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  1. Hi everyone I've just purchased an Eglu for my bunnies - second hand on EBay! It might have to rethink the run as it won't fit width wise at the larger end of the run (I'm going to be using the current space we already have that's built into the decked area of our garden) and don't fancy cutting out extra space from the decking. Do any of you use different runs with your Eglu? If so please can you share your ideas? Thank you Emma
  2. Thanks everyone for your replies. Going to stick with aubiose. Might get a fly catcher too. I used a good handful if stalosan in the run and once I have received my citronella oil will spray some of that around in a puffer bottle diluted.
  3. I've just had my chicken run and house placed ontop of paving slabs in the hope it will be easier to keep clean. I've used aubiose for about 6 months now and happy with it but it gets everywhere! I realise that by not having a skirt around the base of the run this will of course not help matters It's humid and now realising that there are lots of flies. I've been raking up and replenishing the aubiose every few days as just gets smelly. I pick out poo from the droppings tray every day and do try to keep up with things. I've ordered a sack of hemcore (given that it's got citronella in it). Does this help? I've also ordered some stalosan to sprinkle over and around the run. My other debate was to whether replace the floor run covering with rubber chippings but have heard mixed reviews on this idea. I tried wood chips but found it was even more smelly and heavy work when replenishing the stuff. I've had decking built around the chicken house and run so am considering planting in pots some lemongrass, basil and lavendar - any other ideas greatly received!
  4. Hi everyone I've four chickens, three of which seem quite happy. The fourth seems to have a misty glaze over her eye and spends most of her time in the hen house on the roosting bars. She is drinking and eating and quite happy to snap up her treats but just wondered if anyone knew what the problem could be before I embark on a trip to the vets?
  5. Hi there everyone After having my Eglu (and I really miss my Eglu right now!) the wooden house I've found is a tad more difficult to clean, especially at this time of year. Luckily I have a pull out shelf for the droppings and I line that with newspaper for an easy clean. The nesting boxes I also line with newspaper and then add the bedding on top. Trying to dry a wooden house after spraying down with poultry shield in winter is proving quite difficult. I've been removing debris then spraying with poultry shield, waiting the hour and then wiping it away. As the wood's now damp drying it in winter is quite difficult. Any ideas? What do you do?
  6. Thank you everyone. Got my coup today. Just need my other half to put it together. Off to get the girls on Thursday and will pick up some preventative treatment and powder at the same time. Really excited about it all. Used to have an Eglu which I regret selling as never thought I would be able to have chickens again.
  7. Hi everyone Well i've managed to get myself on the road to having more chickens. I've purchased a wooden house for now but am paranoid about red mites. I've not even got my new chickens yet! I was thinking of buying red mite powder to scatter in the house at night - is this effective???
  8. I am so glad the legislation re variations was posted on here. I have just moved to a house and when we bought it the deeds specifically say no poultry. As the legislation counteracts this I am so happy and feel really content about our decision to get some more chickens regardless. I guess it does help when one if the neighbours has 4 anyway so happy I can get some more girls. I never thought I could!
  9. Thank you everyone. Will have. Look. Just ordered my hen house. I ordered an extension fur the run so should have about 3 metres in total. So hopefully will be a good start.
  10. Hi everyone It's been a long time since i posted on here and a lot has changed since my last post. A long story but I'm starting from scratch again, am purchasing a wooden hen house and have a new garden. So I can get a few ideas on how I should set up my new girls' to be new home, I'm wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a post that has pics of owners' set ups ie runs, ideas etc?
  11. Helllooooo Catherine! Welcome to the Omlet forum The offer is there if you'd like me to watch your chooks whilst you are away. I leave the Eglu door open whilst we are away, Simon's dad comes round every day to collect the eggs and he also empties the tray when needed but the grub and water usually last a couple of days. Love your chooks by the way! Speak soon Emma
  12. You know - my Bob does the cluck, cluck type noise every so often. She stands very tall and just keeps going. She can be quite loud but it is seldom that she does this. Her and Berny I'm sure are always arguing about who is the top chick lol.
  13. Hi everyone Just wondered when chickens normally start moulting. I noticed Berny has started to look a little scraggy - a few of her feathers at the top of her head have gone - like they've come out in a clump. She's a happy chicken but just thought I'd enquire
  14. Well I half expected to go to the Eglu to let the girls out this morning only to find 2 of them prance out as was certain Hermione was not good last night. How wrong was I?? She was the first to the grub and has been on full form all day. What a relief I'm popped some tonic in their water and am going to Verm-X them all. Whatever was wrong with her has run its course and she seems to be a happy little chicken after all - so happy to see her back to her old self.

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