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  1. One of my ducks has been limping today, and has a swollen toe. I don't want to go running to the vet if it's something I can fix myself, but I was hoping someone with more experience could advise me. Poor Judy is limping around and standing on one leg. There are no cuts on the foot that I can see, so I was thinking it might actually be broken. Photos below. She's a Welsh Harlequin, about a year old.
  2. My two little Welsh Harlequins started yesterday, very exciting! It must be the change in weather that's kick-started the egg production. As for the pond question... I sympathise, as we only have a small yard for our girls too. We started with little trays when they were ducklings, then moved up to an inflatable paddling pool - but that was very difficult to empty. We now have a tin bath (bought for about £25) which they love - it has plenty of depth for them to splash in, and they just about fit in it side-by-side. It has a nice big rock inside and another outside, which they manage to use as steps very well. We tried sand in the bottom, or gravel, but nothing seems to make a difference. It can be crystal clear one minute, but as soon as they get in the girls muddy it up again. We empty it, rinse it, and refill at least every week. They have a bowl of fresh water every day for their heads. We also put some of that pipe-insulating foam around the edge to protect their feet. I've got a photo to explain what I mean, here's the link: http://www.new.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=5985851&l=9a771&id=512530524 Hope this helps!
  3. In her bra??? I didn't try that... It would have caused even more of a commotion I suspect. So did anyone manage to smuggle a chook into their place of work today?
  4. Aw, this would be so much fun, but it would be quite impractical for me. The bus would be quite a challenge, for starters! Then I suspect the quiet warbling and clucking from under my desk might raise a few eyebrows... Although a couple of years ago I did have a duckling (Charlie) in a box under my desk - he was poorly and needed a bit of TLC. Got into trouble over that one - only when people started forming a queue to come and see him though!

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