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  1. Morning all. A couple of weeks ago I was asking about the hosepipe ban, have just spoke to a nice guy at Thames water who told me that us chicken keepers can use a hose to clean our runs and coops. Also if any of you have fishponds that need topping up the same applys. Im Happy, trying to clean with a watering can was not easy or affective.
  2. Hi, Only the second day and a egg, wow. I had to wait a month. Yes the cats learn to stay back when hens are free, or they get chased away. We also have extended the run and found adding a extra broom handel to our plastic garden rake works well. As long as no one is standing behind me. For the nest box a cat litter spade is easy to use. Happy chicken keeping
  3. Hello and welcome to the crazy world of the chicken keeper ( or the people the chickens decide to train as their slaves ). Ours mainly lay in the mornings but have never had a set time, I have opened the coop at 6.30 in the morning to find a egg waiting. They must have thought I needed a good breakfast. Good luck with your girls and boy. Have fun
  4. We have a baby gate and the girls sit on it and chat to me while im in the kitchen but if i leave the room they do hop over.
  5. Hi, I had the same problem with one of my girls 2 years ago. She is now very happy living with a larger group and a rooster. Plus my remaining girls are much happier now. Good luck
  6. Hi there, I have been trying to get a answer from our local waterboard without any luck so I am hoping someone here can help. Is it ok to use a hosepipe to clean the chicken run during a ban or will I have to use buckets of water ?
  7. I have one who is having her moult at the moment, mine just dont like to conform. Why not spoil them, sure they love it.
  8. Poor Molly, glad she is feeling a bit better. When our Mavis was attacked ( by her sister not a fox ) we thought the vet would advise putting her to sleep, but she is still with us 2 years on and such a cheeky chick too. They seem to form a very close bond with the one that has nursed them.
  9. Well done, Its great to cuddle a chicken when your feeling a bit frazzled, takes your stress away.
  10. I cook it and add a little natural yogurt, they love it but can get rather messy. Chicken rice pudding !
  11. So sorry you had to lose your girls. They do become part of the famly and feeling low is normal. I often find the people who do the complaining are often the loudest in the street. Why cant people live and let live. Love and Hugs xx
  12. This page has cheered me up on a wet dull day. What is green and hairy and goes up and down ? Gooseberry in a lift. Sad but my sons fav joke ( he is 26 )
  13. Our Heart Foundation shop runs a simalar system, its really surprising how it all mounts up. Great idea.
  14. Hi there, We have a Light Sussex hybrid, big , cuddly and great layer.

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