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  1. I give mine a teaspoonfull of cat food per day each while moulting (preferably not chicken variety)
  2. As she has laid such a lot of eggs she could be getting a bit low on calcium. Make sure she has access to oyster shell and I would consider putting a little extra limestone flour in with her pellets for a little while.
  3. As Christian said, you would need to ask a vet about this problem but I do know that my vet does hysterectomies on pet chickens if they have a serious egg laying problem !
  4. It's quite horrifying to watch viewtopic.php?f=5&t=6470&p=131206
  5. If she can be tempted to eat, which can be difficult, I'd give here a tiny bit of chopped liver each day, not officially allowed of cause but could help to save her life. Get your in-laws to check their housing for red mites as there must be a reason she became anaemic and red mite is a common one.
  6. If you imagine that the dose for one chicken is about 1/4 of a level teaspoon full and divide this over 7 days then you'd be about right.
  7. You were always KateA to me so I think the new name is great. Hoping for loads and loads of lovely picture from NZ to make me really envious
  8. She's not a happy chook I presume you've checked for head lice particularly around the ears. It's very difficult to know what's wrong with her without seeing her so I think the best thing would be to take her to a vet. Is there not a closer vet who might know a bit about birds
  9. That was a good and difficult decision to make Liam . It is unfair to allow any animal to suffer so you did the right thing. PS. thank you for editing my previous post Mod. It may have come across too strongly in favour of euthanasia - but it was best for the poorly hen
  10. I've only had one hen with a bleeding foot and I used wound powder on it. It worked a treat
  11. That's what my vet recomends too Clare
  12. I think that if she seems to be suffering: quiet, hunched, not eating, losing weight, then she either needs vet treatment or putting to sleep.
  13. It's quite safe to use rehydration fluid for your hen. I hope you can get some anti-fungal for her. What a hopless vet, hope you get better luck with the next one

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