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  1. Tadaaa! Now I need to sort out some tarpaulins - I have some, but they are too short one way and too long the other, so at the moment, my beautiful WIR looks a bit cobbled together, with bungee cords and overlapping tarps!
  2. ...and I am exhausted, having been out building all day! After many months of digging a hole, and Le Monsieur laying slabs in the recent pouring rain, yesterday, the spot was finally ready. The run was delivered three weeks ago, and I have been silly with excitement ever since - after-all, it was here BUT NOT ACTUALLY UP! Aaargh! But NOW IT IS!!! There are some issues with the roof - we didn't sufficiently overlap the panels, so there is a leak (and it is raining - I suppose it is better to know these things straight away!). However, the forecast for tomorrow isn't awful (these things are relative!), so that will be fixed first things - as soon as I have taken some photos, that is! I have my priorities Le Monsier has been amazing, and slogged himself silly over this project (although I will just say, that the skills from his recent project management course were not put into practice (I need an icon for the gallic shrug! bof!). Next step - jungle jim?
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    I have also found this website for comparison purposes. I have posted a photo of Bingley, my ferret, inside the eglu (no chickens were anywhere in the vicinity when this was taken ), so that you can get an idea of scale. When comparing the ferret on this site with the weasel, I can easily imagine that they could get at chickens via the holes in the nesting box!
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    Have you Googled to see if you can find anything similar for identification? Weasel droppings Stoat droppings
  5. I've seen that, I've seen that, I've seen that! http://www.backyardchickens.com/web/viewblog.php?id=16313-maurice-chicken-coop-car
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    Bully getting worse

    Aah! I was sure I'd missed something somewhere! Yes, I've heard about her - she sounds mean! Sorry Kev - hope things improve?! We could try teaming them up? - who knows, they might become the best of pals!
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    Bully getting worse

    and there was me looking forward to a session with the new hosepipe (Joking!) I'm sure she and I will come to some sort of agreement soon Just yesterday, I watched Picasso give Lady Hamilton a right telling off, because she pecked a sore spot (Picasso's moulting, and keeps fidgeting with the new feathers, so there was a spot of blood from a broken quill). I can tell you, LH won't do that again in a hurry! Clearly, Cloudberry has pretensions of grandeur, trying to take on both Peep and Picasso! Sprayed a bit of gentian violet on the broken quill - and then got some on my new cardi I now have purple spots on my skirt, all over the inside of the cube, and my cardi (not all from the same session though) - any suggestions on spot removal?!
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    Bully getting worse

    I forsee a very wet Cloudberry Thank you all for your advice and for taking the time to read my original, rather wordy, post! I will let you know how we get on!
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    Bully getting worse

    Excellent - that's my weekend set then!
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    Bully getting worse

    Thanks Space Chick - I can't believe someone read my whole chicken opus! I have thought about the divide and conquer technique, but it would have to be weekends only (it's dark by the time we get home from work now) - would just a few hours at a time, and just at weekends, do the trick, do you think?
  11. Apologies in advance for the length of this post This spring we added two hybrids to our flock (dimished to two at that point), and they all integrated fairly quickly and painlessly. About two months later we added three bantams, and then another two bantams another month later. We kept the new bantams separated from the others, and realised that it might always be a possibility that the two flocks might never integrate, due to the size issues. After about a month, free ranging seemed to go quite well - there was enough space for everyone to keep out of each other's ways if necessary (with bumper bits fitted to all the older girls/ hybrids). We then integrated the bantams in with the original two - the thinking behind this was that they are both fairly small chickens (a VERY large Poland bantam, and a Fayoumi - Picasso and Peep), and the top chooks, so if we could get them to accept the bantams, the hybrids (Cloudberry and Lady Hamilton) might follow suit. Peep and Picasso accepted the little ones very easily. Everyone was still free-ranging together quite happily, and we decided to try and integrate Lady Hamilton into the larger flock, as she seemed to be next in the pecking order, and Cloudberry seemed a little meaner, so some extra time for her wouldn't go amiss. It was a little harder, but LH too is now integrated. During this time, Cloudberry was kept in the , right next to the , so that they could all see each other. She was not allowed to free range with the others though, as when they could get together, her and LH spent all their time together rather than integrating. Very cliquey. Cloudberry resisted all attempts at integration, seeming to get worse and worse. When it appeared that she tried to peck at Picasso (top chook), who has not been well, I decided that stronger measures were necessary, so moved the so that she couldn't see the others. After a week in solitary, we tried free ranging her with the others, but she definitely tried to have a go at Picasso, pulling a chunk of her head feathers out! She was put in solitary again, but when we tried to free range them again this weekend, she was even worse and there was a full on fight with Peep!! Obviously, the solitary isn't working for her, it seems to be making her worse! We have sectioned off part of the cube run (it runs to 6m) and she has been in there since the weekend. The feeding stations are quite close together, and I haven't seen any signs of aggressiveness through the mesh. Any other suggestions? Is it normal for a chicken to go into solitary and come out bolshier than ever?! Obviously, if we can't ever integrate her, she will have to live separately with LH, but any suggestions most welcome!
  12. When we originally planned it, I thought it was quite large too. Until I realise how large Janty's is...
  13. I've ordered it!!! YAY!!! Le Monsieur has been working on levelling and paving an area of the garden, but Janty's news about the VAT has spurred me on, and I've just ordered my run!!! Maybe now that we have a fixed deadline, he will get a move on - not that I'm not very grateful about the work he has been putting into the garden, but he's definitely that kind of man who will dawdle forever without a set date in sight It will be 21ft x 9 ft, with internal doors for integration/ hospital purposes. I'm so excited! I have also ordered it with the 16 gauge weldmesh, because of the badgers that live at the top of the garden. Not that they've ever shown any interest in the chickens, but I wouldn't like to tempt fate. Tony mentioned that although he will be charging VAT, his prices will only go up by about 6% - he said he will swallow the remaining cost rise himself, and that also he can claim some if it back on his raw materials. And as Janty says, if the order is put in before the end of the month, delivery can be postponed. I don't think I couldn've faced that though Once the order is in, I want it NOW! I don't know how I am going to face the next few weeks