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  1. I thought as much. The plan for the next week or so is to let them all free range together where there is space for them to get out the way. Pecking order is Coco --> Siouxsie --> Mimi --> Goose --> CBLs I don't expect that to change any time soon, but before we try to get them all in to the big coop together I'd like the CBLs to be a little big bigger and the other to be a little more used to them being part of the flock. Long term goal is to get them all in the big coop - I think they all benefit from the extra warmth of being together at night, especially if we have a cold winter. I'd also love to workout how we get Goose to go in to the big run - Coco get to be a right madam and chases Goose away at any attempt at meal worm bribery. Only Siouxsie can stand up to Coco
  2. Not too much kerfuffle this morning in the coop, but when I let them out into the run it was clear that Goose was going to spend her day chasing the young ones. Fortunately she went back in the Eglu so I could close the door and drag her out the side door. She's all wings and legs until you get a firm hold, then she's quite docile in your arms (not like Coco who struggles at all times). Goose is now back in with the other girl - where she's the lowest in the pecking order. I'm happier now even if she isn't.
  3. Long story short: Our big Welsummer is in the wrong run and coop. Goose is in the Eglu with Thing 1 and Thing 2, the two young cream legbars. They've all seem to be snuggled down okay, so I've left them till the morning. I'm inclined to leave her in this run tomorrow when I go to work, but she was chasing the young ones at the weekend - the weekend was the first time we let them free range together. I'll get them up early before anything kicks off, but is it fair to keep them together when I can't monitor them? Or should I yank her out and put her back with the other hens before I open the pop hole? Long story I need OH's permission to tell, but it ended with chasing Goose around the garden at 7pm with no light except a hand torch.
  4. We forced our new girls in with the oldie just a few weeks ago and this sounds familiar. On their own the new girls went to be an hour before the old girls, but Coco used to evict them for the first week and they had to go in last. Now we seem to have a better equilibrium, but there clearly a reshuffle when Coco goes in, but they are now all on the perch together - but not always in the same order.
  5. If they call again, get the name of his company and tell them your time is valuable, you will be charging £50 per call and If they call again they have accepted the contract and will be invoiced. Check they have understood you, and put the phone down. Never had the guts to do this myself but it might work.
  6. Or remove the table and see if they go back to the Eglu. Is the Eglu on the ground or raised? Could it be the new table had added height and so they're now preferring some extra hight in their roost.
  7. We started with four hybrid and kept a chart as they started to lay. Vertical axis is in grammes Bettie was the bluebell hybrid Coco is a Coucou Marran hybrid Siouxsie is Light sussex hybrid Ginger was Gingernut hybrid We also has a few gaps, a few softies and a few tiny eggs By the end of the chart until now the size is only a little bigger, at about 64g for Coco and Siouxsie Our new hen (a Vorwork) , who laid her first egg yesterday, manager 40g
  8. Sometimes I get the impression there's a whole world out there I don't understand
  9. Always good to be cautions and introduce them in a place so neither feel threatened, but you should have no problem. Hens aren't normally intimidated and cats are curious but cautious. Picture speaks for itself...
  10. Mimi's first egg was waiting for us when we got home tonight [ At 40g it's not a bad size for a first egg but looks so small up against Cocos's 64g egg (The picture is making it look bigger than it is). But first egg
  11. I once had a neighbour who complained to me about the autumn leaves falling on his newly paved-over back garden. Wanted me to chop down our 30+ year-old trees. Moral: not all complaints are reasonable.
  12. Was watching our young Vorwerk chase our Ginger tom cat this afternoon. Unfortunately not all cats are same and your neighbour's sound particularly vicious - I wonder if it's an un-neutered tom.
  13. Not sure I'd want one for every day use, as I think the hens and I both benefit from that hen-to-human contact at each end of the day, but knowing that the door would close or open at the right time when I can't be there (like when stuck in traffic on the way home from work) would be good. I would need to be persuaded on reliability and of safety of the hens. With the Kickstart, would you aim to build a prototype or go all the way into production?
  14. Having just been to the Ai Weiwei exhibition at Blenham Plalace (which I enjoyed immensely) I'm sure it would not be out of place in any good modern art exhibition. I'd love to hear the art critics describe it - probably something about answering the ultimate question of life the chicken and the egg. Hope you're going to frame that picture and hang it on wall. Just don't tell you insures it's been valued at 1/4 million.
  15. I've only had truffles once and I was not that impressed. Are they the 'Emperors new clothes' of food, or am I just not getting them. Plate looks amazing though. I very impressed, and jealous, and now feeling just a little hungry.
  16. Well done! My arm sometimes feels bruised for few hours - I've discovered more I move it the quicker that goes away - and that's all. Hope you've found the same.
  17. Okay, no food and water in the coop. Instead I'll just try more feeding and watering stations. The bad weather, especially the early mist is probably not encouraging them the get up with alacrity in the mornings. I do hope they do get out in the little sunshine when we get it.
  18. Getting yet another feeder in the run itself is probably a good idea as. Unfortunately . at the moment he new girls have taken to hiding in the coop. They are all getting about 40 minutes of free ranging when OH gets home, but it getting dark quite quickly now. The new girls get some food then. It could be that they come out to feed during the day. Most likely time would be when Coco goes in to lay, but that's when we are at work, so we con't monitor. I'm wondering if we should put some food and water in the coop itself. They are now all sleeping in a line on the single perch in the coop, so that feels like that's some progress. Earlier in the week only the old girl were on the perch.
  19. A weakened immunsystem is one of the criteria for getting free flu jabs on the NHS, so I'm surprised it's due to immunosuppressants, but the antibiotic allergies my be the real problem. Antibiotic are in the vaccine production process and there maybe some traces left in the vaccine. If you are allergic to a only a few types of antibiotic then maybe it's possible to find a flue vaccine that just uses an antibiotic that you are not allergic to. If it was only the GP's surgery staff telling you this rather than face to face with a doctor, then it might be worth getting a GP appointment to directly discuss this with your Doctor in person.
  20. I use three of these quite frequently Two I've not heard of. The rest I know but would be cautious in using in case I err in their meaning I failed English. But I do like words like alacrity. That's one I remember by dad using, and I still hear his voice when I say it. Last week I ask an undergraduate not to 'write reams' and had to explain the term. He had had an American Education education I think.
  21. Well, only one way to find out, as far as I know.
  22. I'm on immunosuppressants too. Which is why I'm in the high risk group. I've been having the jab regularly for 18 years without a problem - Maybe a sore arm for a day, but nothing more. But I'm not squeamish about needles, which helps. But I don't think anyone should force you.
  23. OH, Bramble, that could be from my car, except the dog stuff, but have instead a reel of fine lead solder, a pair if OH's boots, and a lock-and-lock of meal worms for when we visit some hens we know. OH once had a rather desiccated banana returned to her after a service an clean, just in case she was wanted it
  24. It doesn't help with Man Flu However, I'm booked for mine later this month. Never has a problem with it, fortunately, and the flu would be very bad for me.

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