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  1. I haven't been here for ages because I got thoroughly peeved about something I'm not allowed to mention. I didn't have any chickens before the Eglu and now have 7 in a Cube. Funnily enough, if I lost my Cube and Eglu I don't think I'd replace them - I think I would now go to a real chicken shed, deep litter and all. But then again, the Eglus are really easy to clean. I'm not getting any eggs at all at the moment - my girls have dropped from 35 a week to none. All moulting and scraggy at the moment - and the hens aren't any better. Hope I haven't upset anyone with this post.
  2. I thought the result was spot on - shows that public votes can work! I haven't enjoyed Revalation as much as the others for several weeks now; it was a pop group singing stuff that I didn't really like. It made me laugh a couple of weeks ago when the blond judge told off Men Alound for their cane number 'not being choral'! After the gospel so called choirs performances I thought that was a joke! In my opinion the judge with the headgear was the only reason why the gospel choirs lasted so long, and once the public got into the act they were trimmed out. Not that they weren't good at what they did (that's me being understanding and conciliatory - a bit of 'with all due respect'), but they did nothing at all for me. I reckon they kept Revalation in there in the same way they always have one for the public to hate in these reality shows! All due respect to those who liked Revalation of course .....
  3. thanks; that explains it. I had presumed that they went and waited in the recipients inbox (like Outlook) so it seemed odd; but it makes sence now. Richard
  4. Hi I have two messages, to the same person, sitting in my Outbox. The first one is from Friday and the second I wrote today. They aren't sending. Now, is that a problem with my settings - or perhaps that particular person has blocked messages from me? Is there a way I can find out why these messages aren't being sent - and has anyone else had the same problem? thanks Richard
  5. Hi Rachel I'm sure I can get you some - we must have it on our coast so I'll find out and send you some if i can find it; good excuse for a wander down to the beach/marshes sometime during the week. Will you pm me your address so that I can post it to you (providing I find some)? Do you need it this week or have we got a week or two to find it? Regards Richard
  6. Richard

    friend or foe?

    Seems a daft option to me. Not really a way of encouraging debate eh?. On a 'family forum' you are encouraged to ignore people. So anyone who hold views you don't agree with or posts an opinion that you disagree with you can mark as a foe so you can't see what they are saying. 'Hands over ears; I can't hear you'. Bit like, I can't see you so you don't exist! Brilliant - I only want to debate issues with people who I agree with, or maybe I just want to debate issues with people who debate in the style I like. And I will carry on a discussion but just won't see the contributions by some of the people. Wow, I need to get my head round how that's going to work for me. But you still get personal messages from these folk you have marked as foes, even though you don't know what they are saying on the forum. Does anyone know whether they get notified that you have marked them as a foe? I certainly haven't recieved any notifications and I can't believe there aren't people out there who I've upset and who would rather not read my posts; I know from my pms that there are one or two! I'm not going to mark anyone as a foe - I want to know what everyone is saying. I have marked some friends, just to see if it makes any difference!
  7. I can't even find these things you are talking about. Mind you, I'm not too fussed - why do things have to be made more complicated. I like televisions with buttons - remote controls just make it difficult. Same with computers - I want a programme that does what I want it to do. I don't need all the extras that people actually never use. same with mobile phones - phones make telephone calls. They don't need to take photos, pick up emails etc. Grumble grumble
  8. I can't believe that Revelation are still there. They are, without doubt (in my humble opinion) the worst by far - but they stay in there. Is it anything to do with the lady with the long flowerpot on her head who is only interested in gospel and pashun? At least Only Men Aloud, who are by far the best, are still there - and Asgtholll Ggywenthely or whatever they are called. Those two are head and shoulders above the rest. And who does the frocks? There are some very large ladies in some very inappropriate dresses around. Frocks that are far too short and somewhat tight and revealing around the, well, chest area. You don't get a lot of those ladies to the pound do you? I hope men aloud win - best singers and much safer in the dress department.
  9. Sorry - I haven't read through the posts but it doesn't seem to make any difference to me. I can post messages just the same so thats cool. Otherwise - no change and no probs. Thanks for the developments but its a bit like mobile phones - I just want one that I can phone from and am not interested in all the bells and whistles. The forum was fine before and it is fine now.
  10. Claret's right - Adcortyl in Orabase puts a covering over the ulcer. Bonjela is a topical anaesthetic and will numb it up for a bit. Unfortunately you have to wait for it to run it's course - 10 days in total although the pain symptoms will subside earlier.
  11. I've picked up some more figures from the net. Not trying to score any points and have posted them for interest. It makes a good debate as to what should happen as regards funding and where it should go - good facilities for all or targeted towards golds at the Olympics. My opinion is that we need both - golds to enthuse the youngsters about sports and then good facilities for all (not just elite athletes) so that we can all take part. However what the figures show, in my view, is that the coaching systems in all sports can learn from Cycling and Sailing in terms of developing elite athletes and successful teams - and the attitudes of the athletes from the different sports when they were interviewed were in very stark contrast in some cases. Oh and we need to spend some money teaching people how to hand over batons in a relay - what a *naughty word considered but not used* shambles. Cycling - total funding 17.49 (£m) Sailing - 17.19 Swimming 16.7 rowing 20.05 Canoeing 10.79 Boxing 4.66 Athletics 20.38 Gymnastics 7.25 For GB, cost per medal/cost per gold Cycling 1.25 (£m) /2.19 Sailing 2.86 /4.30 Swimming 2.78 /8.35 Rowing 5.01 /10.25 Canoeing 5.40 /10.79 Boxing 3.23 /? Athletics 5.09 /20.38 Gymnastics 7.25/
  12. I have to say, the one thing that would save me a shed load of money would be to bar me from iTunes. There's just so much music in there just begging to be listened to. I'm catching up on Richard Thomson's latest offerings, and I hadn't listened to anything recent by Linda Thompson - last album of hers I bought was One Clear Moment. Sorry, I realise that isn't much help in terms of general economising, but it would save me oodles of dosh. Mind you, if you are into music and are tempted to buy CDs; don't. Listen to the clips on iTunes, decide on the tracks you like, then only buy the tracks you really like. I find I may buy two tracks of an album - at 79p each that's much cheaper than buying the album! Mind you, I appreciate that its better not to buy any! Serious saving tip; make presents. We make chilli oil; save any bottles that look decent, buy olive oil, grow Pinochio's nose chillies and then put oil and a chilli in the bottle. Label it up yourself and give as a pressie. I knit socks, Her indoors spins and knits or makes felt stuff (brooches, beads). My neice gave us chutney for a birthday, we gave her a handspun, handknitted shawl for her baby.
  13. I just looked down the page and the posts were all from Norfolk or Cambridgeshire. East Anglia rocks
  14. I don't have a big garden, but by being sensible I can grow a very large proportion of our food in the summer. Courgettes, tomatoes, potatoes (last year I had enough for well into the winter), leeks (leek and potato soup), and obviously lettuce, carrots - lunches are always salads in the summer - parsnips for the winter. I don't drive anywhere if it is less than two miles away - use my bike. Big bag on the bike for shopping. Fuel costs for short trips are mega Use the library. Only full loads if you have a dishwasher and washing machine. Kettle - only boil enough for what you want (teapot, whatever) and fill it after it has boiled to use the heat that is there. Fridge door - open it once to get all you want out. Don't dodge to and fro in and out of the fridge. Things on standby - tellies, phone chargers, radios, computers etc. Keep a list of what you have spent on what - that way you don't fritter. Sell surplus eggs - I charge £1.50 a half dozen, delivered (on my bike) and that covers all the food for the girls and I get my eggs for free.

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