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  1. Nooooooo.... Barnaby & Buttons are loving the warm weather & have been sun bathing this morning As for general basic husbandry this is what's roughly needed... Nail trimming 3-4 times a year, teeth trimming if needed annually, faecal egg count annually, ADE injections 3 times a year, regular body scoring to ensure weight remains good, shearing annually, BVT8 & Liver fluke injections twice a year... It's not necessary to have an indoor barn as they are generally hardy animals but they should have access to an outdoor shelter so they can take themselves off if it does get chilly or really wet. There are definitely a herd animal & ideally no fewer than 3 to a herd, absolute minimum.. Will try & take some more pic's a little later today..
  2. Claret, you're absolutely right they are quite shy creatures but with a very nosy nature The Cria's coats are simply the softest we have ever felt - we're hoping for good things from them in the future Just need to agree on a company name - that seems the hardest bit!
  3. Thanks everyone for your kind comments - we now have our latest addition to the family (no more this year) 'Buttons' arrived on Monday 4th April, she is such a cutie & Barnaby is loving having a little half sister to play with Buttons a few hours old.. Taken this morning enjoying the sunshine.. Barnaby posing for the camera..
  4. Wow yes that's a very large trophy - fantastic & what a great achievement. Well done
  5. Oh he's gorgeous & what a lovely colour...well done..
  6. What a day.... Deciding to take a break from the 'pooper scooping' chores we stopped for a cuppa.. before starting again we strolled over to the girls paddock & on doing so noticed one of our girls seemed a little restless... At 12.21 with the sunshine blazing down - it was time for our first baby cria to come into the world.. by 12.36 & after a text book birthing & out popped Barnaby Just taking a rest after coming into the world.. My first steps.. Getting ready for bedtime... What an amazing experience to watch unfold before our eyes
  7. Hi fellow Omleteers, Nearly twelve months after getting our first 5 Alpaca's all of which were boys - we have now moved onto a farm & after more training courses & learning as much as we can we took the plunge & bought two pregnant Alpaca's at the end of December who both arrived with us back in January Our first Cria is due on the 12th March & the 2nd on the 17th March - so they really could arrive any day now These will be our first & we're soooooo excited not to mention a little scared too.. hopefully everything will go ok. Fingers crossed the weather is kind to us.. hopefully soon we'll have two heathy Cria's 'pronking' around enjoying the spring sunshine (yippee spring is almost with us too ) Bye for now...
  8. Morning all, Pic's will certainly follow in due course.. And they will be separated so no probs with the living quarters Just need to snow to clear for a few day now!
  9. Sooo excited - we have just agreed to enhance our Alpaca herd currently we have x5 boys & we have now agreed to buy our first female Alpaca's whahooo... so far we have secured 2 ladies with possibly one more to agree on. Weather permitting we should have them in early January - hopefully so, as they are pregnant with little babies Very patient OH has also pointed out that we came to this house with 3 animals & we're leaving with 17 All this delay with the house move & bad weather whilst is VERY frustrating I'm desperately trying to be positive & just think of all the fun we'll eventually have once we move to our new pad. Can't wait to have our new additions. Need a few days of winter sunshine please
  10. Normally we would love the snow but... Supposed to be moving home this weekend & Monday.. managed just 1 trip this morning with hay for our boys & that was it! Understandably home removal company can't confirm what will happen on Monday - so who knows what's going to happen. Totally fed up
  11. After a few weeks of illness we had to take the decision to have Rhubster our Rooster put to sleep yesterday Rhubster was a super boy & will be missed sadly by both us & by his girls who today have not ventured far from their what with the really horrible snow & missing Rhubster they are looking quite miserable today. RIP Rhubster
  12. Hi there Omleteers ! Sorry we've not been on lately - our flocks/herds & work keeping us busy! We're after a little bit of advise.. after checking our flock this morning we have noticed Rhubster our Cockerel seems to be struggling to stand up & has a slightly uncoordinated gait when trying to walk / standup. He's looking very unsteady & spends some if not most of the time sitting down - very unusual. Does anyone have any advise they can offer? His spurs are quite long & we wonder if maybe they may be the issue, they free range, non of the hens have the issue. Many thanks, Eggquisite
  13. Oh they are such cute pic's - what a cutie

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