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  1. I have got a Ginger Nut Ranger and a Miss Pepperpot. I think part of the problem is that it is a new build house so we have had to start from scratch, so no well established mature borders. I used to have a lovely row of box hedge, alternating pyramid and ball, but out of the 10 or 11 planted only 2 survived...
  2. I am on the South Coast cluckingmad, but thank you very much for the offer! Very kind I think I might try lavender in pots planted below the soil. The problem is I need something in there or I will have to get rid of it completely, and I don't want to do that because of how much the girls enjoy having it. Maybe I will post a pic of the garden so you can see what I mean!
  3. I think we were pretty lucky, we have a Boxer dog who's pretty confident, but, we have a Flo who is even more confident! She charges at him! ...and he runs!! When she's in a particulary grouchy mood she just pecks him for the hell of it! Poor dog!
  4. Thanks, that's great, will look up your suggestions.
  5. Thanks, I thought that might be the case! I have thought about netting off the flower bed but they love it so much I can't bring myself to. Other than the flower bed, it's just cobbles, gravel and woodchip. I have an allotment so grow everything I want over there and let the chickens have run of the garden. I have first hand experience of the spoiling by digging around and under, I had a lovely (and expensive!) row of box that they destroyed by doing that. Perhaps I could plant in pots? Leaving enough room for growth, and plant the pots under the soil. That way I would have more control and roots would be protected?
  6. Hi I am new to the forum, I have two chickens, Hetty, a , and Flo, a , they live in a . They are 2 1/2 years old. They have free range of the garden. The garden is very low maintenance, we have one long flower bed ...and the girls have destroyed everything in it! I don't want to get rid of the flower bed because the girls love it, but don't want to spend money on things that don't last more than a week. Does anyone know of any chicken proof plants? shubs? or small bushes? Is there such a thing? Thanks, any help greatly appreciated. Lucie
  7. Hi We have an unopened sack of chicken pellets from Scats that we would be willing to swap. We live in Eastleigh, and would be happy to come and collect. Lucie
  8. Great news... The vet confirmed that it was an impacted crop. He said that Flo was really well in herself so he was reluctant to give her stuff that she didn't need and recommended a simple course of action to start with and to keep a close eye on her. So, he showed me how to massage the crop and how to put veg oil down using a syringe. When I took her the big lump was really hard and solid and the vet managed to losen it up a bit with massage. Since then, Flo has had the oil treatment a number of times and lots of massage and now her crop feels completely normal! She is as happy as ever, eating and drinking and has layed an egg, doesn't seem at all stressed by yesterday's events or the oil treatment. Feeling very very happy, and I now know what to do if it happens again. In the meantime, after researching topic I have decided to remove straw from nest box and use shredded paper or wood chip in future. Thanks for your help on this. Lucie x
  9. We have 6ft fences so never had a problem. But, Flo, my , managed to fly / jump up on to my 4 1/2ft cardboard tower I had built as a short term solution to protecting my new bay tree....
  10. Flo has a vet appointment at 5:40 today. I will let you know how it goes. I have been reading up on impacted crops and I am pretty sure that this is what it is.
  11. Hi Her crop feels quite hard, it feels like it would normally feel after a day of eating and foraging, definitely not sloshy with liquid. Her breath smells fine. It was still full when I went to check on her this morning where as Hetty's was empty. Apart from the full crop, there is no sign of a problem. She is full of beans and eating and drinking like normal. However, it has been like this for a few days now and doesn't seem to empty. What can I do? Is there something I can try at home or something I can give her? Does she need a trip to the vets? Thanks for your help. Lucie - Just checked again and the crop is actually harder than it would normally be at the end of the day, it doesn't feel like there is any movement there at all. Just a big hard lump... Feeling very worried.
  12. Hi all I have had my chickens for 5 weeks now but still seem to worry about every little thing!! When I went out for a chicken cuddle this morning, I noticed that Flo, my , had a very full crop, like a handful. Normally in the morning there is not much there and then by late afternoon it is full. I have read stories about sour crops... I don't know what one is, but it made me feel worried and I just want to know if having a very full crop in the mornings is a sign of a problem... or is just completely normal and I am a chicken owner hypochondriac.... ...hopefully the latter! Any help or advice would be really great. Thanks Lucie
  13. Thanks for your help! This is what I will do. Thanks again. Lucie
  14. Hi I got them on Friday 3rd April. It has only been in the last week that the yellow droppings have appeared. Thanks for your help! Lucie
  15. Hi all I have been getting lots of yellow droppings, then I read the post on Chicken Health about the foamy yellow dropping that was due to blackhead or histamonosis and was really really serious and now I am scared that it isn't just one of the normal yellow ones but something a bit more sinister. Flo, my , is doing them. She hasn't started laying yet, but did her first crouch a couple of days so hopefully will start soon. She is happy and eating and drinking. Just need some reassurance! Photos: Thanks for your help! Lucie

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