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  1. thanks her crop has went down alot and isnt lurching her neck anymore I am just being careful as daisy died as she had sour crop
  2. hi, Our chicken cookie has got a large crop(only noticed it today) She has been lurching her neck and i am wondering if there is anything to worry about except from keeping her off the grass thanks
  3. thanks for the comments! i take it these breeds are popular then.
  4. thankyou for the replies. i havent been on due to internet problems.
  5. were did you get your girls from they look so simular!
  6. thank you molly has always had a lot of character and even tried to boss around marble who is twice as big as her.
  7. Hi, we have went to Smilers Farm and bought an amber star(or amber rocket) which we named cookie and a dark sussex cross called marble. Cookie has a very nice dark brown wing pattern as well as an apricot colour ,which is soo cute! Marble is also different to the others as she is mostly white with a black pattern. I also wanted to take home an adorable white cockeral. He was so sweet and followed us around, and didnt crow once! Our jealous Dandy has been sqawking for england
  8. thanks for the posts, we have two bantams and one miss pepperpot. The pepperpot is in the eglu on her own as poppy died yesterday and daisy some time ago. The bantams have their own house so brahmas may be alright just to sleep inthere as they would freerange. If not, a smaller breed [midsized chook] will be fine, any advice is welcome .
  9. hi, i am interested in getting a brahma or bigger breed of chicken. Does anyone know of a breeder in the essex area Thanks
  10. one of our two corn snake escaped a few days ago but we cant find him so we cut a coca cola bottle top off, and took the lid off . so we made a bottle trap and put a pinky in. but sadly he hasnt turned up yet. i would advise looking at live food uk on the forum as people on there have solutions. i hope you find your snake
  11. sorry to here about scarlet we lost bunty for no explained reason and it is heartbreaking when they die.
  12. i bought a rubber egg and put it in there and soon after there was 2 eggs next to it so any thing circular will do

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