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  1. Andyroo... just spluttered coffee all over my computer... pretending to be working.
  2. Oh goodness Witch Hazel how terrible, that is so unkind,I do hope you have lovely birthdays now. Olly I know exactly how you feel, I found our wedding anniversary card My Mum had brought just after she died, it wasnt written in , but I put it up every year, so very special to have that, and now I always keep my cards from my loved ones until the following year, just in case...... I know it sounds rather weird but now love seeing my lovely Mums card on the mantle every year.
  3. I love Birthdays oh and Christmas of course... So we do celebrate. it was mine last Thursday I was 58. Wednesday, out with OH and sister and brother in law ( his is the same day) Birthday, out for dinner with Daughter and then boyfriend!! OH at golf do. Friday, girlfriends to mine for fizz and natter... hope you are keeping up. Saturday, Greenwich for lunch with sons, girlfriend and grandson, daughter and FIANCE ... yes they had just got engaged that morning, so big party as all family arrived. Sunday down to Chistlehurst for lunch with close friends. Phew, off to Scotland tomorrow for a rest. xx
  4. Love bath/kitchen power, have to travel to get it now but would never use anything else, brilliant product.
  5. OK........ I confess...... I do 2 Christmasses Family one, as normal 25th December and then for my closest friends.... Nearest Saturday to 25th June. Send Christmas cards, put up the tree and cook a full christmas dinner. Have crackers and exchange presents too £5.00 max though. Great fun and yes I am bonkers.
  6. I did, I did... and dont even have a Cube now Downsized to a go up last year. Niced to be loved though xx
  7. Have you tried Gill at Mumbles Farm? She always looks after my girls for me, she is based at Borough Green so not to far away, maybe she could help you.
  8. Old ladies names for me.... Until grandson came along and we also have Colossus and Night Crawler as well
  9. Thank you all for the lovely replies. Did clean the girls, took 3 hours, but it does look lovely but of course they have started to poop already Had a bath after and decided to message some friends suggesting it was wine o' clock and my bf turned up with a very nice bottle of Sancerre and we put the worlds to right. Laid in bed until 8, oh that was after throwing corn at the girls at 4 am...haven't had a lay in for about 20 years and now hubby is taking me out for breakfast and then going to the Albert Hall. So all is good today, can't actually believe how good, and the sun is shining. Can't really get son to help as he has a physical job and then looks after his son, but maybe I will try and chill more, but am obsessive with the housework so maybe will let that slide abit. So lovely to read all the replies, thank you for taking the time. Will try harder to do less
  10. I will understand if "Ooops, word censored!"ody replies. How old are we here on the forum? The reason I ask is I am looking out at the girls in the garden and really need to go and power wash the go up and clean out the WIR, and I really don't want too.... This is a first for me but will be 58 in October , work full time in London so have a 3 hour commute each day, have been up since 5 am cleaning, just seen off son and grandson on holiday, they have been living with me and OH since Feb ... Am am so tired , oh and waiting to go into hospital for a hernia and prolapse repair Think it maybe time to give up on the hens. Oh my I do sound like I am really moaning.... Sorry. Is it me or is it a struggle as you get older? Right ......off to clean them.
  11. I have my husbands name written on my finger, but it is hidden by my weddding ring.
  12. As I normally clean at 5am. no music for me as OH may not be impressed, but at heart I am a folkie, so Oyster Band, Christy Moore or Kate Rusby for me if I am on my own.
  13. Hi Catherine, I have been thinking about this quite seriously for a few weeks now. Hate the thought of it , but I am awaiting a date to go into hospital for a big operation and really dont know how I am going to manage long term aterwards. Short term I have worked out, for two months I will take the girls to their usual holiday home ( boot camp really ) but they are fine being treated like chickens for a while. If I power wash house and clean WIR before they go wont have to worry about that when they come back home for a few weeks. Its after that, I know OH will help, but dont think every few weeks he will haul the house out of WIR stagger down garden and power wash it for me and then spend a couple of hours once a month cleaning out and hoovering all the crevices of the WIR I know its a bit OTT, but that is my routine. So at the monent not really sure if I can continue, OH wants the area for a shed... but that is not going to happen. Cant imagine the garden without them in it, but.. I am getting older and just maybe life would be easier, especially in winter, and working fulltime still.........HELP...what do I do.

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