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  1. Try again! Probably iPad resizing issues!
  2. Photo playing up a minute, bear with me..
  3. Many many years ago, Chickvic and I became friends through this forum due to our love of hens. We don't spend much time on here anymore, but I thought a few oldies may like to see this photo. This was the first time we have ever met in person and we have run a half marathon together! awesome it was!
  4. I have the Fitbit surge, but I wanted an all singing all dancing one for my triathlon training. It has GPS for logging my cycles, runs and walks. For those of you with Garmins and fitbits, are you on bounts? With bounts, you earn points just for being active that you can exchange for vouchers for shops. It's an initiative through Oxford Uni. If you want to join its free (although you can pay to upgrade to earn points quicker), the web address is www.bounts.it If anyone does join, use my referral code, and you get bonus points for being referred and I get bonus points for referring. My code is Longman1538
  5. Have fun with the swap everyone! I don't have the time for this one, but I will be watching the thread to see what everyone has
  6. My triathlon training is still going well
  7. To my secret Santa, thank you so very very much! I'm guessing it's someone who knows me fairly well. The skill on the picture is amazing and the bike charm (I'm not exactly sure what I am meant to do with it, but I love it ) obviously shows someone who knows a bit about me! Thank you so very very much Drat the images have come out weirdly. I'll get hubby on the case.
  8. I know that feeling I also have garden slackers, although thankfully a couple of my Silkies are doing their usual trick of laying an egg or two a week in December! I have had to buy eggs though, but thankfully I have 2 friends with young hybrids that I can buy from
  9. Well, a bit of an update. I did the 10k race last month and yesterday I did the last triathlon of the season. As things currently stand, I don't have another event booked until June, so I am looking for things. Have found another 10k race in 3 weeks which I think I may sign up for. I'm 2 stone lighter now than I was in March, and my diabetes meds have been halved. Interestingly, I'm at the hospital heart protection clinic this morning and I'm hoping they won't need to see me as regularly or even at all after my results. I still have my race tattoo on my arm from yesterday, so that should make an interesting conversation starter with the consultant
  10. I still call my sister "baby girl" she's 36 now and my 4 year old nephew thinks it's hilarious Congratulations, great Auntie Vicki
  11. I think after everything you've been through, I would draw a line in the sand and decide enough is enough. You've had no thanks for your wedding gift, I wouldn't put yourself through it again. They've made their bed, they can lie in it. Sod them

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