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  1. Thanks. I can cope for another week or so. Looking at the weather forecast this week then staying in the coop all day might not be a bad plan I've not noticed anything unusual with her poos. Maybe my exercise regime has unexpected benefits
  2. I'm happy to let her broody phase end naturally. We don't really have room for a broody cage or separate pen at the moment. To be honest, we have enough eggs from the other three. Is there any other disadvantage of letting her be broody other than less eggs and a few feathers lost She's eating okay spend most of the tome doing hen things wit the others? She's still the fastest hen to the meal worms and has recently Ginger seems to have taught her to jump for them (must post photos one day). When she first went broody we tried to keep her out the nest box and thought we had succeeded, but we had to leave the pop hole open for the other girls and she spend most of two days in the coop while we were at work. It was very noticeable that in those few days Bettie took the head-hen position from her. It ended with bettie chasing Coco round the garden. It took a while to get them back together again. For a week or more Coco tended to avoid Bettie and the rest of the flock and Bettie was quite aggressive when she did get too close. Is this normal? Fortunately, they now seem to have settled their differences and are back to going around together. I suspect Bettie still holds the crown but they get on so well I can't tell. What I'm pondering on is whether I should I just keep doing what I am doing by evicting her from the coop at every opportunity or whether I let her be broody in peace and just evict her a couple of time a day to make sure she eats. Could I unintentionally be making things worse.
  3. Coco's been broody now for a few weeks. She sleeps in the nest box and is all puffed out and fractious in the morning. We've been lifting her out on to the ground and she wonders off, throwing bit and pieces over her shoulder, but she soon mixes with the other hens, and doing what hens do. I've been acting as door keeper in the morning and letting the other hens back in but keep her out, otherwise she goes straight back in to the nest box and puffs up again. I can't always do this as I have to leave the pop hole open when I go to work if they've not al laid, but mostly they lay early. I wondering how long this is likely to last. She's been broody for almost three weeks but did keep laying for the first four or five days. Her appetite seems to be coming back as she actually headed for the Grub today whereas normally she's been ignoring it and heading for the pop hole at any opportunity. Is this a good sign? Is there any other signs to look for that would indicate the broody phase is almost over? When she get out of this mood will she start laying immediately, or is there a period where she's not laying but also not broody? I don't what to hoiking her out of the nest box if she going to lay.
  4. There is nothing else like watching hens Congrats on the new hens. I'm sure in a few days you'll have them all eating out of your hand and being naughty when you're not looking. Remember to post pictures
  5. Looking at their combs, I predict you have another couple of weeks to wait for the one o the left, and more for the other two on the right. Our Sussex (Siouxsie) get really grubby by using a dust bath she and the rest of the girls have created under the fir trees where the soil is bone dry. They have a communal bathe most days, but Siouxie is the one that seems to come out looking worse than when she went in. They all love it though.
  6. Congrats on your BS381 216 coloured egg
  7. I assume you mean P and T poultry, as you said in your first post. It does sound to me that the design of the run needs experienced people to assemble - if they said to you it's easy to assemble before you purchased, even if only on the phone, and then they've miss-sold. You should be able to reject it as not fit for purpose (not suitable for home assembly). Also, it's clear from their web page they themselves designed this (first line of the description starts "We have designed a new chicken run..."). They are therefore responsible for the design, not the manufactures. Anyway, they sold it to you therefore they are responsible either way. It might be a good idea to take some photos showing the problems. If it comes down to any dispute they may help your cause. .
  8. I'll love to know the answer too. Two of ours girls do, and two don't I'm think we've made the nestbox too cosy. Should we be putting them on the bar?
  9. can chickens be that naughty. No mealworms! That's taking it a bit far. Or should I start to worry. Our Ginger and Siouxsie seem as thick as thieves some times and despite being at the bottom of the hen hierarchy are often leading the others astray as this photo clearly shows... Caught the pair of them in the fenced of veg patch this morning - they had made a dust bath where I was going to plant carrots
  10. Sounds like my OH. We had just passed Nick Hewer (of Apprentice, and now Countdown) in our local supermarket
  11. OH and I have exchanged twitter messages while in a restaurant, while sitting at the same table (for two), and more than one time.
  12. We had our hens exactly month now. Two have been laying since the beginning of March and the other two have just started to squat, but no eggs yet. Of the two that are laying, one started to lay within days of squatting. The other still refuses to squat (but she's head hen so probably considers it beneath her). They did take a little time to get used to treats. Now they all go mad for mixed corn and all will eat from our hands, even Siouxsie who was very shy. They all love meal worms , except Coco and she really could not be bothered with them We've tried then on grapes - which Ginger loves, and carrots - which none love, and cabbage leaves - which only Siouxsie seems interested in. So, I'm learning that all hens are different, but then getting to know them is the fun part
  13. So, maybe we don't want or need DEFRA to clarify anything further. I wouldn't want to undermine their power to keep the food chain healthy, and a little bit of ambiguity allows good common sense to prevail.
  14. The DEFRA statement does seem to make it quite difficult for us to feed them anything other than shop bought chicken food. I'd like to see a DEFRA definition of waste. At the moment don't we have to assume anything leaving the kitchen not on a plate is waste?
  15. I agree with you about tea But, no, never used one - don't need an excuse to lay in - That comes far too easily need a good reason to get up or I'll be in bed all day
  16. Redwing's solution sound nifty and sounds simpler than mine This is what I've done. It lets me hang a Grub on the 1/2 inch wire mesh of a non-eglu run. It consists of a thick wire bent in a 'H' like shape for hanging the Grub on the wire and and couple of blocks that glue to the Grub and act a spacers to stop it tilting forward. I painted the blocks green to match the Grub and to preserve the wood.
  17. I hope not! I think he just wants to play, but the girls are taking no notice. Ours are getting a little bigger. 44g now from Bettie and 46g today from Coco. Ginger might be squatting, so with luck we'll have three girls laying by next week. Coco's egg is almost identical to Betties, but is slightly darker and has faint speckles at one end. A speckled egg from a speckled hen. Looking forward to see what Ginger lays.
  18. We are no experts either, but we had two consecutive softies at the weekend from one of our young girls and now she's back to lying good ones with thick shells. What surprised us was that both softies were laid outside on the paving, not even in the run, while the good ones have always been in the nestbox. Even when all the girls are free ranging she comes back in to the run and goes in to the nestbox to lay. I think if she looks well and is behaving normally after the softie all is okay.
  19. OH saw that and thought it looked like a TV (and cute too). Being able to fit in to a coorner is a great plus and might even outweigh the need for the grill - we could always get a salamander grill at some point.
  20. Yes, I would miss a bath. We have both a bathroom and a shower room and the shower get used most often as it's quick and easy, but the bath is for relaxing in and for some reason I feel a lot cleaner after a bath. It would be on my negative list if a house I was looking at didn't have a bath. I could cope with only a shower over the bath but having no bath feels wrong some how. Another thing: my mother struggles to get in to and out of a bath so has to shower. I'm sure there will come a day when I'll find the same, but up until then I want to be able to take a bath when I want to.
  21. We gave our old one to the in-laws, who then got rid of it because it was too big - can't blame them really, as it was monstrous, but we could have one with it now - and it was 15+ years old and still working fine. It's seems they don't make them like they used to. Have been looking at microwave grills on Amazon. I think the Sharp or the panasonic look the best for us. Can't find out if you can grill with the door open. We often just put a frying pan under the grill to toast the top of a tortilla Espanola or melt cheese over an omelette. No sure we'll be able to do that with a microwave grill. can you grill with the door open?
  22. He does spend rather a lot of time watching them... We had a couple of softies over the weekend. One we know was from Bettie, the other we assume was too. Today we had a good egg from her and the largest so far at 44g. And Coco has continued to lay, mostly 41g but she also produced our smallest so far at 24g. Nothing from our other to yet.
  23. I think OH kept the receipt, but I don't think I'm likely to get much luck with Panasonic am I? Usually microwaves only have 1 a year warranty. Have you had success with Panasonic? The cup was okay and one we've used before. It looked like it was arcing inside the wall on the right. You can just see it in the video I think. I know what you mean about the gilding. I did once make that mistake with a plate and it sparked very nicely - not this microwave though.

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