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  1. That's what we're hoping. After 5 days of internment it would be nice to have a single flock. It was noticeable today that the the two young ones were keeping their distance from Coco, but as soon as Siouxsie was back out after laying they ran from the other end of the garden to join her, and even tolerated Coco. Pity Coco can't tolerate them and chases them aways if they get a little too close.
  2. Third night and they all went to bed without incident. Just as it should be. That gives me a warm feeling inside They all seems to be getting on well today, thank you. Although Coco is still chasing the young ones away when there's food involved.
  3. Goose, the Wesommer, got her name because she hoots like a goose, and the name sort of stuck. We do intend to think of better names for Thing One and Thing Two, but until then the names do seem to be rather apt. I have one of the CLB eating from my hand. The other is a fraction more shy. Never had CBLs before nor Welsummer nor Vorwerk, so all new to us. I rather like how Goose has a distinct personality. It will be interesting to see how it evolves. Although I'm sure you're right, I don't think we'll get the skittishness out of her now.
  4. One per paragraph, that almost restrained We evicted our broody every day and she was okay pecking around with the other but as soon as the coop door was opened she was back in the nest box. We let her come out of it in her own time - she was eating and drinking so it seemed safe. Next time though we might have to try a broody cage. As far as following the head hen, no, I think our just follow each other with no obvious 'leader'. When we still had Ginger she was at the bottom of the peking order, but often the most adventurous, and we often saw her out ahead of the others.
  5. Our Welsummer goes very quite and placid when we pick her up, but the only time we can catch her is when she's half asleep in the coop, so that might help. Around the the oldies she's quite nervy but does manage to snatch the odd morsel or tid bit from under their noses (although nine times out of ten then drops it in her eagerness to get away). She's often seen running round the garden, or getting in to trouble with best-of-friends Mimi. So I wouldn't describe her as 'calm'. Just shows how different hens can be.
  6. It's the first time we've introduced hens, so learning as we go. Good to know it is typical behaviour. Next week they'll have to spend quite some time together while we are at work, so hopefully it will ebb, if not go away entirely. Then we have the two newbies to introduce in a few weeks time. They're currently in quarantine. However, they can stay in the Eglu by themselves, if they want to.
  7. Now we have the our two young hens in with the two oldies there is a clear hogging of the food by the oldies. We have two grubs in the run but which ever one the young girls try to eat from the oldies come and take over. This is only there second day in the run together, but they've been free ranging together for weeks. Is behaviour something that will fade out and if so how long could we expect it to keep going for before we need to consider new arrangements?
  8. Our don't seem to eat them. Neither the pelargonium style geraniums nor the true geraniums. They do peck at them but I think they're going for insects or morning dew. They've dug a few up though, so best put a guard round them until established. Newly disturbed soil is like a magnet to our hens
  9. How skittish is your Welsummer, Chickabee. Ours is very nervy. She does eat from my hand but it's more of grab and run. She and Mimi are best of friend though, so Mimi being a little braver seems to encourage Goose to be braver too.
  10. Almost managed it. Everyone in bed except Mimi who wanted to roost in the lilac tree. She studied it from every angle, walked round it at least three time, even tried launching herself vertically in to its branches - I'm sure she managed nearly 6 foot - and, having found no way up, squawks loudly from on top of the coop. Eventually with just a little encouragement from us, she walks in to the run and goes straight to bed. She's turning out to be a right Diva. Here is Goose and Mimi from a few weeks ago
  11. Yes, we have grass At least in that bit. We moved the run for the newbies on to a good spot. I'm sure it won't last long Fun and games about to start again. We're crossing our fingers they all go in tonight by themselves.
  12. To be honest, I rather they lay when thery're ready. Have put them all on to growers today. The oldie love it!
  13. Yes, mostly. No fighting in the coop or anything, but the young girls - one is a Welsummer (Goose) and the other is a Vorwerk (Mimi). Unfortunately Cocoa (Hybrid with lots of Cuckoo Maran genes) chases the the young girls from time to time. We're hopping shell settle down in while. The newbies are a pair of Cream Legbars - they doing everything together, so they already have the nicknames of Thing One and Thing Two
  14. We've just put all our hens in together for the first time. The two young one were in Eglu and the two 3-year olds in the bigger wooden coop with a run attached. We used Eglu netting to corral them in to one half the garden with big coop and moved the Eglu out the way. This is the first week we seen them all getting on well together and looking like a single flock - it's only taken 8 weeks! Then we crossed our fingers. Amazingly they all went in to the run at about the same time, although the new girls were the last in and did pace up and down for a while. By now it was way past their bedtime as the youngster usually go to be hour before the oldies. The oldies went up to bed first, followed not that far behind by on of the new girls. Lots of booking, followed, but no flapping and it settled down fairly fast. One more to go. But she was having none of it. She paced back and forth and squawking loudly. We tried the torch trick but it didn't help. By now it was dark. I don't know what the problem was. I wonder if she just din't like the steps, or perhaps it was because she'd just lost her bed friend. Whatever it was she was was making sure the rest of the world new about it. Eventually, after about half an hour, we grabbed her and popped her in with the other. Barely a bok. She settle down almost immediately. I think the other were asleep (despite the squawking outside). So, up early tomorrow to let them out before anything ugly kicks off. And meanwhile the Eglu (after a good scrub) now has two newbies, who went to bed in their new home without any fuss or bother. #morehens
  15. We've just but our two new girls in with the 3-year olds for the first time today. The new girls are about 25/26 weeks an have been fed on growers and not yet laying. Is it now safe for them to have layers, or should we switch them all to growers? I heard somewhere that layers can encourage them to start laying. Could that be true?
  16. We been watching as OH has been wanting to go for some time, but the situation seems to be getting worse for tourists all the time. It a great shame as I was there briefly in the 70's and really enjoyed it. The culture so different to what I was use to.
  17. We always keep the pop hole closed at night, and not had a problem with mould. Our case of mould in wood chip was from an unused but old and open pack. It might be worth changing the bedding in case the wood shavings are more prone to it, or perhaps already have the spores in them. Another thought, is the Go Up near anything like a wall or fence that could either reduce ventilation or be a source of mould spores?
  18. You popped up on my twitter feed earlier today, in-between Williams Racing and the Warwickshire Police. You looked very presentable.
  19. Let it tell a story but keep it simple - Bobble hat and a milkshake moustache
  20. I went to put new Easichick in the coop yesterday and realise it was had little brown spots, which I assume is some fungal growth. The pack had been open a for a while with the top folded down in our dry outhouse. I've not seen that before. I'm wondering if it was the warm damp weather and that I'd by folding down (which I don't normally do) meant it had sweated. I opened a new pack and it was unaffected and noticeable paler in colour - I think the darker colour in the old open pack was meant it was damp, although it felt dry.
  21. I don't know. The outing points might be just generic and there no specific camera. Also, there is a fair chance that the work of webcams has moved on since the Cube was design. I have been looking at the Tenvis Wireless Security Camera Web Cams. Especial the battery operated versions so I do't need to run wires for power. Amazon have some around £30. One thing I could not always find was how close they focused. As they are security cameras they might not have that good focus close up, which will be needed for inside the Cube. So, Interested in anyone who has used one or similar.
  22. That was disappointing. I had hoped it was at least something useful (to me)
  23. I'm curious as to what is the ConSof tab in the User Control panel supposed to do? I can't remember seeing it before, but when I click it gives an error. Am I missing something fantastic? Probable not. More like I'm being distracted but this so as not to be doing something I really ought to be doing but looking for an excuse to put it of until the last minute
  24. I was really surprised. In every other ways they're behaving like stroppy teenagers. Goose and Naomi bonding in a rare moment the not running round the garden like
  25. Is it normal - our young hens are in their coop asleep almost an hour before our older girls go to theirs. They have separate coops and runs, but free range together - albeit the two newbies go round together and the two oldies go their own way.

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