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  1. Everyone, Thank you. You so much put my mind at rest. Although I am now just a little worried about the safety of the cats We'll let the cats (and us) get well settled in before taking on new members of the family. Three weeks at least before letting that cats out, if we can manage it. They need to feel safe at their home, so I guess we should let them explore their new environment fully before introducing beaks and feathers. If I can I'll try to capture the moment of introduction. If I do I'll try to post the pictures here
  2. Hi, I new here and new to all things chicken, but OH has been lusting after having hens for some time now and we're about to move somewhere that might just be more suitable. However, we have two cats, who seem quite intent on decimating the local wildlife. They've not caught anything larger than a mouse so far (least nothing they've brought home for approval), but the Tom sits eyes up the pigeons that sit on our fence and makes loud clacking noises. From what I've read here cats and chickens seem to cope, but is there any advice on how to introduce hens to cats? For example, how long after moving home do you think we should wait before adding hens to the cats and stirring?

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