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  1. we have a 4ft marine tank and a seahorse tank.marineis easyonce youe water qualityis right a weekly water change of at east 10% should be enough. You just need to keep an eye on the salinity and nitrates which you van buy test kits for. We are forunate tohave a very good specialist shop near us, who advie us what we can mix with each other. It id a lot more expensive than tropical but it is very much one of those things that can be as epensive as you make it. What size tank would you be looking at?
  2. Sorry to hear you are having a bad few days.. hopefully nothing more will be put your way.
  3. I went to Cadbury today and whilst im glad to see they have improved the chickens homes and runs its still not as good as it could be. They used to just be kept int he standard runs that come with most houses which is no where near enough space. Today they have proper runs and more space but it looked like they were using straw, the houses looked dirty. The ducks had a little paddling pool which was very dirty water and the guinea foul looked petrified!! It was also quite smelly as it is all indoors with no fresh air. i think most of the smell was from the ducks but it wasnt really a good advert for people looking to get into chicken keeping..
  4. Hes home!! we have to feed him on a special diet until they get the pancreaus test resulkts back but he is alot happier and its so nice to have him home!!
  5. Hes got to stay in tonight as well, they did ask us to go in and see him after work as he is finding things quite stressful in there.. hes a lot perkier now so hopefully another night on the drip will mean he can come home tomorrow.. fingers crossed....
  6. hope shes picking up, sending lots of positive vibes and hugs x
  7. I've had mine since they were 5 motnhs, got them insured straight away with pet plan as they normally have an offer on for 1-3 months free when u start. Also if im insured with them the vets we use will claim straight from them I pay £19 a month for both and thats for the full cover.. Definately cant stress enought the importance of having it! Our last cat worked up a bill of £2500 and if u see my thread cat being sick at the moment you will see how quickly things mount up!
  8. He went for his check up this evening and the vets have decided to keep him in, hes very dehydrated and when they tookhis temprature blood came out on the thermonmeter. He said he can feel a small lump by his pancreaus.. Hes being kept in on a drip to try and rehydrate him and do some blood tests, Soooo glad we are insured as he thinks it may come to the total of 300-400 or 500-600 if he doesnt improve overnight and has to have a scan tomorrow..
  9. Love it!! Keving is very cute as well!!
  10. Well the food stayed down longer than it has for a few days but reappeared at 9pm! poor thing has taken himself off to bed now.. It was my day off work today luckily back in tomrrow but i dont work far away so will be popping home at lucnhtime to check on him before his appointment at 6.. He hasnt used the litter tray all day and i havent seen him drink anything either. his sister isnt too happy about this either as she wants to play but hes not having any of it! shes very wingy tonight and we are having to entertain her instead!
  11. Managed to get an appointment at the vets, he isnt quite sure whats going on, could just be a simple stomach bug or something more! Hes given him some anti acid injections as he was starting to cry when he was last sick, This has clamed him down a lot and he has eaten about 20 mins ago, as yet the food hasnt reappeared! We have some liquid stuff to give him then another check up tomorrow evening.. The vet was only concerned as his bladder feels really small so he may not be drinking enough. Glad i took him in as we had such a ill cat with our last one i do panic a bit but he seems a lot better now and will see how he gets on tomorrow! Thanks for all the replies!
  12. Just noticed his breathing is slightly erratic, really fast then it slows down, hes not hot at all, its really hard to tell with him as well as he generally is such a soppy cat anyway!
  13. But he literally will not step outside the back door! and I still worm, flea and vaccinate them anyway just in case he decides he does want to go off on a little expedition one day! His sister is fine but I have washed up the food.water bowls in boiling water etc just in case!
  14. He was keen to eat until this morning, he has ignored his food which isnt like him.. He is bringing up lumpy orange stuff, it did have hair in it yesterday but this morning i couldnt really see any.. He doesnt go out so i know its nothing hes eaten or touched...

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