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  1. Thanks for the advice - that's really helpful! Hope your house move goes well scramblehead...
  2. Hello everyone I was wondering if anyone had any advice/tips on what will make moving house for the chickens easy. The reality of is it that we probably won't get to the new property (only about 1 mile away) until around lunchtime. I've got a very large cat carrier that I plan on transporting them in or will they be better off in a cardboard box? I basically need to work out a plan of attack for the day! Any advice/tips would be most welcomed! Thanks.
  3. Thanks... After some searching I've found a supplier of Hemcore that's not too far away so am going to pop across and get some this afternoon and see how we get on with that. How often to do change the floor of the run (mine too is covered)?
  4. Hi The only horse bedding our local pet supplier sells is Medi-Bed which is basically chopped up straw... does anyone use this and is it ok? Or do I need to look further afield for alternatives? Thanks, Sal
  5. Hi John Just a thought about the smell... my chicken run started with smelling a little and then became quite unbearable and this coincided with a lot of heavy rain we had back in July. I ended up having to dig the entire run out and this is when we discovered that it was the food that had fallen on the floor and got wet that was causing the smell. We've now covered the run over with some plastic sheeting and it doesn't smell any more
  6. Hi It seems that one or two of my chickens are moulting and it's also coincided with them stopping laying... can this be so or is it a case of there might be another problem? Also, with the two that aren't laying they are no longer crouching when I approach them and they're being quite defiant in not going back into their run in the evenings. They've been that bad I've stopped letting them out to free-range as my garden is rather large to keep chasing them around. They're even turning their noses up at their favourite treats to entice them back in! Any advice would be appreciated... thanks guys. Sal
  7. My stepmum and a couple of my sisters suffer from asthma, quite badly sometimes, and they have the same problems with fur and feathers! However, this is only when they are in a confined space, ie in your house. I've never heard any of my family complain that the chickens are making them asthamatic and they come round for frequent bbqs with the chickens roaming around the garden. It sounds to me that she's probably using it as an excuse for you to move the run! A difficult situation by the sounds of it, but what she's saying I find quite unbelievable. Hope you manage to sort it out with your neighbours.
  8. Thanks for all your replies and advice. The smell was that bad that we decided to completely dig out the run yesterday - there was approx 3" of rubber chippings, poo, mud and food and then we left it for a while in the sun to dry out. We've now resorted to putting a heavy duty clear sheet that covers the run over the top down to about 2/3 of the way down and have filled it with wood shavings - is that the same as woodchip?! I went out this morning and the run only smells of freshly cut wood and the chooks seem quite happy with their new floor too! I totally agree with Sheila and think that it's uneaten food that got wet with the rain that was causing the stench and this was being trampled into the mud.
  9. Stalosan F is a good, dry disinfectant - you just sprinkle it on the ground, kills lots of bugs including the fly lavae etc
  10. When our guinea pigs are out in their run and the chickens are freeranging around the garden, one of the chickens is always trying to peck at them through the mesh so I'd say no.
  11. Thanks - think I'll go down the horse bedding route! If we ever get a sunny day ( ) will it not be like a greenhouse in there for the girls if the run is completely covered?
  12. Tallulah was broody for about 3-4 wks and came out of it about 2 weeks ago. We tried the football in the nest box but I obviously have a clever chook as she always managed to roll it out of the nest box - don't ask me how! We tried the dunking in cold water, to which she was clearly unimpressed, and that didn't work either - fortunately for us, it was when we had the hot weather so had no worries about her getting a chill. We'd close the door when the other 2 had laid and she'd freerange ok. We didn't have a crate but was on the verge of getting one when she came out of it, but she's still not laying any eggs. And now, just as Tallulah stopped being broody, it's now Harriet's turn If there's a magic answer I'd like to know it!!
  13. Hi Can anyone offer my some good advice about what to do with my chicken run as it's really smelling. The run is currently on rubber chippings but with all the rain we've had over the last few weeks the smell has become unbearable and the rubber chippings have disappeared into the mud! I gave it a good hose down yesterday but it still really smells. I've read on here that it's good to use a horse bedding or wood chip - does this mean that I need to cover the run with something to keep it dry? And if so, will the chickens have enough air? Any advice would be greatly received as not sure what to do for the best. Chickens have the garlic powder and bokashi bran mixed in with their food so I don't think I can do much more in terms of what they're eating. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks, Sal
  14. I've got a broody hen too so I think I'm going to have to do the cold water dunking as have tried closing the eglu door etc but to no avail. I'm going to ask ridiculous question now, but once she's in the water how long does she have to stay in it? Is it a few mins or is it a quick in and out?

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