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  1. I hacked in to little finger with a bread knife fifteen years ago while at a business lunch in Oslo. I can still just about see the scar it left. Surprisingly little blood for quite a deep cut from a fairly blunt knife - only had a paper napkin to stem the flow, so probably why I had a scar.
  2. If I phone Monday I'm usually able to see a GP in the same week. Often follow up appointments are done by phone in a free days. Normally get the receptionist to tell me the blood test results if they have arrived back (but you need to know what the numbers mean). I've never had to use the GP's emergency appointment service, but I have used the county wide out-of-hours emergency system several times, and found it very effective. Usually getting to speak to a doctor in under an hour, and treated within a couple more hours at the local cottage hospital - it has no emergent department, but the doctor can send you there to be seen out-of-hours. I've experienced the local Hospital A&E twice - both times by Ambulance albeit not life threatening. Both time we were left waiting for many many hours to be treated.
  3. Have been sitting outside in the dark, much to the puzzlement of our two cats, to watch the Perseids meteor shower. Put out the deck chairs so we could look mostly upwards and relaxed. The sky was a little patchy with cloud drifting across but we could see the plough and could separate the two starts called Alcor and Mizor in the handle, so perhaps not too bad. The Perseus constellation always seemed to have a thick covering of cloud, but we spotted four or five good bright shooting starts and a few maybes. Also saw one or two satellites and a lots of planes. Unfortunately the clouds took over so we came in after about an hour and left the cats in charge of the garden once again.
  4. Prisoner (if anyone don't know, The Prisoner is a cult TV series and Rover was the name of the balloon that ate you if you strayed)
  5. I don't pay any road tax on by 1971 car and it's far from green at 28mpg
  6. Cars with fog lights on when there is no fog and those that have them on even in a queue of traffic. If I'm behind you and I have not crashed in to you why do you still need to dazzle me with your high intensity fog light and make it almost impossible for me to see when you brake. Wrong capitalisation when measurements units are abbreviated - why is it considered okay to get km or ms or kg or dBm or kHz wrong when the same people would be appalled if I wrote 'your' when I meant you're. Even big companies seem to get this wrong. Shops that only open when I'm at work, especially those that also close at lunchtime. PPI claim phone calls Why am I more irritated the older I get.
  7. titrate (honestly it was the first thing that came to mind)
  8. Lentil Curry - as cooked for the BBQ 1kg red Lentils 4 large white onions, chopped 4 large potatoes, peeled and roughly diced in to 2cm cubes Half a bulb of garlic, peeled and crushed Root ginger, about a 5cm length, peeled - crush half, slice the remained One red chilli, sliced with seeds 4 tablespoons curry powder 2 tablespoons turmeric 2 tablespoons ground cumin 1 tablespoon sugar 2 teaspoons chilli powder 1 teaspoon salt 1 tin chopped tomatoes Put all the lentils in a large pot and simmer in a little water - start with enough water to cover the lentils and add more when necessary to keep the mixture sloppy Meanwhile, sweat the onions a little vegetable oil in a large flat pan, don't allow them to brown Mix all the spices, sugar, salt and crushed ingredients together and add them to the onions with the fresh chilli Cook for 5 minutes on a high heat. Add more oil as necessary to form a dry paste Add the tin of tomatos and simmer for a few more minutes Boil the potatoes but aim to keep them firm (I prefer waxy potatoes) When the lentils are ready (aim for soft but not mushy), stir in the curry paste, sliced ginger. Add the potatoes and mix.
  9. I'm working on the theory that as long as they have a balanced diet a few green's aren't going to do any harm. No signs of runs or any other side-effect from eating the rhubarb that I've noticed. last year I got worried when red spots were appearing in their dropping - turned out to be all the rose hips they were eating. They also ate several of my cauliflowers last year. Ignored them, then devoured each one as they became ready to pick. Hence the new fence. They get the flower garden. I get the veg garden. Unfortunately the cats have just dug up my carrots Yeh, I like it too
  10. We have one hen that just loves our Rhubarb. Last year the hens ate everything in the garden, except the rhubarb. This year we put up a what we thought was a hen-proof-fence. Now at least one hen - Siouxsie - just cant get enough of it seems... Hasn't seemed to have caused her any harm, yet.
  11. We bought some plastic flip bins from T****'s that had been marked down. They're bright purple, which is probably why there weren't selling. They work really well, but are not mouse safe. We used one for a large sack of corn and stored it in our out-house but mice chewed through the plastic at the bottom. I'm now looking out for an anodised bin that's not too expensive.
  12. We managed to get there late on Sunday (would have ben earlier but we waited until the unexpected snow had started to melt a little). Picked up a few bargains and things, and had a good time. It's really nice to have a show that has easy (free) parking and not so crowded (like the Garden's World Live show at the NEC) and people had the time to talk to you. I'd recommend it to anyone for next year, but it's not happening next next year
  13. We visited Omlet Shop at Barn Farm Plants about 9 months ago. It was rather small and not that impressive. Stock levels seemed a little random. I would have been disappointed if I came a long way just to visit the shop. I've seen Omlet merchandise being sold in a few places, like The Poultry Centre north of Towcester (part of Bell's Plantation). They tend to have a limited range of cubes and Eglus and some other things like Glugs, Fencing, etc. Useful if you want to see things before purchasing. The Omlet factory (also near Banbury) is open on request. Never visited it (tried once but got lost, and I'm almost local). I'd like to know if anyone have found it and what it was like.
  14. Never mine the gritters, we've just had to 'snow plough' the coop step so the hens could get up to bed. They kept slipping off.
  15. If it's a memo for work then not type it directly in to the e-mail? Typing in to an App would usually require everyone who get your memo to have the same App or would require you to convert it to a format that they can read (such as Microsofts .doc format, or a Adobe's .pdf format) before sending. E-mails, on the other hand, are usually readable by everyone. If you do really need something more than e-mails can offer (like tables of content,of complex formatting) then you do first need to consider how it is going to be read (which applications will be used). Pages on iPad may allow export to some a Microsoft Word format - which tend to be the norm for most business document that need to be edited. If you don't need the complexly formatted memos then I'd go with a simple e-mail. It has another advantage of being much less costly in effort and your emails will be small and quicker to send - Apps tend to turn even a few word in to several thousand bytes and with Microsoft Word formats probably several mega bytes.
  16. I know you've found the cache, but if you still want to solve the cypher I think I know how. I believe it's written in a programming language (called a name I'm not going to type here. See this Wiki page). You need a compiler to turn it in to a program. If you run the program I would expect it to display useful message. That's my theory. I've not tried to do this yet (I'm at work). May try later, if no one else get there first - good one for a computer geek

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