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  1. Yes if we were to go down the pond route, we would definately clean the pond! It's disgusting! Apparently, Stag beetles are endangered! Maybe not such a good spot to put the chickens! M
  2. Hi Thanks for the responses. Not too sure about getting an Eglu, would love one but they are a bit pricey for us. Have had another thought about where they could live. We could build them a run/house thing on the back smaller raised bed (the one that gets some sun and is 230 x 210). This bed goes around in an L shape but was only anticipating using part of it as there is a tree in the way (more than enough room for the chickens to get past). But having looked at what others on here have done, think that we could use the omlet netting stuff to carry on from where the run will finish and carry on around the rest of the bed. They could then free range in this bit when we are around to keep an eye on the foxes and the dog wouldn't be able to get at them at all. Only concern about this is that we have a colony of stag beetles living somewhere in this bed. Would I have to get in the free range bit to clean it? I'm absolutely petrified of the beetles! M
  3. Hello Never posted on here but am an avid lurker!! Having gone on about getting chickens for a year or so, my OH has seen the light and thinks it will be a great idea. So I have quite a few questions, I apologise if they have been asked a million times before! Firstly, is our garden suitable. The chickens would not be able to free range around the garden as we have foxes who visit and also the garden is very mature (read overgrown!) and fear I would never find the chickens again! We also have a yorkshire terrier who I am sure would be fine with chickens once she got used to them but you never know. Area one is at the bottom of the garden and is in quite dense shade (underneath oak tree and fir trees where the only thing that seems to grow is ivy (lots of it) and weeds). approx measurements are 230cm x over 600cm Area two is a raised bed that goes along the back of the garden that is in part shade and measures around 230cm x 210 Area three is a bit off the wall! We have a approx 23ft x 13ft pond that we discovered was leaking once we moved in!! All the lovely koi carp had to be rehomed and we've drained it down, still full of all the sludge though unfortunately!. It is concrete and set in the ground. It is in the middle of the garden so it may possibly look a bit of any eyesore with mesh panels all around it, so maybe not my best idea! Also, we have aquired 2 bunnies that at the moment have a hutch with inbuilt run and I let them out daily into another smallish run on the grass. I anticipated making 'bunny world' for them but before I go ahead and do that, wondered if the bunnies and chickens could live together? I know someone who has done that in the past but they did have a rather large WIR. Apologies for the huge amount of questions! I was thinking that we would get 4 ex battery hens. Your comments and opinions would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks M

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