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  1. Thanks for that. I'm in the Peak District near Ashbourne but Sheffield is only about 70mins away. I'll give them a try. Yes, I love living here in Derbyshire. We moved here from Bristol just over a year ago and we're now (attempting) live the good country life - growing vegies, fruit trees, chickens etc. The only thing I miss from Bristol is the warmer weather!
  2. Does anyone know where I can get soem ISA warrens POL within the next month or so locally? I live in Derbyshire. Cheers peeps.
  3. Thanks for all your info people. My problem is that there are three trees in the run and putting a roof around the trees poses a bit of a challange!
  4. Hey everyone. I'm awaiting delivery of my new cube (without run) and wondered if anyone had any advice about having a roof on my walk-in run? My run is (or will be by next week!) approx 10X5m with posts and fencing 2m high. My chooks will perminantly be in the run. I live in the country and there are many chook keepers around here and non of them have roofs although they are all VERY free range i.e. seveal acres to roam in. So the question is, to roof or not to roof?

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