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  1. Hi, Many thanks for the reply and suggestions. I'll go and get some limestone flour and cod liver oil shortly and will update again. Thanks again, I appreciate it. Lizzy
  2. Hi all, I've not been on for some time (apologies) but my girls have been happy little things, that is until now. Ginger is almost 2 and is a terrific hen and layer. She started a moult back in August which seems to have taken her some to get over, the majority of her feathers have now re-grown but I wonder if she's run down or very poorly? A few weeks back, we had some softies from her (egg white, yolk and shell found in the sawdust on the bottom of the eglu tray under her 'spot') so I upped the Oyster shelf and made sure her diet was exceptional. Since then, we've not really had any issues. On Friday, I went out in the morning to check on the girls as usual and found a lot of watery fibery poo (under where she sits at night). There was also no lay from her that day (but I put that down to the change in light, as they haven't all been laying everyday like clockwork) but I kept my eye on her. On Saturday morning she was visually low, puffed up and not at all herself, so I took her off to the vets straight away. He was nice enough but had to refer to a ‘book’ as he wasn’t very familiar with them but he fished around in her vent and pulled out a very soft shell and the white and yolk followed. She immediately perked up and he gave me a course of antibiotics which I have been administering. He told me to monitor her over the weekend and call again on Monday to speak to someone more familiar with hens. Now, I didn't really expect her to lay yesterday (given Saturdays trauma) but again I found egg white and yolk in the sawdust under where she sits but no shell. It is either still inside her or the others have eaten it (as I caught one of them in the house eating some of the yolk). This morning there was no signs of a lay (with or without a shell) just more watery poo. She seems not too bad in herself and she's not like she was on Saturday but she’s definitely not right. Her feet and legs are also very cold (they’re usually warm to the touch). Thing is, what could be wrong and can she bounce back from this? I'm more than happy to take her to the vets again but it’s not something I can continuously do, especially as I was due to have my first baby on the 4th and so far, bubs hasn’t arrived (although they have said they could induce me tomorrow) and I worry that if I go into labour and have to stay in hospital, she won’t get the care she requires. My OH is not bad with them but I’m not sure he can cope with a new born baby and a poorly hen at the same time. What to people suggest I do? Is it a case of PTS? Thanks in advance, Lizzy
  3. Hi, I've always found Andy Broadnack (not sure of spelling) from the Goddard Vetinary Group very good. I saw him with a poorly hen at the Tattenham Corner branch near Epsom (01737 359 929) but he rotates between the surgeries I believe.
  4. Hi, I'm very sorry to hear one of your ladies is poorly. We got three point-of-lay hybrid hens with Myco last August (unknowingly) and had a very traumatic few weeks trying to get them better. It did clear eventually with Baytril, although I am aware this bug can still lie dormant – and they do in fact all still sneeze on occasions. Generally though, I would say they’re happy hens, behaving normally, eating and drinking well and laying daily. Our baby of the bunch (White) did have to repeat the initial course of antibiotics and still has episodes where she doesn't seem quite 'herself'. In fact, we were at the vets with her over Christmas but she has since bounced back, as she always does. My OH and I have discussed what lengths we'd go to with them and it isn't an easy topic. In my view, I'll persist with treatment for anything (within reason) and in that I mean ‘what is wrong with them’ - is it treatable and/or life threatening and ‘how much will it cost to put right’. It sounds awful but I’m more than happy to spend £30 for a consultation and treatment and I would probably go as far as spending up to a £100 (although OH would go ballistic) but anything over that I would have to seriously think twice. If the problem persisted (a bit like it seems to with White) and treatment was a fairly regular occurrence, then I would probably continue with it unless they were visibly suffering. In this instance, I would then consider the PTS option, although I would feel dreadful about it. I hope that helps... Take care, Lizzy
  5. Hi, Thanks for the quick response, it's much appreciated. I did wonder about this, especially given the weather and time of year so I'll keep my eye on her!
  6. Hi, Our White hen laid for the very first time on the afternoon of the 27th. That morning she was unusually sullen which I noticed as soon as let them out but I kept my eye on her. Around 2 she went into the Eglu and came out around 3 her normal self. I went in and found the egg which was perfect. Now, yesterday she seemed sullen again but there was no egg. I've let them out this morning and again no egg and she isn't herself - she looks nervous and it's really worrying me. I checked her over, her vent looks normal, her comb is bright (I wonder if it's too bright!?), she isn't really interested in food but she's picking at bits on the floor and she is drinking. I topped up their grit and scattered some around if it was that but would it be a stuck egg? I've had one before with another hen which I helped her with (with a water bath) but that hen was visibly straining, her vent active but Whites not like this. Can anyone offer any advice?
  7. Hello All, I hope all's well with you and yours and that someone might be able to offer some advice! We have three young and adorable hybrid hens, two of which are laying daily like troopers! In terms of the laying, Ginger would seems to do the business early morning and Grey in the afternoon. With the shortening hours of day light recently, they seem to have synchronised. Now, I let them all out the other morning, at approx 7:30am. Ginger and Grey came out briefly to have a spot of breaky before heading back into the Eglu, trouble was, there wasn't room for two and they got rather grotchey with each other. It's happended again since but is there anything I can do to help accomodate both of them? Should I get some more accomodation to go in our WIR? If someone could shed a bit of light I would appreciate it, as they do get a tad noisy and I don't want the neighbours to get funny! Thanks muchly!
  8. Hi, I am really sorry to hear this. ...and I hope you don't mind me asking where you got your news girls from? I have had a similar problem with some newbies, although now on Baytril they seem to be on the mend. Thanks,
  9. Hi, Thanks so much for that, I''ll give the towel technique a go later on this afternoon! I hadn't read the post until now, so this morning, I squeezed the insides of several corn kernels out and then squeezed the antibiotic into that. It seemed to go down well but I think going directly into the crop is better but I'll let you know how I get on this evening. They have only really just come into lay, say the last two weeks or so but do you think this will affect them going forward? Thanks x
  10. Hi All, Apologies for not updating this post sooner ...but it's been a bit of a stressful time and a very long story ...but I’ll do my best to keep it brief! We’ve been backwards and forwards over the last few weeks (from going to the Vets, to giving the girls back to the breeder to ‘put right’, to getting the girls home) and I had thought they were fixed ...until on Monday, one of my ladies seemed sneezey and snotty again. Although they all seem very happy in themselves, eating, laying well and scratching away, I couldn’t let these symptoms continue, so I took her to a local Vet who apparently dealt with Poultry fairly frequently. He was fabulous and prescribed a course of Baytril. Now, this is where is gets tricky, as he has asked me to ‘crop feed’ it to her. He demonstrated the technique to me by giving her the first dose but now it’s over to me (gulp) and I’m terrified of getting it wrong, as her head wiggles all over the place. Does anyone have any tips? Can I put the antibiotics on feed and give that it her directly or does it not have the same affect? I just don’t want to her hurt her... Thanks in advance...
  11. Hi, That's good to know, thanks! I'm feeling a little less anxious now but I'll have to see what the Vet says! Fingers crossed all will be well though...
  12. Hi All, Thanks muchly for everyones advice/info. It's so nice to know that you're not alone and that you can come to the forum for help. I really really do appreciate!! Today, my girls are still eating and drinking well and seem to be happily scratching around. I've seen two of them sneeze occasionally and one of the two is still a bit snotty (it seems to come out in little bubbles from the top of her beak) that said, I've decided to take them to the vets for a once over. If it's nothing, then great, if not, I'll have to get it sorted... and having read various threads on the forum describing similar symptoms, I've a feeling their going to need antibiotics. I did speak with the breeder and they were happy to swap my girls for new ones but as we're already getting attached and they seem to have settled well into their new environment I didn't really want to do that. I'll let you know how we get on!
  13. Hello All, I could do with a bit of advice please! We got 3 new point of lay hens yesterday and they seemed lovely heathly hens! However, yesterday afternoon, two of them seemed a bit sneezey and one of the two is also a bit snotty. The third one seems fine, at the moment! What should I do? Advise would be much appreciated! Thanks!!
  14. Hello, Thanks so much for the link! It was really useful and I could identify the 'poo' that they have done easily and am relieved that it is in the normal catagory. Phew. Thanks again, much much appreciated!
  15. Hello, Having recently moved house and successfully got our girls settled (and accepted by the neighbourhood), my husband and I decided to invested in a 'Tony' WIR and it's amazing! We got an 8x6x5 foot purpose built one and the girls love it!! Now, about 3 weeks after our move, Tom (who is a girl by the way... we just named them after the 'Good Life' because we live near Surbiton, our other hen is named Barbara and now we have a WIR we're looking to get Margo and Jerry!) started to show signs of moulting. It's been nearly 5 weeks since the moult started and Tom is almost back to her usual beautiful self. Barbara seemed to start her moult slightly later, so I think she'll be a few weeks yet but when are they likely to complete their moult and start laying again? They are both Welsummer Bantams. Also, they both normally poo really well throughout the day, normal chicken poos, firmish and perfectly formed with a white bit but for some reason for the last two days, early evening time, Tom has done a couple of really swiqdgey brownish poos that smell quite acidic? Is this something she's eaten or is it something else? They have been wormed, so I can't think it's that plus she poos normally during the day - can anyone offer any advice? Thanks, Lizzy and Spencer

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