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  1. Eglu cube wanted, can collect

    Still available (sorry was waiting to rehome the chooks - now done).
  2. Looking for an Eglu Go

    Go Up now available - chooks have been rehomed.
  3. Hi. Not sure if of interest if you have already got your chickens sorted AND I may be a bit too far away. But I have chickens that I am looking to rehome (they currently live in an Eglu Cube Mk1 so would be familiar with yours). I have a four year old bantam Lavender Araucana (still laying), four two year old Laced Wyandottes (one each Buff, Blue, Gold and Silver) and a one year old Cream Legbar and a 'Brown' (breed unknown) - the latter two raised by the broody Silver Wyandotte last year. I should mention though that they are mainly summer layers, not too many eggs in the darker months. I am in Buckinghamshire (Aylesbury)? Let me know if of interest (I am actively seeking homes for them so it would be first come, first served). Many thanks
  4. Looking for an Eglu Go

    HiyaWe have a yellow Go Up, without run, available soon (just awaiting rehoming for the chooks). We are in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Looking for £200.
  5. Eglu cube wanted, can collect

    Hi Jeff I'm not sure where you are based but we are in the process of rehoming our chocks (7 birds in all), following which we will have an orange cube mkI including two 1m extensions (i.e. 3m in all) available. Looking for £350, we are based in Aylesbury, Bucks.
  6. Wanted - classic or go up

    Hiya We have a yellow Go Up, without run, available soon (just awaiting rehoming for the chooks). We are in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Looking for £200.
  7. Hens in bucks

    Hi daisymay Have only just seen this thread so probably too late for you but this summer I bought some chickens from Mill House Farm in Stoke Mandeville. I got a Welsummer, a Campine and a Cream Legbar from him but he has a couple of other breeds as well. gazmomay
  8. Chicken Joke..

    OBVIOUS mistake noticed. Of course it is HER home....
  9. Chicken Joke..

    Why did the chicken cross the road? 'Cos that is where his eglu home was of course.... Okay, a slack joke - and probably done already - but it made me chuck...le!!!
  10. Postscript... I do not seem - on my viewing - you have any 'poll' options. Have I missed something or just simply got the poll wrong?
  11. Thanks Kate. I haven't approached Barbara yet, but I have spoken to Hayley and Jan at Omlet. They gave me a list of my 5 closest breeders, but none were really that close. Those that I contacted - well the nearest actually - didn't suggest that Pepperpot or Ranger' were available. I am visiting nearby farms this weekend but have also posted separately about how big a breed I can accommodate in the cube. I don't want any avoidable problems - obviously! Would it be possible, perhaps, for me to get an Omlet pullet BEFORE they would normally release them? Just a thought that might help me to 'coordinate' my new additions. Thanks, Gary (gazmomay) Ps - I love chickens - hee (but so sad to lose one)
  12. Okay everyone... Having VERY SADLY just lost one of my original Omlet chicks (Posh - the Miss Pepperpot), I am now looking to boost my brood - for two reasons. Firstly because having recently 'upgraded' to a cube, I have more room, but - more importantly Secondly, because I reckon that some new 'babies' will lessen my sadness on the loss of Posh. So, I would like another Pepperpot, but Omlet tell me they have none currently. I would however like to introduce a/some new breed(s). If I can time it right I would like a Pepperpot at the same time as two other 'birds' (same or different, I don't mind). My criteria is pretty much 'entertainment' and 'eggs', so I ask of you all ... What Breed is Your Favourite .. and why? I am 'thinking' about a 'Faverolle', comments about that breed and the 'Dorking' would also be welcome. So let me have it. Your prefernce and why? Oh, I should mention that Miss Pepperpot and Gingernut Ranger are assumed as favourites so are excluded from this poll. Thanks Ps - My first poll, so I hope I have grasped the technology...
  13. I remember when I got my first chooks and an eglu Mk II that it was advised that the eglu was NOT suitable for large breeds. Does the same apply to the eglu cube? Also what constitutes a large breed exactly (eg are Faverolles a large breed and therefore too big for eglus/cubes?
  14. Heavy, laboured breathing?

    Yes, although very sad I do think it was the kindest thing to do in the long run. I guess I had better get in touch with Omlet to see if they have any more POL chickens in the next few weeks. Two new babies might take my mind off the one I lost.....
  15. Heavy, laboured breathing?

    ...but Posh continued to look and act unwell and I didn't want her to suffer. On vet's recommendation she was put to sleep today