living together however my friend down the road has a gingernut ranger and 2 light Sussex bantams in an eglu with converter. They are a very happy trio. She did have a & but sadly the Miss Pepperpot died and she was in the same position as you. She did the intros slowly and they are now very happy. The only advice I can give you is not to go for true bantams go for miniatures as these are bigger. RIR, Light Sussex, Wyandotte, Maran etc are all very nice friendly bantams. Good Luck Paul
  8. Ye ok thanks! They are only having the cube and my hens in their orchard not my orps or wyandottes. Thanks Egluntine You're a Star! Paul
  9. Hi guys Can you help me? I need to write a note for the people looking after my hens but i dont know what to put !!! Help! Thanks Paul
  10. So sorry to hear it Madchickenlady. what new pekins did you choose??? Thanks Paul
  11. Where exactly do you live? This lady takes in any old hens, cockerels & unwanted birds... http://www.little-misses-chickens.co.uk/ If you give her call she'll give you loads of helpful advise. Thanks Paul
  12. Sorry to hear it He is lovely though! Paul
  13. Sounds like you want to do it to me! Well I'll do my list for you... ADVANTAGES * They are sooo cute * Cheaper than buying POL * Great for children * Amazing to watch the mother hens teaching the chicks * Can make the chicks very tame from an early age DISADVANTAGES * Need extra space for hen & chicks * Will not get any eggs from the hen * Time consuming * Extra chickens to feed * Not doing housework as you are outside watching them * Introducing the new hens to the flock Go on!! Its not that hard really Paul
  14. Dont know about pekins under a orp They probably would be alright but you would have to keep an eye on them just encase she does squish one because they are tiny. She will be fine in a small wooden box with 1m covered run on the end then when they are roughly a week old you can let them out in the garden with careful supervision. Good Luck Paul
  15. Go on hatch some! Why do you think I have so many hens? I started with just the orps If you hatch Sussex and marans then you could get someone to dispatch them and then you could eat the boys? Good Luck with whatever you do Paul
  16. Lovely girls! This is so weird as my sister's family also have a and amber star and 2 columbines! How weird! Thanks Paul
  17. Well here are the requested pictures! I only have a few on this computer the rest are on my laptop, will pop them on some other time! They all free-range around the paddock and mini 'forest' all day except the orps & wyandottes unless I am there then they go out separately, anyway here they are... Milly & Molly Star Rosie & Mo the pekins will get pics of the rest of the hens tomorrow and my setup. Paul

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