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  1. Our microwave has gone bang There's a warning in this about not using a microwave when you're not nearby There is a bad electrical arcing smell now in the kitchen and if I was not there to stop it and blow out the flames it would have been much worse. The video is the second time - the first time I just heard the arcing. That's the beauty of phones these days - you always have a camera on you I wondering about replacing it with a microwave with grill. Anyone know if the grill on a microwave works well or is it just for browning and crisping? Being able to cook cheese on toast without firing up the Esse (cooker like an Arga) would be good, for example.
  2. Very glad we bought the Omlet coop cover last weekend - drizzle with a little sleet thrown in for good measure, all Sunday.
  3. Now I'm hungary again Technical note: I think this forum search engine ignore all three letter words - might explain why some of your searches failed
  4. No, but I have seen similar ones. They are spectacular, and this must have been a good one by all accounts. It was a lovely clear night last night and I almost went out to have a look at the stars and the moon
  5. A sharp knife - he won't find one of those in a student house as they're normally as blunt as hammer A cheese grater - 50% of my cooking at Uni required grated cheese Chilli power - the other 50% required chilli powder Garlic - I could not be without it Tub of mixed herbs - will disguise most kitchen disasters when you've run out of chilli 1000 Recipes book - Just what it says and bought for £1.99 and never fails me Tin opener - if all else fails, open a tin Uni is a great way to learn how to cook, even if it's only spaghetti Bolognese and chilli con carne - two dishes that were my staple at Uni and for many years after.
  6. And this morning we have our first egg from Coco. Laid while I waited for her to come out the coop when I opened up. It's warm and brown and beautiful, and at 41g a fraction bigger than what Bettie has been laying.
  7. I've now mostly switch from corn to dried mealworms. Three of the girls come round to to liking them, but Coco really doesn't think much of them. This has been great because with the corn she's been barging everyone out of the way. Now I can treat the others and I've actually got Ginger and Siouxsie eating from my hand too. Siouxsie is usually too timid to approach and that barrier is now slowly breaking down now. Where do you get live mealworms?
  8. It may be a little early to start planning when we've only had two small eggs from our four girls, but we are planning lemon curd when we have more eggs. How did it go, Plum? Any hints or suggestions, and which recipe did you use? We were looking a a Delia recipe or Nigel Slater's. With Nigel's you end up with spare egg whites, so if we go that route we'll be making meringue too.
  9. And a second egg today Both have been about 35g in weight. Is that normal for the first few eggs?
  10. I did the snoopy dance I'm planning a small egg sandwich for my lunch tomorrow. And hoping someone will ask "what's your sandwich today?" - not that they will, they never do. I we have another tomorrow I think OH must decide, to be fair
  11. We have our first egg. OH found it in the nestbox when she came home from work. We're all assuming it's Bettie Blue's as she's the only one of our girls squatting. And she's looking very proud of herself (and Augustus seems to agree) It's small but perfect. Looks like I have be having a (small) egg sandwich for my lunch tomorrow Well done Bettie Blue
  12. We have our first egg We think it was Bettie Blue, as she's the only one squatting and OH found it in the side of the nestbox that betty has been favouring. If we are right then that means its been only three days between us first noticing Bettie's squatting behaviour and her giving us our first egg.
  13. What's the definition of leftovers? The best I've seen on the DEFRA site is " Catering waste is defined as all waste food". That sound a little circular to me. If I cut up a lettuce to jointly give some to us humans and some to the hens is that different from if I cut up a lettuce to give to us humans, and then give what's left to the hens. I don't think either of the above is waste food, although the second is on principle left overs. A better definition might help understand the intent of DEFRA. I'm sure they're not intending it to apply in this way.
  14. For a very cheap home made alternative, how about 1 litre water bottles cut in half. We've these for bean seedlings. Push them a little way in to the ground and it keeps the slugs off too. Cutting the bottle in half length ways might work for short rows of seeds. You can use the coat hanged to pin them down against the wind They are not going to make a big cloche, so when the seedlings get big enough something bigger may be needed. If you don't plant all your seeds/seedlings at the same time then maybe it's not a problem and it could reduce the number of bought cloches you need.
  15. Your 'mess' is my kind of tidy, Redwing! Impressive collection of drinkers and feeders too.
  16. Tonight we made up our minds to carry out a full inspection of our girls for the first time We followed the guidance of waiting an hour after they had gone to bed and then pounced. I took each one out in turn, with OH acting as torch bearer, in to our outhouse where I had a chair to sit on. Gave each one a good stroke and felt their crops - which were all full and like a sock full of small marbles - and checked both eyes. Then turned each onto their back and had a good rummage in their nether regions. I hope we'll get better at this because it took us an age to find their vent through all the fluff. And finally we checked pin bones, legs and feet. No mite or lice found or anything else untoward. They pass muster. And all four they were all as good as gold Pin bones of Betty blue were about 3cm apart. I think that means we still have some time to go before eggs, although she is squatting. Ginger, who we have thought of as the youngest is confirmed with the smallest pin bone separation of about 1.5cm. Feeling very much relieved now, and now we've done it we're going to do it more regularly. I can't believe how easy it actually was
  17. I clearly have corn addiction I tried them with mealworm today but I don't think they know what they are and looked so disappointed when they discovered my hand didn't contain any corn . They did eventually take a few but got bored after only a few.
  18. No according to this, Fred. It also say you need an aerial in the Legal Stuff about BT Vision. I think the BBC iPlayer comes via the phone line (using the broadband connection). The movies on demand probably do come this way too. There are a few movie channels on FreeView, so they may be enough if you're happy to wait for ones you want to watch to come around. We used to have Sky and switched to FreeView when we realise how little use we were making of the Sky only parts. The channel selection is not quite the same and we did miss some channels, but not for long. Currently we have more of the hard disk than we seem to have time to watch.
  19. Ah, I hadn't spotted that. Our FreeView box is actually a harddisk player with FreeViw built in. These cost a little more. about £120 for 100 hours, for example. The freezing is really useful when the phone rings
  20. As far as I can tell the TV side of BT Vision is essentially FreeView from the aerial on your roof. That's what we have via a FreeView box and we are very pleased with it. I think that with the BT Vision package you are in effect renting the FreeView box(?) Most new TVs now come with free view built in, and stand alone ones cost as little as £50. Having said that, BT Vision, does seem to offer some extras, like BBC iPlayer and Sky Sports. BBC iPlayer is very good and I like it. I can't comment on the Sky Sports stuff as I've never had it (and wouldn't appreciate it anyway). Our Sony Bravia TV has FreeView and BBC iPlayer built in, as well as a few other extras (we we don't use much).
  21. But It's fun to have them eat from your hand
  22. A corner of our outhouse which was just a wood store and a place to keep junk has grown over the few weeks we've had our hens. I'm rather proud of it as it feels like my 'the other office'. But, I'm wondering where everyone else stores their pellets, sprays and products, and where you do those little jobs like filling the feeders and measuring out the ACV. Whether you just have a shelf or a whole room, are you proud of it or does it drive you mad ? Photos too please On the desk is a project to adapt a Grub to hang on non-Eglu wire mesh. And behind me is two bright purple flip top bins (from Tesco) where we store the layers pellets.

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