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  1. Hi one of our Black Rocks is sitting looking sad in the run with her feathers fluffed up and eyes closed... she was on the bottom step leading to the Cube and when disturbed hopped off but didn't seem too steady on her feet. Her poo is quite yellowy and runny. Any ideas welcomed! Thanks xx
  2. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280439308115
  3. Hi Both of our Bluebelles have stopped laying and both have bare bottoms..........help please! It's all red and a bit tender as my hubby tried to inspect earlier but she wouldn't let him. What could be wrong?
  4. Hi! Does anyone know of a breeder in S Wales that sells Polish Chamois? It's for my sis in law...... Thanks!
  5. Warning - our two Black Rocks (from different flocks) were the real bullies, even to each other!!!! We had two hard weeks and now the two flocks are one, so we got three more..... glutton for punishment.....!!
  6. Keep the hose handy - only had to use mine once and now they run back in at the sight of anything remotely water-based if they even have to think about going back in!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Oh no, we can't incubate etc, we leave that to hubby's sis who is home most days and so has the dedication for it. Besides, we have our first human chook to incubate first.......due in July.........!
  8. Scissorchix - not long enough really, we had to do a bit of squirting with the water pistol which only worked for a couple of days..... and are now good friends though!! We will integrate our new ones a lot more slowly this time.... the are so much bigger! tried to have a peck through the mesh today and even puffed up she's nowhere near as big as and !!
  9. Chicken segregation reminds me a bit of an Austrian chalet!!!!
  10. I'm sitting here cringing listening to our three new girls try and out-bok our five existing ones. Has anyone ever had a neighbour complain about the noise? I know they'll settle down when they are settled, as such, but this morning it's quite loud (even though we don't have a double glazed patio door). What are the noise regulations, if any??
  11. Well, chooks all collected and are now happy in chicken segregation to start the slow introductions! I didn't know how big Bluebelles are - they look huge compared to ours but I guess easier to compare in the daylight, we will leave them sleep for now and get some photos of Daddy's emergency but fab new wooden house and run!!
  12. I love my and don't want a WIR................. odd I know!!! I saw a lovely house the other day with 12 acres of land........... reckon DEFRA would approve??!
  13. Hahaha - that's a good point - is it 10 for DEFRA?!!
  14. Well after finally integrating our new three with our previous two, we are getting three more tomorrow to live in our segregation house until the introductions are complete!! Chicken keeping? Addictive? Nooooooooooo...................... Last week my colleague emailed to say that her friend needed to rehome her three due to things happening at home, so I said "yeees, we'll have them"......... two Bluebelles and a Gingernut, to go with our existing flock - with even slower introductions this time!!!!!

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