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  1. Well as you all know ive not got the ok yet with th OH but quite a few posts on here have got me thinking about how much noise they really make. This is: A. because of the neighbours And B.because of the OH,i think he would go Daft(ie: sell the chickens) if he heard Bokking for no reason or the like at silly hour in the morning many days on the trot. So realistically what can i do to: A.Prevent them shouting just for the sake of it B and knock it on the head if it does. To be fair if he knew that they had been scared by something he would be ok but if they say got into the habit of making a noise so i let them out that would be a different matter and he wouldnt be impressed.
  2. as Indie999 said above about bird feeding,well yes we have had a problem in the past feeding birds which led to quite a lot of rats coming in the garden,we do live direct onto the fields so mabe we would expect them more Never had any problems where we lived before though. So we did have to take measures to kill them off. I am going to have to put some sort of hard standing down when we get our chicks(OH still hasnt approved yet so rats are the least of my problems)but it hasnt put me off chickens in the slightest.
  3. haha like that idea of stopping the football(with my OH it would have to be his guitar) or mabe i could use it as a bribary tactic he is respraying one of them at the mo im sure i could buy him new shiny pickups by this fancy maker he keeps going on about(just to butter him up a bit). Also i did think about booking the hols this summer(we always go in cottages)on a small holding farm,you know the type free ranging chickens and the like at least then he cant say he hasnt tried the experience. and if all else fails ive got a biggy birthday coming up this year and i spent quite a lot on his biggy birthday last year so im well in for something good i hope im going to ask for either chickens or a 6ft fish tank(the one i have in mind is over £1000) hmm i wonder which he will buy (edited to add great minds think alike eh Jules)
  4. that's a really good link thanks,it will add to my "Ooops, word censored!"nal of good points about it being easy to keep chickens( as our local vet that is within walking distance of me treats chickens) so OH need not have anything at all to do with them
  5. well last night my DD saw me writing my message on here and told her dad i was doing homework on chickens to which he replied were not having any.(i though whos side is my DD on)but at least im wearing him down a bit why can i have a OH who wants the goodlife hey well more work to do.
  6. Thanks ever so much everyone for your nice replies,its made me think to try again. last night i said what are you looking at on the computer and he replied with well I'm not looking at keeping chickens in my back garden.(in a sarcastic voice too) i didn't rise to it, i thought yes i will just leave it for a bit and then go asking again .like said above at least then he will know I'm serious and he cant say after 20 years of tropical fish keeping and breeding Ive not been serious about that.see how I'm now using that idea to get my own way Anyway off i pop to conjure up more ideas to get my own way and do my homework on chickens anymore ideas welcome,i feel i may need to educate him a bit on this as he seems to think against this one before even looking into it at all.
  7. No ive not managed to take him somewhere to see any,when he gets his stubborn foot under the table its hard to budge it,at the mo i just feel sorry for the kids the oldest had got set on the idea.Only for me to say this morning that dad says no, I can in a way see where he is coming from, our garden is only just big enough to keep them(according to the omlet page) and as we are direct onto the fields i think he thinks they will escape.
  8. Well despite my best efforts last night the OH said "well i dont know why your looking at chicken coops cos were not getting any"then he went on about it being impossible to keep them in our garden ect. so thats the end of that. Thanks for all your replys anyway to the questions ive had. Hev.
  9. hi, Thanks for that,I did wonder though about going to get them from a battery place, as the battery place near us went up in a blue light a few years ago(paper announced police report that it was arson by animal activists)and there were people just going loading vans up with the remaining survivors the day after(i suppose this was a exception though through circumstances)it was awful though you could smell chicken from quite a way away and it did make me think how many birds had died as it is quite a big place.
  10. How awful. I too know how it feels to have your dog kill something, In my case it was my springer whom i had only had for a week at the time he was a ex worker and he slipped his lead whilst out,dived in a lake for a swim and killed a roosting mallard while he was there,i was mortified at what he had done but i remember his little tail wagging all the way upto his neck.He was so so chuffed with himself when he fetched me the duck,i couldnt tell him off it was what he was triained to do,and what was inside him allready(needless to say i made damn sure it didnt happen again).Sadly we havent got him either now. Hope your DS is ok soon and you too.
  11. Another question for you regarding rescuing ex batts ect,how exactly do you do it? We do have a battery farm quite near to us so i was wondering if you can just maybe phone them and ask or does it not work like that?
  12. Mabe this is a dumb question but does wing clipping stop them from flying all together? or does it just impair them? Just wondering if it would be my best option really as we live direct onto the fields which also has a public footpath on it so plenty of chance for passing doggy mouths.So i dont really want my girls to be able to escape that easily.
  13. yipeeee so glad for you that she is home ok.
  14. ooh splodge88 i have just had a look at your youtube video and i have seen it before when i have been you tubing.What do your neighbours think of the chicks?were they always that tame too? they are soooo cute
  15. As a newbie and a person yet to get their chickens i thought maybe i could do with a few good tips, Here's one a read on someones blog when i was googling round. This bloke had trained his chickens to a bell when he went out to feed them much to the amusement of his neighbours,until one day when they all got out and he had them rounded up in no time and following him down a country lane like shadows when he rang the bell. And i thought yes, i could see one of the kids or the OH letting them get out of the back garden, ooh and how easy it would be to get them back,without me having to run round aimlessly for hours TRYING to catch them. Anyway anyone got anymore or mabe just your favourite way of saving time or making clean up easy, all will be much appreciated. Hev.

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