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  1. Oh phew, that's good to hear, thanks Sally, mine is been delivered later today & I've already been shopping for ingredients to try a few things tonight, very excited
  2. Oh blimey, I hope this silence doesn't mean all your vitamixes are gathering dust in the back of a cupboard?!
  3. Been from oop norf, dinner is most definitely our midday meal and tea is our evening meal, I cannot be alone in this, although I do say lunch when trying to be grown up or posh
  4. I ave luved reeding this thred, it is sew funny!!!!!! I brought some gogh chocolate to and it where well nice!!!!!! Does anybody no were I may get more from???????? That wood be a grate help........ Well it's noon'ish so I'm off for me dinner now c u soon!!!!!!! . That was actually quite hard to do
  5. So, I went down to the shed, got out my biggest spade, and dug up this old thread. I have taken the plunge and am awaiting delivery of my Vitamix and am hoping to hear all your comments on how you still use yours everyday and how wonderful it is... please?
  6. Blimey! There's actually only 8 of those girls left
  7. Haha, I'm fine ta, still chickening although I may have to change a few of the names on my sig haha I think I have a lot of catching up to do on here
  8. He is an absolute stunner! And quite a big boy! I hope Dudley grows up as handsome as Reggie! I'm not showing Dudley the pictures though because he will sulk until he gets a cushion too!
  9. Oh very tame! Dudley jumps up at the glass if he thinks he's been ignored! we keep him in the living room so he's never alone for long. It's nice that they're not nocturnal like a lot of lizards but come 8pm he's ready for bed. All heat and lights are 12 hours on, 12 hours off by the way. They need the cool temperatures just as much as they need the heat. When are you getting him? This week isn't it?
  10. Excellent article snowy, wierd arnt they?! I've yet to experience it with Dudley but as Reggie is older I thought I'd better mention it. Also, check how old the UVB light is, I'm assuming it will come with him and his set up?. They must be changed regularly at least once a year, more with the cheaper ones. One of the best ones is the Arcadia T5 12%, that will last a year but some of the cheaper ones may only last 6 months. They are very important for BDs, so do check it. Oh, and rfuk is a brilliant forum, a bit like Omlet for reptiles!
  11. Yup, I did loads of research before getting Dudley and when your reading all the information it can seem very daunting. But the actual day to day caring for them is really quite simple. Correct temps, UVB light, access to fruit & veg and a few juicy bugs will keep him happy Bath once a week and clean out Viv once a month, simples Did he warn you about brumation ?
  12. Ohh how exciting Snowy! Your boys will love Reggie! At 18 months he will be fully grown so nice and easy for them to handle. As long as you have all your temps right in the viv, a good basking spot for him and a UVB bulb of 12%, you should be fine. Oh! and ask if he is used to sand or not, if not, don't use it. They can eat it, it gets impacted cos they can't pass it and it can be fatal! And he will need a bath at least once a week! That's fun! not because they get dirty, it's to help keep them hydrated because they don't really drink. Can't wait to 'meet' him and any questions, give us a shout!
  13. Thought id pop some update pics of Dudley on, as its taken over an hour with photobucket! Hes grown a bit Watching telly This is my good side Quite an impressive skin shed Having to bath in the sink now hes grown too big for containers And DD having a 'cuddle?'
  14. I had staples with all 3 of my C-sections hun, theyre ok, a bit 'pulley' when they take them out, but ok and the scars neat and hidden by knickers/bikini bottoms.
  15. Sorry, dont know why the pics came out so big, i think photobucket has changed a bit. Could some clever mod please sort them out for me? Fank you
  16. They really do tilt their heads, just like a dog The smiley picture is actually him cooling down, but we ignore that fact, Hes smiling!!! So anyway, heres a few more pics 'Back off! This is MY log!' And another bath, this time in diluted orange powerade, which apparently gives them a boost And George is saying 'Oi! new boy! Im still no.1 round here you know!' Looking forward to seeing you both tomorrow Sage
  17. We've had a few worries with him not eating, but today he seems to be a bit brighter. Here he is having his first bath! And yes! you are supposed to bathe them, its not just me! It helps keep them hydrated as they dont really drink And hes looking quite happy here
  18. This is Dudley, i finally got him this afternoon after much research, planning and preperation and i am in love with him already! His new home He is an 8 week old bearded dragon and seems to have settled in quite nicely

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